Why asp.net core 3.0 works best for an IoT project?



In this blog post, we will talk about asp.net core 3.0 offerings that make the framework best for developing IoT projects. If you are planning for developing a next-gen application for smartphone, IoT technology can deliver the expected outcomes. IoT apps can bring convenience to the organizations and enterprises in several ways, including enhanced protection of data and better secure ways of sharing information with the users about theft, accidents, or breaches.

This is why majority of developers and app development companies are debating to decide which platform works best to build extremely efficient and most advanced applications. After the release of asp.net core 3.0, asp.net development companies in India got the answers to their doubts.

Asp.net core
Asp.net core is the finest framework designed for making cross-platform web applications. It is an open source framework that allows developers to create flawless apps for different platforms such as Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Asp.net core is a Microsoft product that offers support for programming languages like VB, C#, and F#, and allows cloud integration for your IoT application.

When you compare asp.net core with .Net framework, you will discover that asp.net core offers more APIs and delivers better performance, and this push developers towards asp.net core framework. Some benefits provided by .net core framework are as follows-

  • Multiple platform support
  • Integration to Modern UI frameworks
  • No Dependency on System.web.dll
  • Supports Cloud app development
  • Support CLI for major platforms
  • Side-by –side versioning
  • New APIs

Considering IoT as the next big thing in technology is totally agreeable. Why?

Being considered as the next-gen technology that brings revolution in the IT world, the IoT is made to bring a major shift in the way developers and all other IT employees work, live, and entertain them. By 2020, more than 60 billion IoT connected devices will make the technology most popular one. There are things that made people to talk about this technology, let’s discuss them in detail-

  • Workflow automation support
    When IoT technology is used for mobile and web application development, it can bring numerous opportunities for businesses. Enterprises can avail major possibilities to minimize manual efforts. Yes, you read it right, using IoT, businesses can cut down human intervention concerning both technical and manual operation.
  • Healthcare industry gets the push
    It is the IoT technology that has made healthcare monitoring services simple. IoT applications help healthcare organization in monitoring and treating patients while maintaining their records. IoT can bring its assistance in the form of wearables, applications, and health sensors. All these innovation technologies help achieve the benefits of health and hygiene, every time.

Now you don’t need to visit your local clinic to check the blood pressure levels or glucose levels. Such tests can be done via IoT-enabled devices with a comfort.

Even doctors can use IoT-enabled devices to treat all rare complications with sophisticated equipment.

  • Smart business decisions
    Entrepreneurs using real-time data belong to the different section of the society that get benefit from IoT. They can really save business resources like time and money while using IoT.
  • Paradigm shift in traditional and modern business model
    Don’t make fun of yourself by talking about the conventional model of the business. In earlier times, businesses were aimed to enhance their bottom line by launching new products. The paradigm shift has been made, which has changed the management strategies of the modern time businesses.

IoT helps businesses in achieving their goals by providing them value-added services and apps for brand loyalty and customer engagement. Smart devices with IoT-enabled technology are gaining ground.

  • Independent of scale
    Regardless the size of the enterprise, IoT is a perfect solution. The technology can be used by anyone and everyone.


What is the role of asp.net core 3.0 in developing IoT applications?
There are many reasons that support the decision to choose asp.net core 3.0 for IoT app development. Let’s discuss them in detail –

  • Windows 10 IoT core .Net core 3.0 is compatible with the Windows 10 IoT core edition. It is rich in tools and enables integrations to the Universal Windows Platform, Azure-cloud based platform, and Visual Studio.
  • Cross platform support The earlier versions were lacking the cross platform support. .Net core 3.0 offers support to desktop apps for the windows platform. You can choose this multi-platform as a solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Large community for assistance Asp.net has large community that can help you in your project by clearing the doubts and queries. You can always visit communities like GitHub, Dzone, or StackOverFlow when you have an issue in developing an IoT app.

Asp.net core enables cross-platform support for developing IoT web based apps. With the help of .Net core 3.0, developers will be able to create a desktop app for Windows platform. It is the best way to build efficient, scalable, and secure applications.

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