Top WordPress Design Trends 2014 – Set to Alter the Internet Landscape

Awash in a state-of-the-art technology milieu, WordPress has trafficked unerringly in dominating performance-levels and unforced features. As the competition mounts up at a breakneck speed, the most popular CMS continues to deliver top-gear website development on a solicitous backbone.

With more than 10 years into its existence, WordPress holds some great promises in 2014. We look at some of features – not all of which are newfangled – that will rule the roost this year and make us lean a little more towards custom WordPress design and development.

  • Responsive Web Design: A Luxury You *Must* Afford

It rather has become a prerequisite that your WordPress website design is responsive, in order to drive maximum leverage from the incoming traffic through mobile devices. The trend of finding information on the go is headed north, and unless you deliver on that front, you are missing out on an all-important ingredient in your recipe for a successful website.

One overstated yet overlooked fact is that the user’s attention span is very short. When you adorn your websites with images of barn-burner resolutions, the mobile devices do not respond well to those resolutions, leading to achingly slow loading times. Custom WordPress development is vying to circumvent such issues through avant-garde techniques that would allow website managers to inject gloss in their websites, without compromising on the responsive attribute.

  • Parallax scrolling Will be Mainstream

A top billed concept in Computer Graphics, Parallax scrolling is essentially a procedure that facilitates slower movement of background images as compared to the movement of foreground images. This lends a 2D illusion to your animation and thereby adds awe-inspiring depth to the pages. The WordPress developers are making the most of this feature to add some fireworks to their client’s websites for them to rise above the herd.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics for More Receptive Images

It’s not one of those features that came to life overnight. Rather, the vector graphics have been there from over a decade, but have hit the top gear only lately. And their growing popularity can be owed to the afore-mentioned point about responsiveness of a website.

Affinity for vibrancy and color has always been there, and it’s least likely to take a backseat to anything. SVG works with that realization embedded deep into its structure. The SVG files are reasonably smaller in size as compared to their .JPG and JPEG counterparts, but look equally beguiling. The greater scope to compress these files further helps. And this is where the slower loading times take a backseat. With a more virile design, your website is cardinally suited to mobile devices.

  • Image Sliders for Eloquence

We won’t call it an invasion per se, but last few years have seen the inclusion of sliders in different websites take a huge leap. The reasons are pretty much apparent as the sliders let the site managers send across their website’s voice in a way that nothing else does. The interactive sliders have rebooted the communication style between the website and its visitors. While some use the slider to illustrate the comparisons between the current and the passé, others demonstrate different themes that their website focuses on. Image sliders let a website brim with creative prospects as you can unflinchingly inject some innovation and personalize the site, while being eloquent at the same time.

  • The Improved Social Networking Feeds

A website is poised for growth and expansion when it integrates social media buttons of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc on its pages and posts. The most obvious reason is the streamlined communication channel which has an ever-growing number of potential customers at the end of the pike. The latest developments include instant notifications and easy access to the brand updates on its social media page, without you needing to log in to your respective accounts. It is recommended you hire a seasoned WordPress developer who can integrate social networking feeds with your portal’s design. The direct result of this would be increase in the number of your social media followers and subscribers.

  • Images Making Way for Typography

How about a non-traditional take on website design? Have you ever tried pulling your visitor’s attention from the ultra glamorous images to an equally fab looking content? If the answer is in negative, you indeed haven’t branched out and experimented. WordPress offers you type formatting, a unique way in its own right for giving a face to your website’s message. Moving beyond the time-honored traditions and letting the text stand out through clever colors, line spacing, etc. is one of the fresh attributes being increasingly embraced by the WordPress developers and designers off-late.

Overthrowing the archetypal ways to develop and design WordPress Websites, the new trends are more than a coat of paint on the 2014’s WordPress wagon. They instead are a monody and a mission statement.

