WordPress Users Awaken! Your Site is Vulnerable!

Over the years we have seen the popularity of WordPress grow in immeasurable leaps and bounds. The popularity of offshore WordPress development has grown up to such a colossal extent that right not it powers more than half of the dynamic and non-HTML websites – which is saying a lot, especially given the number of various other fastidious content management systems, such as Drupal and Joomla etc. However, the swiveling popularity comes with a heavy price to pay. The increase in the number of WordPress users has given a shocking rise to the number of WordPress hackers. Although most of these attacks are complete personal in nature, arising out of one or the other form of personal vendetta, but we cannot overrule the fact that most of the WordPress websites are actually vulnerable in nature, and hence indirectly call for such pity little unscrupulous attacks.

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WordPress Development

Online world is uncanny and unceremonious. People do nasty stuff (like hacking your important website,) for no good reason at all – maybe because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their time. However, the point here is, since we know that attacks on WordPress websites is prevalent and omnipresent, instead of ruing the day we decided to step into this zone altogether, let us buck up the security of our website and put up a strong fight against online attacks.

Demystifying WordPress Hacking

Before we brace ourselves up to fight against the vulnerabilities, let us first try and decipher the reasons that actually make WordPress vulnerable. Perhaps checking any one (or all) of these security leaks, would automatically cure the site off its vulnerabilities.

Hacking WordPress Site


  1. Poor Hosting – trust only the pros for the hosting of your website. It is better to pay a bit extra in the beginning for the safe and secure WordPress hosting, than to regret not opting for it later.
  2. Unprotected Themes – we are not against free themes, but if you download themes from the sources which are not credible and reliable, your website is doomed.
  3. Obscure Plugins – Downloading and installing plugins form untrustworthy locations is another major factor which makes your website vulnerable to security leaks.
  4. Weak Logins and Passwords – Okay, keeping ‘admin’ as logins and your birth date as passwords is like asking for the hackers to come at their own whim and hack your website.

Securing your WordPress Site

Safeguarding your website or blog against the online attacks is not really a long shot. It requires for due diligence and smartness on your part, to tackle the multiple attacks or threats that your website maybe under. To begin with, check that above mentioned criteria and ensure that none of it holds true for your website. So opt for secure hosting of the website, do not download the plugins or themes from obscure locations, better still to invest a little and hire a WordPress Programmer to develop the plugins and themes from the very scratch for your website or blog. And please, change the login from Admin to any weird name that you can think of. And of course your password – make it lengthy, use a combination of title case and numbers and try and be as unpredictable as possible.


A lot is invested in developing a WordPress website, and hence it is rather important that we take the required steps to keep the website safe and secure. This is all that we had for you today, to understand more about WordPress and other open source CMS development, do keep following this space.

Redefine Your Virtual Presence with Joomla

If you are in process of creating a new website for your business organization, especially through a cost-efficient model then you should consider using Joomla. It is an excellent open source web content management system, which is suitable for setting up all kinds of online identities. It keeps your web management process mobile and search engine friendly. You do not need to drown yourself in the ocean of HTML & PHP codes for managing your website. You can simply make necessary changes in your site just by taking entry into your admin panel. There will not be any requirement of tweaking codes for the general management of contents in your website. You can find the stunning features of Joomla in further mentioned paragraphs.

Online Marketing Friendly

Well, this is the main factor that enhances the demand and popularity of this CMS tool. It amazingly makes a website search engine friendly to grab the maximum attention of targeted customers. It also keeps the web pages optimized as per the concurrent trends of search engines. It is required to understand that this CMS tool gives all the needful tools to increase the ranking of your website. You will have to show your dedication in using these tools to enhance the sharpness of your virtuak promotion campaigns. Some of the most exclusive features are social media integration and blog management. Apart from these two iconic features, you will be able to use multiple other features such URL rewriting, Title, Meta, and Keyword optimization tools.

Ready to Use

In case, you are not going to deal with the customers of your website since the first day of launch then you can gradually improvise your website. On the other hand, if you are going to deal with customers right from the moment of going live then you should take extra measures to ensure error free operation of your website. You can hire Joomla programmers for fixing little issues of your website before going live.

