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15 Best Responsive Drupal 7 Themes

If you have been looking around to find some of the best responsive Drupal themes around, you can make a stop at this list, we it compiles themes which are not just responsive, but also stunning to look at. Without any more ado, let’s right away cut to the chase:


5pika is a powerful and robust Drupal theme tailor made for people who want run businesses that requires showcasing their products. Whether you are an interior designer or a photographer, this highly configurable and responsive theme is going to be pure delight.


Porto ranks right up there when we talk of most powerfully responsive themes. Though, the theme has more sober, business-oriented style themes, but with minor tinkering, it can be used for a personal blog as well. The theme has been designed by Refaktor, already an established brand in the market.


Contour brings back the vintage vibes with absolute élan. Primiarily found in two colours, black and white, Contour boasts of a wide range of portfolio styles that can be embraced by all developers. Varied tastes have been paid attention to while designing this theme.


Expressa stays absolutely true to its name. This theme lets you express yourself through your blog like nothing else does. The theme is adorned with colours and works seamlessly on all devices.


It is a well established fact that eCommerce sites have been leveraging the benefits of Drupal from some time now. It has now come up with the theme, Dmart, that makes up for any shortcomings that existed when it comes to designing eCommerce sites with Drupal. You can use it for creating online shopping cart, an intrinsic part of eCommerce sites. The Bootstrap framework of the theme is supported by a grid system. The theme settings strictly follow the Drupal coding standards.


Nevia works as a great business theme due to its sober color schemes and designs. Powered by HTML5/CSS3, this theme enables a Drupal programmer to create different portfolio styles that are fresh and original. The theme impresses you on its own terms.


Mobile-ready for an array of devices, Aqua theme is particularly known for its reusable elements like Sliders, Tabs, and Testimonials. This ultra-responsive theme is multi-purpose and serves to create a great website portfolio for small and large businesses alike.


MyShop works perfectly as an eCommerce site. Stories can also use this theme to handle their online operations. The theme has customized elements like facility for order management, payment gateway, provision for paypal, tailored design for displaying Tax and total price, etc. these elements make it a unique business selling tool.


Inspiro B is a uniquely elegant theme with no dearth of customization options. You can totally you’re your website with this theme that takes no expert to install and set up. This multi-purpose theme can be seamlessly reconfigured for individual pages.


Danat is popular for its incredible colour schemes. It supports various views and is packed with a variety of plugins. The theme is clean, modern and has a minimalist layout design. Easy colour selection tools make customizing the theme a very simple task.


Concept comes in stunning color schemes and makes customization an amazingly easy task. Each design in Concept is dynamic and provides great compatibility with the support of a responsive layout. The theme is optimized for several devices like mobiles, tablets and more.


With several body fonts from 578 Google Web Fonts, Exchange is an excellent theme for business and corporate websites. A modern and interactive theme, Exchange provides flawlessly arranged functional content. You can easily customize the website as this theme provides easy to use admin panel with user-friendly features.


Norma has number of predefined color schemes and designs and boasts of easy image selection. You can add gallery in the news pages and transform your website into a highly functional and ultra-responsive portal.


Creativity flourishes with Dawn, a contemporary template that provides usable styles and defaults on the website.


Realia is one of the best themes out there for real estate developers who want to build a presence online. This theme offers a huge range of color variations and lends website with visual styles that are easy on eyes.

It’s easy to see why Drupal is one of the most popular Drupal website development platforms. With no end to its beguiling themes, the trust and popularity is only headed north.