As Drupal 8 Closes in, What to Expect from it

The blogging mills have been enduring a daily grind ever since “Drupal 8” was heard in the web world. The buzz has been bouncing of the walls for more than a year now, but the much-awaited version of the highly sought-after content management framework refuses to come down the vessel. As the wait lingers on, we throw some light on the Drupal 8 features that are going to aid in improved Drupal web development.  Needless to say, Joomla will run your online portal efficiently on the server and will assist to make use of its CMS that enables better performance. So here are some highlights of Joomla 8.

Room for More Fields

Drupal aims to transfigure the way we structure content on our website. Extending the yarn of field types, you will be offered more alternatives when it comes to entering content in different fields.

  • There will be more number of categories that will facilitate adding content to fields like unit’s location, date and time, subscription data, contact numbers, and more.

  • Drupal 8 will enable readers to post their opinions in fields meant only for comments

  • Customization of contact forms will be possible.

Enhanced Content Authoring

The content editing and authoring system in Drupal 8 has undergone a total revamp, owing to the introduction of new editor mechanism

  • Internet security as a serious consideration, configuring WYSIWYG has been made simpler.

  • Refurbished content creation pages with a non-fussy way of saving drafts


While no stone is left unturned to add frills to Drupal 8, compatibility issues are also successfully addressed, particularly in respect to the mobile devices. The websites created through Drupal 8 would be highly virile and mobile-ready. It goes without saying that Drupal 8 will also bring to the fore some stunning themes that would be responsive across all devices and browsers.

High-level Coding extensions and Improved Markup through the Use of HTML 5

Drupal 8 will be equipped with most of the effective and pragmatic coding extensions that will empower you to boost website management. HTML5 is going to further improve page markup

  1. Image display will be all devices-ready with better support for Picture element

  2. Inbuilt tools to smoothly enter data in fields that include date and time, e-mail, subscription data, contact numbers, etc.

Fresh Configuration

Drupal 8 will be pre-loaded with file system-based configuration management system. What it does is that it renders ease straightforwardness to the way modifications are brought about to the configurations. What’s more? You would be able to manage version control yourself.

Support for Hypertext Application Language (HAL) and more

Ever envisaged that you could develop mobile applications on any platform while leveraging the data source? Come right in. Now you can with Drupal 8. The futuristic Hypertext Application Language (HAL) will also be executed.

  1. The content can be depicted as JSON or even XML.

  2. Bolstered security as your clients will undergo the procedures of HTTP authentication.

Lesser Modules to Deal With

Irrespective of the platform you are using for whichever technology, one of the common issues faced with Drupal CMS development was that you had to deal with innumerable modules. Their unbridled count only added to the complexity levels. Not anymore as Drupal 8 helps you get rid of the convoluted modules, as is evident from the information specified above. The whole bevy of modules have done nothing but added to the complications and have left programmers bewildered on what to use and what to reject. Now whether you are trying to use more code extensions or edit images, you are provided with better, but lesser number of choices (as you wanted).

Drupal 8 is set to surpass all the previous versions while riding on the powerful waves of change. On its way to setting new benchmarks, Drupal 8 is expected to abound in new-fangled features to ascend over the competition that has always been rising from close quarters. The refinement of development process, the operational ease and efficiency, the user experience – everything is deemed to leap. It hasn’t yet made its way to the web-verse, but the advertised features are compelling enough to believe that it’s going to be graced by a bonafide classic.

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8 of the Very Best WordPress Drag and Drop Theme Builders

With a huge quantum of benefits for developing websites, WordPress remains unbowed to the swarming competition that is almost breathing up its neck. The ease with which a non-programmer can create a website makes WordPress a tour de force of a blogging platform.

WordPress offers a truckload of options that mesh really well to help you create a website that pulls a user’s attention in different directions (in a good way). Whether you wish to have a personal blog, or an eCommerce site, or for that matter the official website of a company,custom WordPress development lets you endow the website with features that range from utilizable to spellbinding. But making it possible for people with a not so technical background to create a website seamlessly needed path-breaking interfaces and tools, something which WordPress has addressed successfully. The Drag & Drop Theme Builders are a prime example of that. Here are the most popular of such theme builders:

  • PageLines DMS

PageLines advocates innovation with the inclusion of Twitter’s Bootstrap, a framework with lingering benefits. Building a website through PageLine is a pleasant romp and its structure built closely at code-level maximizes convenience. This theme builder has built an altogether extension market, which sells several functionalities. The latest version, PageLines DMS, rides pretty high on innovation.

