Play Store Optimization Tips for Android App Developers

You have developed an amazing mobile app for Android users. Now you need to see it among the top search results for getting the maximum number of downloads. Moreover, you need to make it popular in the decided category.

To meet these essential objectives, Android app developers need to follow some essential techniques of Play Store optimization. Through in-depth research, they need to conclude factors that can help to rank the app or make it featured among trending applications.

With the concern of App Store Optimization (ASO), there are several factors that count the most. Let’s start discussing them from the beginning:

1. Use an Illustrative Title
Naming and nomenclature of the mobile app also reside great importance when it comes to catching the attention of mobile users.

Keeping the title or name of the app attractive as well as descriptive assures improvements in its rank on Play Store. Moreover, there is an opportunity that you can keep a primary keyword in the title for better and quick results.

Experts have examined that using the keyword in the name of your app increases the chances by 10% for getting your app in the top ranks.

Keeping your title informative and hintful creates the curiosity in the users to know about your app and install it. As a result, more and more users will approach your app to know what it actually provides or does for them.

2. Planning on Keywords
Keywords are not just helpful to enhance the ranking of sites, but also useful to optimize the position of mobile apps in the list of trending applications. The key motive in planning a keyword strategy is to pick the most relevant keywords that can match the services or features your app is offering.

For instance, if you are providing food delivery options then you can implement – food delivery app, food delivery the mobile app, etc. The next tip is to focus on the traffic scores. Keywords that have high traffic will help your app to become visible in top ranks while getting immense opportunities for downloads.

Moreover, keywords strategy can also be implemented in descriptions and ‘About Section’ of the application. Maintaining a relevant keyword density in these sections will be a game-changing factor in your ASO strategy.

3. Upload High-Quality Screenshots
When users visit your app on the Play Store, it will take 6-8 seconds to make the decision. Despite having a shorter span, they can easily monitor everything including the screenshots. To reflect your app’s identity, Pay Store gives the option to upload screenshots beneath the short description.

Most of the experts stated that the quality of screenshots is the second major factor in the ASO strategy. If the users get convinced with these images, they will surely make the decision to download your app.

Moreover, you should assure that the screenshots will be able to give hints and usefulness of your app. Not all pages, but some screenshots of the relevant ones that can provide the working or features of the app will be enough to disclose the app’s benefits.

4. Use a Preview Video
Video is always an engaging factor when it comes to driving users as traffic on your mobile app. Major enterprises and worldwide brands are harnessing the power of preview video and experience boost in the downloads of their applications.

Android Play Store offers leverage to upload a preview video of 30 seconds to streamline the features of your mobile app. This limit is enough to include all the necessary factors that can beneficially impact the audience’s POV.

Before you start recording the preview video, make sure the UX and UI of the app look amazing and attractive. From the color palette to page navigation, everything should look smooth and flexible in the video.

The aim here is to showcase the valuable content in the video to bring a lot of engagement and increase the number of downloads.

5. Endorse Positive Reviews
Ratings and reviews create the best impact on the target audience. This is one of the biggest judgmental factors that can turn visitors into the daily users of your app.

Encouraging the users to give reviews and rate the app on the Play Store is a necessary task in ASO. A professional mobile app development company will definitely the value of these ratings as they improve users’ overall POV about an app. By creating a push notification or reminding users to give reviews, you will get more chances to increase downloads.

Creating reminders for the app users is completely fine, but don’t make them appear too often. It may affect their experience and result in degradation in its reputation. Simply schedule notification at the time when users open the app once a day.

After developing an Android application, it is mandatory to follow a mobile App Store Optimization guide and implement the most useful tricks. Getting more downloads on your app will definitely help your brand to come forward and impact the audiences with something great on the Play Store. This post is inclusive of all major aspects that can help to rank your mobile app on top position in the specified category.

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