HTML vs WordPress: Which is a Better Choice For Your Business?

Gone are those days when businesses skip to develop a website to save on their budget. You won’t even believe this fact that 53% of small businesses have a website and 19% of small to medium-size companies are in the pipeline to develop a website.

With the increasing competition and advancing technologies, developing a business website has become an urgent need of an hour. No matter whether you are considering it to develop it for your business or for your personal project, the very first question that comes to your mind is what is the best platform to develop a website.

Well, whether you are planning to develop it from scratch or want to migrate your website from one platform to another, there are a bundle of choices to look for including Drupal, Joomla, and so on. However, if you are still confused whether you should use HTML or content management systems like WordPress, then let me tell you that it’s a long debate.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s get started with a short overview of both website development platforms…


What is the significant difference between HTML and WordPress?

If your developer asked you to develop an HTML site and because you have heard anywhere else as well and directly making the decision based upon this, then you are making a horrible mistake. Instead, making predictions whether WordPress or HTML is a good choice, let’s understand the fundamental difference first.

HTML is a markup language that involves hundreds of coding lines to create website pages. Most websites on the internet use HTML with the various markup and scripting languages to develop the web pages.

With HTML websites, all your content is static and require procoder to develop HTML websites.

On the other side, WordPress is a robust content management system that adds dynamic functionalities to your website. WordPress is an excellent choice of CMS for the beginners as well as pro developers, as there is a vast choice of the library, plugins, pre-built themes that enable you to develop the site with no coding knowledge.

Secondly, with HTML sites, the content will remain static on all platforms, whereas WordPress sites are dynamic and assemble according to the server.

Furthermore, WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform. Instead, WordPress is one of the best options for developing eCommerce sites, professional portfolios and so on. Today, WordPress is empowering more than 26% of websites on the internet.

Apart, here are the few reasons why you should choose WordPress over HTML to build a website. Let’s begin with the reasons:

1. WordPress Is Free To Use

The average cost to hire a developer to build an HTML site is somewhere from $2000 to $2500, and most small companies keep adjusting their budgets to develop their site. This is true that using text files; you can still develop an HTML website. But it won’t be possible until you have pro coding skills and knowledge of coding languages like Javascript, PHP, MySQL.

With WordPress, you can save the price as it is free to install to your hosting account and download. Moreover, everything is just ready to use; therefore there is no need to hire professionals for WordPress customization.

2. Easy to Improve Website Functionalities

While WordPress offers you free to use 50,000+ plugins, therefore you can easily extend the functionality of your site.

For example, if you want to add a Contact Form. Simply download the plugin from the repository and install it on your site. And you are all set to access it.

However, with HTML, you’ll need to code every aspect of the form. The static is quite complicated to develop whereas with WordPress it is just a matter of adding a plugin to the site.

3. Simple Website Customization

One of the biggest reasons to migrate from HTML to WordPress theme is it is far easy to use and allow to make some deep customization without using any single line of coding. Every single element of your website can be controlled via dashboard.

Apart from that, WordPress offers you hundreds of professional quality templates which are free to use and install. You can choose from the wide choice of templates and plugins that help you customize the structure and appearance of the site by adding and editing the content.

4. WordPress Websites Are Mobile Responsive

Over the years, since mobile devices have become far more important and changed the way people browse websites, it has become important to have a mobile-friendly website. In fact, with the increasing mobile users, having a responsive site has moved from optional to mandatory.

Whereas using HTML to develop a responsive site is obviously a hard way. You will need to get into the deep coding to ensure that your site responds to different screen sizes including mobile, tab or desktop screens.

5. Quick To Set Up

WordPress theme customization is just a matter of a couple of minutes. You can develop your WordPress site in as quickly as five minutes. With the single click hosting plans, you can install your WordPress website in a couple of minutes.

Well, WordPress hosting plans are those, where hosting companies install WordPress for you and allow you to tap directly into the WordPress dashboard to enable you to work on the site right away.

On the other hand, HTML website development is full of coding and you need to have deep coding knowledge for designing and developing the site.

6. It’s Beginner’s Friendly

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge and experience while working with the WordPress as it comes with the user-friendly interface that any developer can access it without having pro knowledge. Using the live editor of WordPress, you can easily customize the theme of your site. Right from adding images, new background, headers to menus, everything can be managed using the Live editor of the site.

7. Constant Support and Updates

WordPress is an open-source platform that has been backed by the massive community of millions of WordPress users all around the world. In case you encounter any problem with WordPress, these experts will always be there to support you with an easy and simple solution.

Apart, WordPress releases at least three updates every year which automatically gets updated in your existing site with the approval. And there is no need to hire a WordPress developer for upgrading the site or subscribe any paid services to upgrade the site. It’s completely free to check the latest WordPress versions.

Ending Note

Of course, HTML and WordPress are the best website development platforms, but when it comes to evaluating the features and user-friendliness, then WordPress definitely takes the momentum. The above mentioned points clearly make WordPress a winning choice of the developers and provide a better option to develop a feature-rich website with no use of coding.

Before you hire a web designer and throw away thousands of dollars on the static website, it is worth giving a try to WordPress and developing a dynamic website for your business.

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