  • Ultimatum Theme

Much like its name, Ultimatum is a strong theme framework with a host of capabilities that makes the process of creating a website a marvelously smooth one. This theme contains a suite of designs for the beginners to pick from. And it also offers powerful application builder to give you that edge with your blog. Ultimatum hands over complete rein of your website in your hands and you can dictate the roadmap your website is likely to follow in terms of design and functionalities.

  • Headway

One of the most comprehensible theme builders out there, Headway anchors a step by step process by building on blocks to design a website. It offers you different block types to choose from, and you will find tools aplenty to cater to the specific requirements you have charted out for your website. The custom code block makes it all the more embraceable as it enables you to use plain text, HTML, JavaScript, etc at the right locations.

  • Visual Composer for WordPress

This theme builder is actually a plugin that helps you craft intricate patterns with utmost ease. A highly regarded plugin, Visual Composer can be integrated with a variety of themes, thus adding to their bundle of features. This theme builder also comes in for a reasonable price.

  • Frontend Builder

The frontend and backend options enable you to create ingenious web pages that stand apart in a crowd. Not just to novices, this theme builder proves to be highly resourceful for developers who can use it with their own set of shortcodes. This further empowers the end user to master the creation of web pages without resorting to external help.

  • Ether Content Builder

For fashioning content pages characterized by stout features, Ether Content Builder comes adorned with various widgets that can be custom-created. It also makes use of some third party widgets which can be leveraged over a highly interactive interface.

  • Elegant Themes Builder

Elegant Themes Builder is again a plugin that facilitates making highly responsive themes which can be tailored seamlessly to suit your sensibilities. This theme builder is ripe with features and comes at a price of 89 dollars.

  • iTheme Builder

This 5 year old theme builder falls perfectly in sync with all your requirements. You can create a mobile ready website with no layers of complexity to its working. The final website is highly responsive and is centered on layout editor, the style manager and blocks. Offering powerful customization capabilities, it lets you place header, footer and sidebars in the most apposite alignment. You have access to a range of color palettes and depending on the kind of website you are creating, you can pick your color accordingly. For example, a gray-toned theme can be created for the healthcare website, while experiments can be done with a whole lot of fancy colors for a blog on poetry.

Despite of having a lot of velvet touch, WordPress doesn’t fall short on powerful tools and features. While you can hire WordPress expert for your website, using these Drag & Drop Theme Builders gives you a measured control to master website development without much of a coding familiarity.

15 Best Responsive Drupal 7 Themes

If you have been looking around to find some of the best responsive Drupal themes around, you can make a stop at this list, we it compiles themes which are not just responsive, but also stunning to look at. Without any more ado, let’s right away cut to the chase:


5pika is a powerful and robust Drupal theme tailor made for people who want run businesses that requires showcasing their products. Whether you are an interior designer or a photographer, this highly configurable and responsive theme is going to be pure delight.


Porto ranks right up there when we talk of most powerfully responsive themes. Though, the theme has more sober, business-oriented style themes, but with minor tinkering, it can be used for a personal blog as well. The theme has been designed by Refaktor, already an established brand in the market.


Contour brings back the vintage vibes with absolute élan. Primiarily found in two colours, black and white, Contour boasts of a wide range of portfolio styles that can be embraced by all developers. Varied tastes have been paid attention to while designing this theme.


Expressa stays absolutely true to its name. This theme lets you express yourself through your blog like nothing else does. The theme is adorned with colours and works seamlessly on all devices.


It is a well established fact that eCommerce sites have been leveraging the benefits of Drupal from some time now. It has now come up with the theme, Dmart, that makes up for any shortcomings that existed when it comes to designing eCommerce sites with Drupal. You can use it for creating online shopping cart, an intrinsic part of eCommerce sites. The Bootstrap framework of the theme is supported by a grid system. The theme settings strictly follow the Drupal coding standards.


