5 Themes That’ll Populate Your Drupal Site With Organic Visitors

You must be rejoicing on deploying Drupal in your website successfully. And, you should because it is a moment to enjoy and celebrate your successful decision of adopting Drupal. But, what is next in your plans to create a great website with this open source web content management system? If you are in mode of spending less on web development then you should think about using an open source Drupal theme in your website. Here you will read about five most trusted and impressive Drupal themes, which can give you an extraordinary look & feel for your business website. You can download all of these themes but you should prefer testing these themes before installing in your website. Considerably, you cannot trust on third party themes blindly. You can also choose the option of Drupal Theme Development for development of custom theme for your website.

#1 Marinelli

If you want to give an interactive layout to your business website then this theme will be best for you. It has three flexible columns that also include 8 collapsible regions. Moreover, you can also put your web content in the right and middle of the website. Additionally, it also sports a mega dropdown menu. This mega drop down enables you to create dropdown menu with every primary link. Apart from this, it also has rotating banner system, which uses jquery. You can upload the Images as the banners from theme settings. You can also add a link in your banners.

#2 Danland

With 3 layout and tables design for search engine optimization purpose, this theme gains all the marks. It has 17 collapsible block regions, which can be used for increasing the impact of your website. With this theme, you can simply enable the slide show in your website. You just need to navigate to theme settings and upload your images that you wanted to show in your website. It will be an interesting way of decorating your website with great pictures. You can simply download this theme from web.

#3 Corporate Clean

If you are looking for a clean and responsive theme for your Drupal site then this theme will be best for you. It will be an important addition in your website. You can avail this theme as a freebie. Technically, it has all the facilities to give an attractive look & feel to your website.

#4 Blue Masters

It is one among the best themes for Drupal. It has gained the trust and dependence of Drupal users. You just need to understand its technical aspects for improving the performance of this theme. It has footer option with four different regions. Moreover, you can also activate the slide show in your website from the admin panel of your website.

#5 Corolla

If you are finding a free Drupal theme with plenty of exclusive options then this theme will be best for you. It has a large assortment of features like special breadcrumbs settings, font selection (Google fonts are included), heading styles, and image positions settings. By using these settings, you can easily customize the look & feel of your website.

So, you can choose your theme from previously mentioned themes. Technically, all themes are good from technical point of view. You just need to choose a theme as per your special virtual needs. In case, you want to add a custom theme for your website then you can contact offshore Drupal theme developer. The offshore development will be cost-effective for your business organization.

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