Top Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a Mobile App to Flourish


In the recent times, we have noticed that there is a massive rise in the eCommerce industry; however, it is not the real frontier for shopping because m-Commerce is constantly gaining more popularity. But do you know what is m-Commerce and how to compare both eCommerce and m-Commerce?

When it comes to talking m-Commerce, it involves purchasing a mobile device, whereas eCommerce includes shopping through the web. Recently, the mobile commerce market has been estimated at $40 billion. Various retail stores are also getting enormous visitors, who are doing their research using mobile before they visit or while shopping.

Today, retail applications have enabled consumers to do their shopping from the comfort of their home and it is also easy for them to convert repeatedly, so turning even rare consumers into brand loyalists.

Now, it becomes clear that apps are the loyalty card of the 21st century – apps are extremely cost-effective and revenue driving militaries for popular retail brands across the worldwide. In the recent times, you may have noticed that millions of retail business applications have been introduced to make it suitable and easy for customers to buy what they need.

If you are already running an eCommerce business, it is must for you to have a mobile application for your business to get success, even mobile app development provides various opportunities to reach out to customers, promote and market their products and sell.

In this post, we have gathered top reasons why your eCommece store needs a mobile app to Flourish in the market. Let’s check out these genuine reasons:

Customers Prefer to Use Mobile Apps Instead of Mobile Browser

As per the study, approximately 78% of users choose mobile apps over mobile browsers on their smartphones. Today, the tablet usage is almost same between the mobile browsers and smartphones. However, the complete traffic from tablets is much higher than from smartphones. What ever is the case the demand to hire mobile App developer is increasing day by day.

One of the excellent ways to verify this to yourself is you can ask a group of people how they are ordering things. As per the study, the younger demographic is no longer chained or enthralled with their computer at home. They are out and about and organizing right from their mobile application as the notion hits them.

Apps Are Considered as Handy & Simpler to Reach

As we all know that applications are giving much faster and reliable experience for users as compared to websites.

  • Today, mobile applications are the completely new age communication tool that delivers customers a new and convenient experience.
  • As apps are more responsive, having fewer connectivity bugs and issues as compared to latest mobile websites.
  • One logo on the right side or front of a device to boost chances of success and growth. Today, users use smart phones with internet connectivity and various applications installed on their devices. Seeing that a sizeable group of customers is possible to interact with their retailers through their phones.
  • Along with this, native mobile apps allow retailers to send promotional content and push notifications. For marketing your brand across different applications and the internet, push notification or messages are considered really effective.
  • The best thing about push notifications is that they are timely and direct and they reach to customers no matter where they are.

Ultimately, the application is a great tool to incorporate features like camera, Bluetooth, address book, GPS, etc.

Allow You to Achieve Your Targeted Sales

As per the Juniper research, mobile commerce market that was £93 billion in 2013 is expected to reach £2 trillion in 2018. Now, most of the retailers are going to experience constant success depending on how much they can predict and deliver to the ever-changing consumer behavior.

Today, mobile apps are the powerful tool in this fastest growing eCommerce segment. ASOS app gathered 44% revenue in 2018 that was a massive growth, according to Internet Retailer Mobile reports. Undoubtedly, mobile is the future of the industry and applications are an outstanding investment for eCommerce businesses.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Mobile applications are mainly developed to allow retailers an unparalleled opening with their users and deliver a wonderful way of communication between the consumer and the brand. Moreover, customers can be engaged easily by push notifications, in-app messaging techniques, and widgets with the top developments in mobile technology.

It would be good to send an interactive notification to give personalized and relevant communication to customers. Now, a blend of all these in-app rich messaging techniques and tactics becomes more advanced and powerful solution to boost conversion, generate profitable revenue and engage more and more customers.

Boost Effectiveness

Make sure that you have a highly relevant and crucial information and rewards to shoppers at one place that is digital. Today, mobile orders and pay have boosted the effectiveness significantly; therefore, decreasing wait time and long queues.

Using mobile apps, it becomes easy to grant your shoppers the ability to order through the mobile application, which will decrease the burden of resources required to run the stores. Mobile apps also deliver customers with digital receipts that decrease retail paper and waste.

So, these are the top reasons why your eCommerce store needs a mobile application to flourish and get success in the market. The mobile application will allow customers to perform different tasks like purchasing, paying, getting information about offers and discounts anytime and anywhere.

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