Nevia works as a great business theme due to its sober color schemes and designs. Powered by HTML5/CSS3, this theme enables a Drupal programmer to create different portfolio styles that are fresh and original. The theme impresses you on its own terms.


Mobile-ready for an array of devices, Aqua theme is particularly known for its reusable elements like Sliders, Tabs, and Testimonials. This ultra-responsive theme is multi-purpose and serves to create a great website portfolio for small and large businesses alike.


MyShop works perfectly as an eCommerce site. Stories can also use this theme to handle their online operations. The theme has customized elements like facility for order management, payment gateway, provision for paypal, tailored design for displaying Tax and total price, etc. these elements make it a unique business selling tool.


Inspiro B is a uniquely elegant theme with no dearth of customization options. You can totally you’re your website with this theme that takes no expert to install and set up. This multi-purpose theme can be seamlessly reconfigured for individual pages.


Danat is popular for its incredible colour schemes. It supports various views and is packed with a variety of plugins. The theme is clean, modern and has a minimalist layout design. Easy colour selection tools make customizing the theme a very simple task.


Concept comes in stunning color schemes and makes customization an amazingly easy task. Each design in Concept is dynamic and provides great compatibility with the support of a responsive layout. The theme is optimized for several devices like mobiles, tablets and more.


With several body fonts from 578 Google Web Fonts, Exchange is an excellent theme for business and corporate websites. A modern and interactive theme, Exchange provides flawlessly arranged functional content. You can easily customize the website as this theme provides easy to use admin panel with user-friendly features.


Norma has number of predefined color schemes and designs and boasts of easy image selection. You can add gallery in the news pages and transform your website into a highly functional and ultra-responsive portal.


Creativity flourishes with Dawn, a contemporary template that provides usable styles and defaults on the website.


Realia is one of the best themes out there for real estate developers who want to build a presence online. This theme offers a huge range of color variations and lends website with visual styles that are easy on eyes.

It’s easy to see why Drupal is one of the most popular Drupal website development platforms. With no end to its beguiling themes, the trust and popularity is only headed north.

Build an Online Brand With Top and Sterling Magento Responsive Themes

The thriving and excellent ecommerce platform can be another name for Magento that gives you a complete list of items that has to be sold online. A variety of payment modes are supported by Magento along with a range of extensions. Thus, it has evolved as the excellent and fastest growing solution for various small scale and large scale industries. Many industries have attained an identity with the incredible features of Magento. This is also one of the primary reasons that have lead to evolution of many Magento development companies.

Magento is a real winner also on the platform of web development and especially when it comes to themes. It has leveraged all the online merchants not only by building online store that are customizable, but also helps in giving a first impression to its visitors. Magento Development Services have helped in various other aspects as well such as by developing SEO and cross-browser friendly websites. The websites developed with Magento can also be optimized for conversions.

A Delineate to Top Magento Themes:

  • Ultimo:

    Ultimo is one of the premium Magento themes along with advanced admin module. The excellent features of this theme include ease in customization, complete responsiveness and high usability. The biggest advantage with this theme is that it is highly optimal with almost every type of store. If you are about to start with your custom projects then check out this theme that will surely meet your requirements.

    Ultimo: Premium Magento Themes 

  • Grayscale: 

    An absolutely free theme, Grayscale is beautiful yet reliable. It can be swiftly installed and customized. Magneto Programmers can do a lot with this theme such as he can include a newsletter sign-up section in order to boost their email list, a home page slider to flaunt current promotions and all popular products to boost the average order values. The highly demanding Grayscale theme is also comprised of customer services section that can eliminate or reduce cart abandonments. This way a customer can easily approach the contact details of the services, if he/she encounters any issue while shopping.