Easy to Use

Well, it is a truly user-friendly content management system. You just need to learn the way of using social media websites for making necessary changes in your website. It will be a simple and easy way of managing your website. You just need to use a login ID and password for entering into a backend panel. Here you will get almost all tools for modifying your web content. You can add new pages, categories, manage pictures, and add the search engine friendly elements in your site. Therefore, it will be a nice way of managing your website.

Cost-Effective Tools Availability

As you know that this is an open source web content management system, so you do not need to pay anything in return of using this tool. It will be a nice way of making a grand website. Moreover, you can also avail additional tools and templates for making your website ready to interact with your customers. So, this is one of the most striking features of this content management system. Notably, this feature grabs the attention of most of all website owners because they save themselves from paying a hefty amount as license fee.

So, you can now take Offshore Joomla Development services in order further cutting the cost of development of your website.

Drupal Development: Outsource or In-House? Easy Answer to Mind-Boggling Conundrum

As we have already discovered that Drupal CMS is the complete CMS solution for a business , the question which now arises is how to best go for owning a Drupal based website? Two solutions which inevitably crops up are either to hire a complete in-house team for the project, or perhaps to simply to outsource the entire project to a Drupal Development Company and profit from the strategic geographical region, reduced costs and technical expertise provided by various offshore centers.

With the growth in technology and with the growing need of the business houses to opt for expert developers, the geographical parameters no longer picture in the decision of hiring an in-house or offshore team. In fact a lot of companies find it rather relaxing if the developer of their choice though works from home but adheres to deadlines and stick to reporting standards. Here are a few considerations that will help you make up your mind if you are jostling between the two choices.

Consider the following prior to going on board with Drupal Development:

Total Cost of Development

Starting a complete in-house project would require massive inputs in terms of budget and human supervision. It is like stepping into a pitfall; you would not know how deep it is, until you actually put your foot in it. On the other hand, offshore development is quite easy and risk free. There are a wide number of companies vying for the projects and hence they deliver high quality services at exceedingly reasonable prices.

Time & Resources

Time and resources play an important role in the development project. While an in-house project demands high level of input, you would actually save yourself a great deal of time and effort if you simply hire drupal developers from an offshore center and virtually manage their work

Experienced & Efficient Resources

It may take a while before an in-house candidate will be groomed to handle key responsibilities in the management. The same resource may require a lot of supervision in the beginning etc but an offshore developer starts working from the point go. You get to benefit from the wealth of experience that they have gained working with all of their previous projects and with their technical expertise and comprehensive understanding of the Drupal deployment environment they up the ante of the web applications and bring about a sense of professionalism sharpness and cutting edge quality in the development projects.

That was all for today. Keep following this page to uncover more about web development, Drupal and other CMS.

Bang-In Into the World Of Ecommerce With Magento Development

Once upon a time, the online world was seen with the skeptic, judging and disapproving eye of a non-believer. Online frauds were adrift in the industry and one would rather coldly abandon the desires of owning a product, than to shop for it online. Of course that point of time is now a rotten passe.

Open your eyes to the present era, where people like to sit in the comforts of their drawing room, accesses various shopping portals through the ease of their smart phones or tablets and order various products and services – even Pizza for that matter, online. These same online shopping sites are now turning the good old physical stores moot and have inspired the merchants to rather go online and sell their products profitably.

If you have made up your mind to finally say hello to the abundant world of ecommerce, your best ally is going to be Magento Development. The apple pie of ecommerce website development industry and sheltered by the connoisseur eBay, Magento entails in itself the quintessential archetype of the required ecommerce features. Besides, it is so easy to learn and grasp, that you seriously would not lose your sleep while trying to figure your way around some “new and treacherous” software. Also, we dare forget that it’s available for free (so, party!!!).

Furthermore, features like customer management, site maps, discount coupons, shipments and pricing, search engine optimization are intrinsic to the Magento platform. And in addition to that, the up-graded features allow you to own a mobile optimized website and empower your website with the much sought after feature of “responsive design” – the design that re-adjusts itself with regards to the device being used to access it (i.e. to the varying lengths and breadths of desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets etc).

Hence, without having to compromise on the technical prowess, embark upon the journey to the online world and exploit the best of flourishing business opportunities online, with the help of Magento Development.

Upgrade Your Academy with Joomla LMS

Well, if you are not aware with learning management systems then you should make yourself aware now. The learning management system is an ultra modern tool of managing day-today affairs of educational organizations through information technology. Schools in developed countries are using this trend and benefitting their students.

