Boost up Your Website’s Rating With WordPress Development

In this innovative world of online branding, you can literally expend your organizational client base across the national boundaries. You can cater remotely located customers and get connected with their current and future needs just by being online. This innovative change in global business environment is tending all kind of business organizations to achieve a remarkable feat in online branding. In addition to this, this age of innovation is also making the business practices more professional then ever before. Thus, every organization that wants to exist in their business arena needs to get an attentive & responsive online branding. But if you are running a Photoshop based static or even dynamic website, then it is going to trouble for you. A PSD based website is no where comparable with highly responsive with impactful graphical elements and CMS enabled websites. In this way, you can boost up your website by taking useful services of a WordPress development company.

WordPress is the most used and trusted blogging tool around the blog. Apart from blogging, WordPress is also known for it’s highly user friendly content management system. With the use of this CMS tool, a website administrator can easily bring changes in the live content of the website. Moreover, it has a one of the most search engine friendly architecture that brings a large amount of online traffic to your website. Furthermore, you can add up custom web applications to your website to treat your customers in a better way. So, just contact a right WordPress development company to grow your online brand.

Proficient SEO Modules that Make Your Drupal Portal Search Engine Friendly

Drupal content management system provides robust and scalable web based solutions that offer an interactive user interface and high-end user management features. Moreover, Drupal based websites are powered by certain in-built SEO modules that make them search engine friendly. If you are also considering hiring Drupal development services for your next business portal, then taking a glance at these essential Drupal SEO modules can aid you in developing a search engine optimized portal. Here are three most widely used SEO modules in Drupal:

  • Global Redirect Module: At times Drupal can be careless about duplicate content and URL, which is not a good sign from SEO point of view. In order to ensure that this doesn’t happen often, global redirect module is required. This module ensures that all the variant URLs are redirected to the same parent URL.
  • SEO Checklist Module: As the name suggests, this module presents you with a checklist of the most effective SEO best practices in Drupal development services. This module goes through the installed modules on your Drupal system. Once the checking process is complete, you have to install the unchecked modules and you are done. Providing you with the checklist, the module informs you about the requisite changes that you may bring about in your website.
  • XML Sitemap: This module creates a site map for your Drupal website and notifies all major search engines about any content updating that may take place on your website. Creating a sitemap ensures that the search engines don’t miss out on any link or content of your website.

Other than the aforementioned modules, several other SEO modules are available in Drupal. You can review all the available modules and integrate the one that is in maximum sync with your requirements.

Reasons that Make WordPress a Wished-For Choice of Webmasters

Starting your online venture is a good idea but only if you know where to begin from. Having an effective and communicative website is the first stepping stone towards launching an online business. If you are planning to set up your own portal or even a blog and wondering which content management system to opt for, then don’t fret. You are not the only one dealing with this apprehension. There are innumerable likes out there. If you go by the webmasters and gurus of technology, one CMS that should be the first choice for any startup and will never let you down is WordPress. Here are a few quick reasons that make WordPress development services so popular amongst webmasters:

  • You can search the kingdom and back, but you are not likely to find any other content management system that is as easy to use as WordPress. Even if you are a tech-idiot, you can easily use WordPress. You get access to all widgets, themes and plug-ins in just a few clicks.
  • WordPress is not only, it is free too. Being an open source system, WordPress is free to install and use. The hassles of buying and renewing licenses stay at bay.
  • With WordPress development services, your website becomes Google-easy. This means your portal is search-engine friendly and putting in only a few efforts can get you higher search engine rankings.
  • You can enjoy WordPress. It is more than just a boring content management tool. It’s a companion in your writing venture.

The list of reasons goes long and further. WordPress development services are the ultimate choice for any webmaster to start a new website or blog.

Customized Joomla Development Services for Immediate Business Needs

Gone are the days when having a website was just a fad, today it has become more of a necessity. Eyeing the ever-increasing demand of websites, the webmasters are exploring new ways of developing websites in a quick and hassle-free manner. In wake of this situation, several open source development services are being widely accepted and Joomla development services are one of them.

Joomla development services have gained immense popularity since their advent for the numerous benefits they have to offer. Websites built on Joomla are easy to update and maintain. Moreover, operating Joomla doesn’t require much of technical expertise. Here are some more essential benefits that one can draw from Joomla development services:

1. Cost-effective: Joomla development services are very cost-effective. Joomla, being open source software, is free to download and use. Thus, the cost of development is considerably minimal.

2. User-Friendly: Joomla provides a user-friendly set up. Even an individual who doesn’t have any prior technical expertise can operate Joomla content management system. One can easily create, edit and update content from the admin panel.

3. SEO-Friendly: Websites built using Joomla are highly SEO-friendly. Joomla generates SEO-friendly URL’s that improve your website’s ranking on all major search engines.

4. Easy to Maintain: Joomla comes with a self-update feature. This makes developing, adding and updating new modules in Joomla easy.

5. Support Modules: Several support modules are available with Joomla. The best part is that these modules come in multiple languages, which makes it easier for users of different nationalities to operate and upgrade Joomla.

There are several firms that work dedicatedly on Joomla development services. You can research and get in touch with a firm that offers reliable services at affordable prices.

Fantastic 5 Plug-ins That Aid Magento Development Services

The advent of E-Commerce technology has brought about a major change in the web arena. This can be demarcated with the emergence of several development platforms that support e-commerce websites and shopping carts. One such robust development platform is Magento. Magento development services have gained momentum over the past few years.

More and more business owners are switching to Magento- firstly, because it is free and easy to use and secondly, because it offers several plug-ins that help in improving websites performance. This post takes a look at 5 highly recommended plugins in Magento that aid Magento development services for your shopping cart business:

1.  Magento Easy LightBox: This plug-in display the images on your website in the form of light box. It is a must-have if you are a light box lover.

2.  Checkout Newsletter: This plug-in enables you to send newsletters new products, services and offers to your customers. This way you can keep your customers updated.

3.  Lazzymonks Twitter: As name suggests, this plug-in enables the display of tweets on the website. It also gives you the freedom to post tweets directly from the admin panel.

4.  Fontis SecurePay: This plug-in enables you to integrate payment gateways and make payments through Secure XML. This ensures that your visitors have a secure experience online.

5.  Fooman Google Analytics Plus: This plug-in is very essential from SEO point of view. It keeps a tab of the keywords typed in by the users and also tracks the progress of individual pages on search engines.
Other that these there are several other plug-ins available in Magento that aid the enhancement of your shopping cart. Remember, developing a Magento store is a tedious task and thus it is important to partner the right company for Magento development services.