    Grayscale-Magento Responsive Theme 

  • SportsShop:

     This is one of the responsive Magento themes that will obviously bequeath you responsive design. 4 skin colors are available along with HTML 5 and CSS3. What all other advantages it is leveraging are slideshow banner images, main menu style variants, featured products slider, brand logo slider, header dropdown cart, cloud zoom images, back top button, light box images effect, scroller thumbnail images and social networks integration.

    SportsShop Responsive Magento Themes 

  • Bonus: 

    This is also a responsive theme framework which is available at just $99. This theme has been designed exclusively for retail and it also have a plethora of outstanding features that has been proven to enhance the conversions that may include suggested products, one-step checkout and re-sizable product images as well. Reported bugs are also present within this; however, it is a responsive theme design which makes it ultimate. Merchants can also have an access to send email for all the Magento developers.

    Bonus Responsive Theme Framework 

  • Metro: 

    This is again a 100% responsive theme having a new and sale product badge. 14 static blocks option has also been provided along with two color option. A range of different views has also been engraved that involves quick shopping cart view, previous next of product view, cloud-zoom of product view. The biggest advantage of this theme is that it is highly compatible with all devices such as laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet. 

    Metro Magento Responsive Theme 

  • Zeta: 

    If you are searching for a versatile and latest theme, Zeta is the right choice for you. It is coming with a bonus, that is, Page checkout all the Magento extensions and a trading price calculator which can help the merchant in increasing conversions. Additionally, you will also find a clean appearance and traditional menu that renders ease in navigation, bonus rates and diminishing friction. Zeta’s product pages also provide suggested products, product tags along with multiple product views.

    Zeta Magento Theme 

This responsive Magento theme has key features that envelopes one click installer, unlimited colors, theme options module, responsive layout, customizable design, Ajax scroll, Ajax added to cart, HTML compression, 20+ CMS section, 3 slidershow type, color box, cloud zoom, Facebook connect and there are many more. It is a premium theme also that means you need to buy it. This is also suitable for all types of stores. Get started with your custom projects with Infinitus.

Infinitus: Responsive Magento Theme 

Magento themes are not limited to these above mentioned themes. There are thousands of other Magento themes that have been designed in such a way that can cater all business, professional and personal needs. In order to use Magento theme as per your need, explore the internet that can give you a bundle of such themes.  

WordPress Users Awaken! Your Site is Vulnerable!

Over the years we have seen the popularity of WordPress grow in immeasurable leaps and bounds. The popularity of offshore WordPress development has grown up to such a colossal extent that right not it powers more than half of the dynamic and non-HTML websites – which is saying a lot, especially given the number of various other fastidious content management systems, such as Drupal and Joomla etc. However, the swiveling popularity comes with a heavy price to pay. The increase in the number of WordPress users has given a shocking rise to the number of WordPress hackers. Although most of these attacks are complete personal in nature, arising out of one or the other form of personal vendetta, but we cannot overrule the fact that most of the WordPress websites are actually vulnerable in nature, and hence indirectly call for such pity little unscrupulous attacks.

offshore wordpress development

WordPress Development

Online world is uncanny and unceremonious. People do nasty stuff (like hacking your important website,) for no good reason at all – maybe because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their time. However, the point here is, since we know that attacks on WordPress websites is prevalent and omnipresent, instead of ruing the day we decided to step into this zone altogether, let us buck up the security of our website and put up a strong fight against online attacks.

Demystifying WordPress Hacking

Before we brace ourselves up to fight against the vulnerabilities, let us first try and decipher the reasons that actually make WordPress vulnerable. Perhaps checking any one (or all) of these security leaks, would automatically cure the site off its vulnerabilities.

Hacking WordPress Site


  1. Poor Hosting – trust only the pros for the hosting of your website. It is better to pay a bit extra in the beginning for the safe and secure WordPress hosting, than to regret not opting for it later.
  2. Unprotected Themes – we are not against free themes, but if you download themes from the sources which are not credible and reliable, your website is doomed.
  3. Obscure Plugins – Downloading and installing plugins form untrustworthy locations is another major factor which makes your website vulnerable to security leaks.
  4. Weak Logins and Passwords – Okay, keeping ‘admin’ as logins and your birth date as passwords is like asking for the hackers to come at their own whim and hack your website.