In this way, Joomla is famous for creating LMS tools. You just need to take Joomla Development Services to create a LMS for your educational organization. It will eventually help you in adding value in your institution.

Joomla as Learning Management System

For your information, Joomla is an open source web content management system, which uses PHP as programming language and MySql as database. So, the technical equation of Joomla provides a great opportunity to academicians for adorning their institutions with ultra modern tools like Joomla LMS. They can develop an exclusive & custom learning management system using Joomla.

How Learning Management System Works?

It is an obvious question. And, usually academicians come across this question. Technically, Joomla based learning management works like a web portal, which connects two points of an academy: the parents and school staff. With the LMS, the institutions can easily integrate an intranet application with their Joomla website. With this tool, schools can give the option to the respected parents of their students to create accounts for being updated with the educational development of their kids. In this way, the school administration can upload the results on their secured server and release the result card online. In another way, it will efficient the school staff and enable them to focus over providing cutting-edge lessons to their students instead of wasting time on result development process.

So, if you are a school administrator, a teacher, or even a trustee of an educational institution then you can take a decision of using learning management system in your school management tools. The LMS will eventually improvise the results of your academy and your students will have benefits with this arrangement. So, just hire Joomla Developer for the development of a learning management system for your school.

5 Themes That’ll Populate Your Drupal Site With Organic Visitors

You must be rejoicing on deploying Drupal in your website successfully. And, you should because it is a moment to enjoy and celebrate your successful decision of adopting Drupal. But, what is next in your plans to create a great website with this open source web content management system? If you are in mode of spending less on web development then you should think about using an open source Drupal theme in your website. Here you will read about five most trusted and impressive Drupal themes, which can give you an extraordinary look & feel for your business website. You can download all of these themes but you should prefer testing these themes before installing in your website. Considerably, you cannot trust on third party themes blindly. You can also choose the option of Drupal Theme Development for development of custom theme for your website.

#1 Marinelli

If you want to give an interactive layout to your business website then this theme will be best for you. It has three flexible columns that also include 8 collapsible regions. Moreover, you can also put your web content in the right and middle of the website. Additionally, it also sports a mega dropdown menu. This mega drop down enables you to create dropdown menu with every primary link. Apart from this, it also has rotating banner system, which uses jquery. You can upload the Images as the banners from theme settings. You can also add a link in your banners.

#2 Danland

With 3 layout and tables design for search engine optimization purpose, this theme gains all the marks. It has 17 collapsible block regions, which can be used for increasing the impact of your website. With this theme, you can simply enable the slide show in your website. You just need to navigate to theme settings and upload your images that you wanted to show in your website. It will be an interesting way of decorating your website with great pictures. You can simply download this theme from web.

#3 Corporate Clean

If you are looking for a clean and responsive theme for your Drupal site then this theme will be best for you. It will be an important addition in your website. You can avail this theme as a freebie. Technically, it has all the facilities to give an attractive look & feel to your website.

#4 Blue Masters

It is one among the best themes for Drupal. It has gained the trust and dependence of Drupal users. You just need to understand its technical aspects for improving the performance of this theme. It has footer option with four different regions. Moreover, you can also activate the slide show in your website from the admin panel of your website.

#5 Corolla

If you are finding a free Drupal theme with plenty of exclusive options then this theme will be best for you. It has a large assortment of features like special breadcrumbs settings, font selection (Google fonts are included), heading styles, and image positions settings. By using these settings, you can easily customize the look & feel of your website.

So, you can choose your theme from previously mentioned themes. Technically, all themes are good from technical point of view. You just need to choose a theme as per your special virtual needs. In case, you want to add a custom theme for your website then you can contact offshore Drupal theme developer. The offshore development will be cost-effective for your business organization.

Solved: Common Queries about the New Drupal Store Locator

Finally! E-Commerce sites powered by Drupal will now have a store locator! Yes! Seeking aid from the Google’s store locator utility library, Commerce Guys recently developed an ‘easy to install and configure’ store locating module, a must-have for every Drupal programmer. The newfound store locator is currently operational on two websites namely, American Association of Birth Centers () and American Bank of Texas (). You can catch a live demo here. However, many users who have already tried this module have several questions ringing in their mind. This post answers some such commonly raised questions. Have a look.

