Three Enterprise Features Every Magneto User Lures For

If you are using Magento as open source web content management system then you should not look at the cutting-edge features of its enterprise edition. It will tend you to customize your existing store and make you greedy for having such features in your website. Magento is known for bringing innovative e-commerce content management features in online shopping arena. In case, you do not want to increase your business growth or leverage your site with ultra modern tools then you should avoid reading further. On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing the stunning features of Magento enterprise and add them in your site then this post will be useful to you. As an option, you can take help of magento development company for understanding more about the exclusive features of this open source web content management system.

Magento Development

Magento Development

Virtual Marketing Friendly Features:

It has all innovative features to boost an online sho pping store in touching newer heights in e-commerce arena. Some of top virtual marketing features are mentioned below:

SEO Friendly Architecture: The web architecture of paid version is search engine friendly that keeps your web pages search engine friendly. Your targeted customers can easily find their needful stuffs in your website. You can create search engine friendly URL’s. Moreover, you can also customize Meta keywords, titles, and descriptions of each product & category. Moreover, your site will also have an auto-generated site map as well as Google site map.

Product Suggestion Tool:

Your product suggestion tool makes shopping better and hassle-free for your targeted customers. This tool will help your online customers in making their shopping experience conferrable.

Customer Segmentation

This tool allows e-commerce storeowners to segregate e-commerce stores as per the demographics. It will help you in make classes in your store. You can give your customers to visit some particular pages for sufficing their individual needs. You can divide your store as per the age, gander, location, ethnicity, and nationality. It will help your customers in availing customized shopping experience.

All these features are available with enterprise edition of Magento but you can still get these features by creating custom tools for your website. Your custom extensions will add these features in your e-commerce store. For this purpose, you will have to hire magento programmer to create custom extensions for your website. Additionally, you should also ask your coder to test your custom extensions to ensure the removal all bugs and errors.

Enigma Is Over! WordPress Is Apt to Boost Your Virtual Image

Give heed to this! It is important; WordPress is an extra ordinary open source web content management system. It is being applied in some about 17 % of top one million websites of the world (as per the Alexa rankings). This phenomenal worldwide acceptance speaks about the resourcefulness of this web content management system. It is a cost-effective tool for incorporating ultramodern technologies in a website.

Some of the other factors are mentioned below:

Mould Your CMS

It is a highly flexible web content management system. You can make drastic changes in your content management system. You just need to approach an experienced team of coders to create custom Plugins and extensions for your website. You can get all kinds of features in your websites. You just need to convey your idea to your coder in detail. It will make your website ready for your special business purposes.

Earn Your Ranks

Stop relying on insincere web masters! Nobody can provide you good rankings except you. It is must for your online business site. Golden search engine rankings can only be earned by devoting time and taking interest in your targeted audience. You need to write interesting as well as keyword rich contents on your site. It will tend your site visitors to stay more time on your website and visit frequently. Such frequent visits increases the overall number of visitors on your website.

Blog out Your Organizational Innovation

It is essential for your business to blog about the innovative activities of your business. Online surfer loves to read about innovative activities and organizations and follows them to seek a bit of innovation. Therefore, it is a good idea to blog about innovative experiments of your business organization.

Talk To Your Social Media Fans Frequently

WordPress provides you a feature of integration. By using this feature, you can connect your website with top-notch social media websites. This integration will allow you to communication with your social networking fans. It will increase your overall ranking.

After reading these stunning key factors of WordPress, you can understand the benefits of taking custom wordpress development. It will increase the value of your online reputation management efforts. Further, you should maintain the flow of your social media activities to balance your campaigns and save from being spam. This approach will turnout as the improvement in your online reputation.

How to … Magento! Your Questions Our Answers

The open source community has given a chance to businesses across the world to update their presentations and augment their sales revenues fervently. Business organizations can flourish their virtual images to extend their customer base across their national boundaries. In recent scenario, companies are in race of setting up their online retail stores to sell their products direct to their clients. The online stores are helping businesses in a great manner.

Such stores are connecting businesses with their targeted customers and making the vendors aware with real customer circles. It is highly needful for all kinds of vendors, who directly deal with customers. If you are also looking for an innovative open source online shopping store management tool, then Magento will be the right one for you. It is the most suitable open source web content management system for e-commerce stores.

How It Can Help You?

It is an intelligent question to ask. There is no point in following a particular trend. You are running your business and understand your targeted customers better than a coder. Therefore, you should match your needs with its tools for taking your decision of incorporating this tool in your website. In addition, you should keep something in your mind that it is a flexible content management system. You can add custom extensions in your CMS tool to enable a unique feature in your website. You can run multiple blogs and stores using your single CMS application. Therefore, it is highly resourceful tool to augment your business turnovers.

How You Can Get This?

You do not need to pay anything to get this open source tool for making your e-commerce store. You just need to hire a Magento developer or a team of coders to configure this tool professionally in your website. You can take help of internet in this process of hiring skilled Magento developers. Expert professionals will deploy their efforts in making your online shopping site on Magento.