Securing your WordPress Site

Safeguarding your website or blog against the online attacks is not really a long shot. It requires for due diligence and smartness on your part, to tackle the multiple attacks or threats that your website maybe under. To begin with, check that above mentioned criteria and ensure that none of it holds true for your website. So opt for secure hosting of the website, do not download the plugins or themes from obscure locations, better still to invest a little and hire a WordPress Programmer to develop the plugins and themes from the very scratch for your website or blog. And please, change the login from Admin to any weird name that you can think of. And of course your password – make it lengthy, use a combination of title case and numbers and try and be as unpredictable as possible.


A lot is invested in developing a WordPress website, and hence it is rather important that we take the required steps to keep the website safe and secure. This is all that we had for you today, to understand more about WordPress and other open source CMS development, do keep following this space.

Redefine Your Virtual Presence with Joomla

If you are in process of creating a new website for your business organization, especially through a cost-efficient model then you should consider using Joomla. It is an excellent open source web content management system, which is suitable for setting up all kinds of online identities. It keeps your web management process mobile and search engine friendly. You do not need to drown yourself in the ocean of HTML & PHP codes for managing your website. You can simply make necessary changes in your site just by taking entry into your admin panel. There will not be any requirement of tweaking codes for the general management of contents in your website. You can find the stunning features of Joomla in further mentioned paragraphs.

Online Marketing Friendly

Well, this is the main factor that enhances the demand and popularity of this CMS tool. It amazingly makes a website search engine friendly to grab the maximum attention of targeted customers. It also keeps the web pages optimized as per the concurrent trends of search engines. It is required to understand that this CMS tool gives all the needful tools to increase the ranking of your website. You will have to show your dedication in using these tools to enhance the sharpness of your virtuak promotion campaigns. Some of the most exclusive features are social media integration and blog management. Apart from these two iconic features, you will be able to use multiple other features such URL rewriting, Title, Meta, and Keyword optimization tools.

Ready to Use

In case, you are not going to deal with the customers of your website since the first day of launch then you can gradually improvise your website. On the other hand, if you are going to deal with customers right from the moment of going live then you should take extra measures to ensure error free operation of your website. You can hire Joomla programmers for fixing little issues of your website before going live.

Easy to Use

Well, it is a truly user-friendly content management system. You just need to learn the way of using social media websites for making necessary changes in your website. It will be a simple and easy way of managing your website. You just need to use a login ID and password for entering into a backend panel. Here you will get almost all tools for modifying your web content. You can add new pages, categories, manage pictures, and add the search engine friendly elements in your site. Therefore, it will be a nice way of managing your website.

Cost-Effective Tools Availability

As you know that this is an open source web content management system, so you do not need to pay anything in return of using this tool. It will be a nice way of making a grand website. Moreover, you can also avail additional tools and templates for making your website ready to interact with your customers. So, this is one of the most striking features of this content management system. Notably, this feature grabs the attention of most of all website owners because they save themselves from paying a hefty amount as license fee.

So, you can now take Offshore Joomla Development services in order further cutting the cost of development of your website.

Drupal Development: Outsource or In-House? Easy Answer to Mind-Boggling Conundrum

As we have already discovered that Drupal CMS is the complete CMS solution for a business , the question which now arises is how to best go for owning a Drupal based website? Two solutions which inevitably crops up are either to hire a complete in-house team for the project, or perhaps to simply to outsource the entire project to a Drupal Development Company and profit from the strategic geographical region, reduced costs and technical expertise provided by various offshore centers.

With the growth in technology and with the growing need of the business houses to opt for expert developers, the geographical parameters no longer picture in the decision of hiring an in-house or offshore team. In fact a lot of companies find it rather relaxing if the developer of their choice though works from home but adheres to deadlines and stick to reporting standards. Here are a few considerations that will help you make up your mind if you are jostling between the two choices.

