How to Improve your Sites SEO Using Google Search Console Data?

Digital Marketing has taken a massive turn in the last few years and according to studies most of the businesses find SEO as the most powerful and cost-effective marketing channel which could get high ROI for your business.

SEO experts, freelancers, and agencies know how important it is to use Google search console and it’s data to improve your site SEO more effectively. More or less every SEO or digital marketer works with powerful tools that could analyze your site and come up with useful data so that you know what to improve to rank higher in search results.

But what is this powerful tool that I am talking about?

There are many tools in the market, but the best free tool is Google search console which was previously known as Google Webmaster.

Now you Might Ask, What is Google Search Console and What are its Use in your Site?

Google Search Console is a fully free tool offered by Google to shape up your site optimization and help your business proliferate all over the globe. It will help you understand the perception of the search engines about your website, but unfortunately not many have learned to extract the full functionality and data-driven strategy of Google Search Console.

Few capabilities of Google Search Console are :

  • Get specific keywords your site ranking for
  • Setting your targeted audience or country
  • Finds out search indexing issues and fix it
  • Monitor how users are interacting with your results.
  • You can add a sitemap
  • Helps improve mobile-friendliness
  • Get more backlinks from third-party websites.
  • Helps to audit your site and suggest how to improve.

The best thing with Google Search Console is, it will not eat much of your time. Just spending 15 mins- 30 mins can help you improve your website’s SEO and develop solid strategies for your business to grow.

Coming down to discuss in details how could Google Search Console transform your business

How do you Improve your Site SEO with the help of Google Search Console data?

To make advance use of Google search console to boost your site’s SEO, you need to learn and understand the basics. Here I have come with the very basics of GSC to help you have a quick insight into your site performance and how it can be improved further.

# Finding Specific Keywords your Site is Ranking for

Google search console data contains many of the basic data that you need. And one of those elements is the keywords that your website or page is ranking for, and they are known as “Queries” in GSC. You can check the performance of your entire website and also individual pages.

You will also get detailed information on how many time web visitors has clicked on your site, the average position of your site for each keyword and also come up with the real click-through rate.

# Targeting your Audience or Country

Let’s suppose that your website is targeting audiences in a particular country and in this case you can make Google understand to target users in that specific country.

Here is how to set a specific country

  • Head to the GSC and click on International Targeting under the Search Traffic dropdown.
  • Now click on the country tab and select the country you want to target and you are done.

You must know that targeting a specific country won’t keep your site hidden from other countries. If your site is completely relevant to visitors in other countries, then Google will show your site in the search result pages. However, targetting a particular area will help boost your local business more than international ones and will also help Google understand your target audience.

# Find Out your Site Indexing Issues and Fix It

Google Search Console comes with a very interesting and useful feature of fixing indexing issues. This kind of error can put you in trouble by preventing the search engine from crawling and indexing the pages on your site. Index coverage reports will come up with the pages of your website that Google has indexed and which pages have an indexing error.

To check these errors you have to go to the Index Report section which falls under the Coverage category and it will come up with the details of errors that your site have. To learn more about the error and how to fix it you have to click on the Learn More link.

Types of errors that could show up are

  • 404 Error
  • Server Error
  • Soft 404 Error
  • Not followed Error

Let’s roll on to the next step.

# Monitor  how Users are Interacting with your Results

As I said earlier, Google Seach Consoles comes with many potentials and impressive features. You can use a few features to know your performance report and how are people interacting with your results.

Here is the 3 metrics that will help you understand your audience behavior
Total Clicks - It shows total no of times someone clicked on your search results.

Total Impressions - Reflects a total number of times an individual saw your results in search during the specified time span.

Average click-through-rate – This metric will help you see the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.

You can have a performance report for both your entire website and individual pages.

# Add a Sitemap

Establishing a sitemap for your site is quite important as it can make easier for Google to crawl your site as well as individual pages. It will also help Google to find out new web pages that you publish on your website. It will help both users and search engines to navigate your site properly.

Here is how to submit a site map

  • Go to GSC and search for Sitemap
  • When it appears, enter the URL for your sitemap.
  • And then click on Submit. 

Now, let’s know the importance of Mobile usability

# Improves Mobile-Friendly

Google has rolled out it Mobile first-indexing a few months ago which in July that states, Google will first use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking purposes to improve mobile usability and extend reach.

Half of the web traffic in the world is generated from mobile devices and the number has reached more than 50 % and it is increasing. And more than 5 billion people are using mobile.

Now imagine the numbers and understand how Mobile-friendliness can generate more business in the future.

# Earn Backlinks for Third-Party Website

Search console exhibit which third-party websites have linked to your site and you will get it from the “Top Linking Sites”. Expand the report to check all the pages they have linked to and you will also get the exact URL leading to their particular page.

You can visit those websites and reach out to them via email and contact form on their website and ask if they want to add a link to other articles of yours. The direct approach may not always work, in those cases, you can approach them and write guest posts for their blog and in return, they will link to your site keeping relevancy. This is how you can you can earn more backlinks for your website.

# Audit Site and Improve Performance

Only improving your site SEO will not accomplish your job. You have to continuously audit your site from time to time so that you can have all the reports. It will evaluate the worthiness of your site in search engines and suggest you improve based on the mistakes you have made.

It will appear with list of issues (If there) and you have to improve it to boost your site’s performance and rank higher in search engine.

Now It’s your Turn

You can use this information to improve your SEO, your website and business. GSC has always been a powerful tool for marketers and SEOs and learning to use it efficiently will make you a better SEO than others.

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