How It Will Be Suitable For You?

It is needful to know for every business organization, which uses Magento as web content management system. You can make your imaginations true by using this CMS tool. You just need to ask your coders to create custom tools for your website. However, you should take an active part in the Magento customization. In this process, you should create the synopsis or a small written brief of needful features to help your coders in making custom extensions. Your self-written synopsis will help the coders to create the unique application for your online shopping site.

How to Promote Your Site

You must know the process of generating online traffic at your website. It is the only thing, which decides the future of an online shopping portal. Magento is an extremely search engine friendly online shopping portal. You are only required to keep your site filled with meaningful and original contents. You can make your web content search engine friendly to get good ranks at leading search engines like Google and Bing. Further, you would be able to thread your site with leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It will make your approach better towards your customer base.

The above written content speaks about the practical process of setting up an e-commerce store using this CMS tool. You just need to take help of an expert team of coders to create custom applications for e-commerce store. Post development and customization, you only need to keep your online store updated with latest products. You can make a good use of social networking sites for understanding and sufficing your customer needs.

Stop Searching! Drupal Is a One-Stop Solution

Believe it or not! Drupal is assisting thousands of consulting organizations as their web management tools. Consulting businesses delve for innovative IT solutions, which can help their businesses in online presentations and virtual documentation management tasks. Considerably, Drupal fits well in such needs. It can be easily molded as per the ongoing needs of a consulting business. You as a website manager can make and manage multiple user accounts in your site. Furthermore, you can also set custom controls for each user and monitor activities from the admin panel. These are the highlighted features of this CMS tool. You can estimate the resourcefulness of this content management system by reading further in this article.

Its Best!

You will be amazed on exploring detailed functionalities of this open source tool. In some cases, it even outruns enterprise web CMS tools. It is literally perfect for your consulting business. It will allow you to publish all kinds of contents on your site. You can publish articles, spreadsheet reports, images, and video contents for your targeted audience. Your customers can also choose desired report from your website to read or download. Your site will be a kind of single window between your clients and your consulting business. Further, you can receive inputs from your online visitors on some particular topic or poll. Therefore, it is great to have Drupal as web content management system in your website. Its resourcefulness will nurture your online presence and augment your business growth.

It is Fast!

It is an innovative open source content management tool. It will speed up your business growth probably 10 times faster than any other CMS tool. It has cutting-edge online marketing features. The search engine friendliness of Drupal is unmatchable. You will get social media integration feature with this article. You can connect your business site with top-notch social media networking sites. This integration will help you in growing your business rapidly. You can provide consultancies to your clients or run teasers of your consulting sessions to gain online traffic at your site. You will make a better use of new age social media features such as Facebook’s graph search and Google’s Hangout option.

In short, Drupal will power up your consulting business with its resourceful web content management features. It will increase your client interaction and brings you close to your clients via your CMS tool. You just need to take Drupal Development services for your website.

Golden Features of WordPress

You may get baffled with various open source CMS options. Considerably, it is common to face this confusing state while choosing a single CMS to create a website. However, WordPress is the renowned open source web content management system. You can use this tool for creating almost all kinds of websites. There are numerous ultra modern features in this web management application. With the help of its inbuilt applications, you can manage your all kind of website in an easy manner. You can take WordPress CMS development services to proper configuration in your website.

Key Factors to Choose WordPress

  • It is an innovative open-source web management system.
  • You can avail this system as a freebie from web.
  • It is the most user-friendly web management application for managing websites and blogs.
  • You do not need to have technical expertise to use this CMS tool.
  • There is enough scope of customization in this content management system.
  • You can create multiple Plugins for adding creative futures in your website.
  • You can also enhance the look and feel of your website by customizing the website.

All of the above bulleted points are referring the resourcefulness of this content management system. You can understand the diversified features of this tool. You just need to install this tool in your website to enable the unique web management features of this tool. Apart from this, you should also think about installing custom WordPress Plugins to enhance functionalities of your website.

Amaze Your Online Customers with Responsive Joomla Website

The era of responsive website has just started. Nowadays, online customers have multiple mobile devices to access internet and find the stuff of their usage. In current scenario, online surfer loves to be updated with the whereabouts of their friends and wants to purchase their needful products virtually. Thus, it is needful for all business organizations to adopt new age Web technologies to build highly responsive websites that can work seamlessly across all mobile devices right from the SmartPhone to Tablet and notebook. And, Joomla is one such web technology to adopt for making a responsive website design. You can take Joomla development services for contriving a new age virtual persona of your business organization.

Key features of Joomla:

  • It is one of the most innovative open source web content management systems to create highly responsive websites.

  • You can update your Joomla website or blog frequently without wasting enough time in coding and all.

  • You can keep your web content optimized in accordance with recent search engine algorithms and get good Google rankings in a short passage of time.

  • There are multiple search engine friendly options in this content management system to enhance the search engine friendliness of your website.

  • You can use the social media integration feature of this CMS tool and integrate your website with social media pages to bring high volume social networking users on your website.