Consider the following prior to going on board with Drupal Development:

Total Cost of Development

Starting a complete in-house project would require massive inputs in terms of budget and human supervision. It is like stepping into a pitfall; you would not know how deep it is, until you actually put your foot in it. On the other hand, offshore development is quite easy and risk free. There are a wide number of companies vying for the projects and hence they deliver high quality services at exceedingly reasonable prices.

Time & Resources

Time and resources play an important role in the development project. While an in-house project demands high level of input, you would actually save yourself a great deal of time and effort if you simply hire drupal developers from an offshore center and virtually manage their work

Experienced & Efficient Resources

It may take a while before an in-house candidate will be groomed to handle key responsibilities in the management. The same resource may require a lot of supervision in the beginning etc but an offshore developer starts working from the point go. You get to benefit from the wealth of experience that they have gained working with all of their previous projects and with their technical expertise and comprehensive understanding of the Drupal deployment environment they up the ante of the web applications and bring about a sense of professionalism sharpness and cutting edge quality in the development projects.

That was all for today. Keep following this page to uncover more about web development, Drupal and other CMS.

Bang-In Into the World Of Ecommerce With Magento Development

Once upon a time, the online world was seen with the skeptic, judging and disapproving eye of a non-believer. Online frauds were adrift in the industry and one would rather coldly abandon the desires of owning a product, than to shop for it online. Of course that point of time is now a rotten passe.

Open your eyes to the present era, where people like to sit in the comforts of their drawing room, accesses various shopping portals through the ease of their smart phones or tablets and order various products and services – even Pizza for that matter, online. These same online shopping sites are now turning the good old physical stores moot and have inspired the merchants to rather go online and sell their products profitably.

If you have made up your mind to finally say hello to the abundant world of ecommerce, your best ally is going to be Magento Development. The apple pie of ecommerce website development industry and sheltered by the connoisseur eBay, Magento entails in itself the quintessential archetype of the required ecommerce features. Besides, it is so easy to learn and grasp, that you seriously would not lose your sleep while trying to figure your way around some “new and treacherous” software. Also, we dare forget that it’s available for free (so, party!!!).

Furthermore, features like customer management, site maps, discount coupons, shipments and pricing, search engine optimization are intrinsic to the Magento platform. And in addition to that, the up-graded features allow you to own a mobile optimized website and empower your website with the much sought after feature of “responsive design” – the design that re-adjusts itself with regards to the device being used to access it (i.e. to the varying lengths and breadths of desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets etc).

Hence, without having to compromise on the technical prowess, embark upon the journey to the online world and exploit the best of flourishing business opportunities online, with the help of Magento Development.

Upgrade Your Academy with Joomla LMS

Well, if you are not aware with learning management systems then you should make yourself aware now. The learning management system is an ultra modern tool of managing day-today affairs of educational organizations through information technology. Schools in developed countries are using this trend and benefitting their students.

In this way, Joomla is famous for creating LMS tools. You just need to take Joomla Development Services to create a LMS for your educational organization. It will eventually help you in adding value in your institution.

Joomla as Learning Management System

For your information, Joomla is an open source web content management system, which uses PHP as programming language and MySql as database. So, the technical equation of Joomla provides a great opportunity to academicians for adorning their institutions with ultra modern tools like Joomla LMS. They can develop an exclusive & custom learning management system using Joomla.

How Learning Management System Works?

It is an obvious question. And, usually academicians come across this question. Technically, Joomla based learning management works like a web portal, which connects two points of an academy: the parents and school staff. With the LMS, the institutions can easily integrate an intranet application with their Joomla website. With this tool, schools can give the option to the respected parents of their students to create accounts for being updated with the educational development of their kids. In this way, the school administration can upload the results on their secured server and release the result card online. In another way, it will efficient the school staff and enable them to focus over providing cutting-edge lessons to their students instead of wasting time on result development process.

So, if you are a school administrator, a teacher, or even a trustee of an educational institution then you can take a decision of using learning management system in your school management tools. The LMS will eventually improvise the results of your academy and your students will have benefits with this arrangement. So, just hire Joomla Developer for the development of a learning management system for your school.