I don’t have a store. Is the store locator still useful for me?

Don’t let the name ‘Google Store Locator’ confuse you. It is, in fact, a service which can locate anything and everything with a physical address. It was devised keeping the business fraternity in mind, but you can locate just about anything using this service, including the nearest restaurant or ATM.

I have thousands of stores! Now what?

We see this question coming from a huge business conglomeration. Well, the good news is that the scalable content management capabilities of Drupal allow you to list as many stores as you wish to, starting from 1 of course!

I get most of my business from out-of-towners. And most of them don’t know where they are!

Google Store Locator has a solution for this too, and it is called Location Awareness. If you activate the Location Awareness feature in your locator, every time your users try to locate you on a map, their browser will prompt them to fetch in their location details. Once they share their respective locations, the locator will remember it in the best possible manner and readjust your location on the map accordingly. This will facilitate the users in visually locating the store in their vicinity.

Location Awareness sounds good! But what about the costly logos I have in place? A generic map with no flavor is such a bore!

This is a no-fuss business. You can easily add custom marker items to your location. All you need to do is to find a suitable image and upload it.

What is it the Store Locator can’t do?

Well, it can’t let you add multiple marker icons. However, for those with a chain of stores, it renders the option of tagging stores with features. Thanks to the Feature Filter, your end user will then be able to sort your stores based on their features such as 24 Hrs Open, Near to X Place etc.

Are you still in doubts? Try out the Drupal store locator modules for yourself and experience an unique facet of Drupal development!

Are Social Networks Important for Your WordPress Site?

You might have developed a site on WordPress that offers mind blowing range of options but you are unaware or simply not deploying Social Networks on it, then you are losing it big time. It is a well known fact that social networking sites closely tag along search engines as primary referrers of traffic. WordPress being the most popular CMS with multifaceted platform offers hundreds of social media plug-ins that cater to almost every single requirement of the publisher.

Regardless of the kind nature of site that one has developed on WordPress, the critical intend is to market or promote one’s products and services to the virtual community. With the advent of technology, people are ferociously active on different social networking sites. Over the years social media has transmogrified from a networking platform to a fully fledged market place with millions of users. It being the most widely used, fully-featured content management system with a plug-in architecture that easy to extend and social networking friendly functioning. It will be foolish not to empower WordPress with social networks. Reason being, it was basically designed for community engagement as a lethal blogging tool. Easy content management functionality and greater accessibility to change the content from anywhere in the world, makes it best suited for social endeavors. WordPress plug-in library also features plug-ins for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more that can be automatically integrated.

Certainly, it is the most feature rich, user-friendly publishing platform that allows regular content postings through social media networks to attract more Google search engine crawlers looking for new content and new pages and changes they can index. In addition, having a WordPress website integrated with social networking sites allows two way communications. Every time a person makes a comment on any of your posts, the inclusion of fresh text helps you to build better search positioning and the notifications ensure more audience attention. There are several plug-ins that can transform you website into a fully-fledged social network. In addition, these plug-ins help one control spam, optimize site’s search rankings and allow different users join the site through social networking options.

One should seriously consider personal social networks for WordPress website so that those in your network can join it. With exclusive WordPress developer integrations, one can embed your content on other strategic locations for maximum audience engagement, thus, elevating traffic with less and less direct marketing efforts.

To conclude, social networks are for WordPress, latter one known for openness, extensibility and wide open source community framework. Empowering it with social networking sites makes good sense to utilize its optimum potential to drive more traffic, user engagement and audience reach. It also helps businesses understand the psychic of the customers and their taste & preferences. One can also easily control a brand’s social media presence that otherwise proves to be a demanding and time-consuming activity for any business. Integrating WordPress sites with social networks is surely an indispensable competitive edge that no intelligent business would like to lose.

Why Choose Joomla for Your Small Business Website?

Establishing your own business is an uphill battle. You need to check numerous aspects before you venture into the marketplace, and if the marketplace as abuzz with ardent competition as the web arena, then being extra cautious always pays. Online business is a tough grind, especially with thousands of businesses having set their foot already. Rendering a competitive edge to your business requires you to be equipped with the choicest of arsenals, which in this case is an adept website or portal. A highly functional and engaging web presence is the lifeline of any online business. But how would you ensure that your web portal is at par than the rest?

