Monthly Archive Joomla Component V3.0.0 Released: Download Now

Joomla is one and only community driven open source project, which is known for brining innovative improvements in its products at different time intervals. Recently, Joomla has released its latest monthly archive component, which can be downloaded as a freebie from official website.

# Bug fixed: with the Database Type “MySQLi”.
# Bug fixed: with pagination
# CSS bug fixes
(+) Tree format for categories and subcategories in select box of search form
(+) Now you can search articles for a spesific year
(+) Added a parameter in module, for enable or hide the count of articles beside the months
(+) Added the parameter “Pagination”. If “Yes” there is a pagination in monthly archive, if “No”,
all article link displaying in one page without pagination.
(+) Now you can see the unpublished articles if you’ve inserted a “publish_down” date in content
item’s field.
(^) Language files changed
(^) End of life Joomla! 1.5

Process of Installation: It is a very simple process. You can easily install value added components in your website. For doing so, you just need to login in your backend admin panel. After logging in, you can navigate to component tab and install downloaded Monthly archive component in your website. On successful installation, you will be able to use monthly archive feature in your Joomla content management system enabled website. Moreover, you can take custom Joomla Development services for improving the functional strength of your website.

After installing this component in your high-end website, you will be able to create the archives for crucial data of your website on monthly basis. Moreover, it will help you in finding specific information just by adding the name of month and year. So, just download the component and install in your website.

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