  • You can customize your website in compliance with the ongoing content management needs of your website.

  • Websites based on this CMS can be updated at any point of time with new age technologies, so you don’t need to switch your CMS tool in future.

All of these key benefits speak about the resourcefulness of Joomla in building highly competent responsive content management system enabled websites.

Approach Remote Coders For WordPress Installation

There are multiple options to incorporate new age web content management tools and social media integration features in decade old website. Amongst all, WordPress is one of the most trustworthy open source CMS tool It is known for powering up more than 55% CMS enabled websites of the world and easing the web management tasks. Though, it is necessary to take professional installation of this CMS tool in your website via offshore WordPress development.


The importance of choosing offshore WordPress development agencies to construct your exceptionally great online website can be understood easily. You just need to approach a responsive team of remotely located WP developers. In this way, you will be able to use the most user friendly open source web content management system for building your new age, attentive, resourceful, and interactive online identity.

It will help you in grabbing the constant attention of your globally spread online customers. There are multiple search engine friendly features in WordPress that help you in keeping the web content optimized in conformity with ongoing virtual search algorithms. Moreover, you can install needed Plugins to make this CMS tool more SEO friendly. Thus, it is a most suitable CMS tool and offshore development is the right process for its professional installation. 

Catch Flickery Eye Balls of Your Virtual Customers In 2013

Coming months are going to be the busiest ones of the year for all online business organizations. Virtual customers as well as merely surfers will not have much time to research your website to satisfy their needs. Considerably, your website should not face any technical glitches, because you will not have much time to tackle the technical errors of your official business website in peak business hours. So, you should try to find the suitable WordPress developer or programming agency, which can take better care of your WordPress website.Offshore WordPress development will help you in ensuring the high performance of your website. Moreover, your remotely located programming agents will support in contriving the requisite Plugins and extensions to enhance the functional stature of your website.

Apart from high rated maintenance, you can also cut your overall project cost by 20 to 30% by outsourcing your job to a remotely located coding partner. So, it will be good for your business organization to get the qualitative services at economical prices. Moreover, you can monitor the development process of your wordpress Plugins by exchanging your ideas via virtual communication tools like Skype, yahoo messenger and all other tools. It has been seen that the idea development of a particular functionality needs the active presence of website owners. So, you can take active part in all discussions justpresent

So, you should choose the option of Offshore WordPress development. It will help you in monitoring the development process of your WP website easily and contriving the best possible functionalities for catering the varying needs of your targeted customers. Moreover, it will also be a bit cost-effective than the local service provider. So, you should lay your focus on availing the qualitative web development services from remotely located service professionals.

Lucrative Web Venture with Dedicated Drupal Programmers

In the present day scenario, internet has become a prime medium for business owners to promote their products and services. More and more business developers are indulging in enhancing their web presence and making their business an online brand. To sustain an effective web presence a business needs a robust, feature-rich and informative website. A website plays a significant role in reaching out a wide audience base present over the World Wide Web. Hence, the demand for web development services has witnessed a hike. If you are also planning to get your business portal developed, it best to opt for a platform that is both secure and scalable, to ensure that you get an unparalleled web presence. Of all the prominent web development platforms available, Drupal has emerged to be the most user-friendly and performance-oriented platform.


Drupal CMS is known to render quality features that improve the functionality of a website and bestow it with unmatchable features. Using Drupal, you can add lucrative features to your website such as user registration with personalized accounts, easy modification of layouts, RSS Feeds, graphic-rich user interface and innovative menu display options for the website. As per you business goals, you can decide upon which functionalities will be fit for your business model. To ensure that you are moving in the right direction, it is best to hire dedicated drupal programmers who can give your website development venture a professional touch. A Drupal expert can provide you with Drupal solutions that are customized as per your business requisites.

As you plan to hire Drupal programmers for getting your portal developed, ensure that you conduct a thorough research before deciding upon a single resource. Check the background and experience of the developer. Also, take a sneak peek into the portfolio of the developer to examine the quality of work delivered by him. This will assure you that you are handing over your business website in the right hands.

OSSMedia Ltd – Testimonial from Mr. James Anderson

We are obliged to Mr. James Anderson (Operations Head, First Business Solutions Ltd) for his kind appraisal of serviceability at OSSMedia Ltd.


Video Transcription

My name is James Anderson and I am the operations head at First Business Solutions Ltd. Our company  had engaged OSSMedia for one of our major Magento enterprise development project and their services have been truly remarkable.

OSSMedia took up the complex challenge of building a robust enterprise Magento store with custom extensions and provided us a highly scalable solution that achieves our business objectives and enables us to deliver high-performance services to our consumers. Their quality-assurance capabilities, excellent internal development processes and around-the-clock technical support have helped us achieve significant cost savings from our offshore initiative.

We believe that OSSMedia has the advantage of deep domain expertise and provides the industry’s best ROI for open source technologies. We will definitely be using OSSMedia for a long term and I am extremely thankful for their hard work, commitment and dedication. Thank you, OSSMedia!