As you get a business site developed, firstly there are few things that you must be mindful about, such as time, cost, quality, control and flexibility. Secondly, you need to winnow a CMS that effectively takes care of all the above mentioned factors and renders an impressive online presence. Joomla is often considered as the most favored platform that encompasses all the mentioned requisitions of business owners. Let’s take a look at the various factors that have escalated Joomla to the position that it presently enjoys amongst its users.

1. Time: As compared to the other CMS available over the web, Joomla renders the shortest development span. It comes incorporated with a lump-sum variety of ready-to-use plugins and design templates that cut down on the development time. This means you need not run from one designer to the other in order to finalize design or get new features developed.

2. Cost: Joomla is an open source system, which means it is free to download and use, and most of the customization cost is either negligible or nil. All you need to do in order to set up your very own Joomla portal is to download the CMS, install it, choose the theme that suffices your taste and requisition, install necessary plugins and you are good to go. If required, you can hire any firm that renders Joomla development services, as part of its service portfolio.

3. Security: Joomla is well-renowned for it’s features like stability and security. Across globe, thousands of individuals are working on the debugging process of the Joomla core. Meanwhile, all you need to do is to set security alerts to ensure that your site is safeguarded. You also need to be careful about security permissions granted to third party applications especially when they have direct access to your database.

4. Control: This CMS lends the controls in your hands. Being managed at both the front-end and the back-end, Joomla can be easily operated even if you don’t have much of a technical background. You can customize the design, content, structure and functionality of your site, without being a pro yourself. And in case you get stuck somewhere, numerous tutorials are available over the web to make the sail smoother for you.


5. Flexibility: Joomla framework is highly flexible. You can integrate any feature and functionality to your portal with ease. Creating, editing, updating and managing content is also no big deal, thanks to the user-friendly admin panel of the CMS. You get all the instructions listed in panel and you can easily navigate from one page to another without much hassle.

There are numerous benefits of deploying Joomla CMS in your small business website. You don’t only get a highly functional portal but you also save on the development and operational cost. Isn’t this dual benefit worth it? Try Joomla development services today and give your online presence a competitive edge.

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Drupal: The complete CMS solution

In case, you are looking for an innovative open source web content management system, especially at a cost-effective price then Drupal will be the perfect solution for you. With its cutting-edge features, this CMS tool is increasing its demand in virtual web development arena. Business organizations are pouring their love & dependence on this web technology. This web technology has all required technical virtues to help a site in achieving great heights at leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While using this CMS tool, a user can manage his or her site comfortably despite unawareness with PHP or any other programming language. A user only needs to know how to manage his or her Facebook page for managing a Drupal site. It is really simple and time saving content management system, which is available as a freebie on the official site of this open source project. Therefore, you can opt for Drupal development services for creating your site with this CMS tool.

Apart from the usual benefits that every CMS tool delivers, it gives innovative search engine friendly features to website managers and online marketers to earn great ranks at leading search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. These technologies are smart in nature and help business organizations in becoming an impressive online brand in a short passage of time. Moreover, the website owners can make all kinds of websites by using this CMS tool right from social networking site, e-commerce site, forum site, and personal branding websites. Additionally, it is also apt for customization of internal and external features of a website.

The cost-effective nature of this CMS tool helps the business owners in strengthening this brand with a perfect flow of money. For example, you can hire a dedicated online marketer for sustaining your online marketing campaigns like Facebook ad campaign and twitter popularity campaign. You can allow your online marketers to sustain paid Facebook and Twitter campaigns because such campaigns brings online visitors in a large volume.

This CMS tools is also a preferred choice of most of all web developers of the world. Technically, a website developer gets all required technical features as inbuilt aspects of this open source tool. On the other hand, a web developer can also choose special modules from 18,600 different modules, available at Drupal directory. Therefore, this CMS tool gives all opportunities to a website owner for earning a name and fame in virtual arena.

While using Drupal as content management system, website owners can think about creation of custom modules for the development of their websites. However, the testing of custom modules should be the job of an experienced Drupal development company. Such company will test each & every possibility of error in custom modules and return a glitch free module. Additionally, the website owner can also ask for thorough testing of his or her website in accordance with proved web application testing parameters. It will ensure the glitch free operation of a Drupal based website. 

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