Here is the next big thing in the Search Engine Marketing World you should know!


Marketing has long extended beyond traditional advertising. Now, with the rise of digital media, it is essential to incorporate the online world in your marketing strategy. After all, according to Statista, there are almost 4 billion internet users in the world!

When it comes to the online world, search engine marketing is a great way to market your business. Consumers now don’t just get tempted by ads and product placement. Instead, they do their research by searching for the product or company online. Even if they don’t, the fact is that people now spend more time online than offline.

Keeping in mind all these trends, it is safe to say that search engine marketing has the potential to improve a business’s odds for success. Trends change in the online world all the time. Here are the latest trends in the search engine marketing world you should know about.


Voice search will dominate

Slowly, typing out your searches is poised to become old-school and archaic. With the introduction and popularity of voice searches, it is easy to see a world where it is the primary way of doing searches.

Rather than using a desktop, most people make searches using their mobiles. Here, voice searches are preferred compared to orthodox typing. Now, you can even search on YouTube through voice searches.

The world of search engine marketing is changing with voice search domination. After all, one aspect of search engine marketing today is about optimizing your website or your ad to appear for the right typed keyword. Now, search engine marketing must also account for voice searches.

And this is undoubtedly an excellent thing for SEO and SEM. This is because while the mode of search is changing, the crux remains the same. You must still optimize your marketing efforts for the keywords. Since the idea is the same, if you invest in the right search engine marketing agency, you won’t have a problem in adapting to this trend.

Optimizing videos

Apart from voice searches, another big thing which is revolutionizing the search engine marketing world is videos. Big has also started investing their time and money in creating viral and informative content for their audience. The type of video ad you show through your search engine marketing is just as important as where you place the advertisement.

Optimizing your video to have rich and viral-worthy content will help drive traffic to your business. Apart from being creative and impressive, getting a high rank on YouTube and other search engines isn’t easy.

And paid ads don’t always work. This is why video optimization is the next big thing in search engine marketing. By incorporating the right keywords in your video, both in its description and content, you can truly leverage the online world.

It is essential to act on this search engine marketing today. This is because, by 2020, it is being predicted that over 75 percent of traffic will be attracted to videos compared to text.

Blockchain is becoming relevant

When you think of blockchain technology, the chances are that you automatically consider cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to be related to it. These days are long gone. Now, blockchain is set to have an impact on search engine marketing and search engine optimization alike!

Blockchain technology is all about creating a trustworthy and safe transactions record. And just like it is doing so for the crypto world, the technology can provide the same service to advertisers and website owners.

Blockchain can help verify the identity of a user. This way, you can know whether your ad traffic truly comprises of humans and not bots. This will transform the way website owners keep track of their click-through-rate.

Since search engine marketing uses different metrics, whether it be click-through or impressions, to decide the cost, blockchain can make ad fraud highly unlikely. This will help in boosting the transparency of the service.

If you are a business who is distrustful of search engine marketing and SEO because of the lack of transparency, know that it won’t be a problem anymore. Blockchain is an element which is changing the game for the SEM world.

Amazon search optimization: The Biggest Trend of All

Another significant change the search engine world is witnessing is the rise of Amazon. Now, it has become almost synonymous to reliable online shopping. If your product is featured on the platform, it automatically is considered to be of acceptable quality.

You might not realize it, but Amazon Search has become a massive competitor for Google! So, if your current search engine marketing strategy is only focused on Google, you need to make changes quickly.

Amazon search is gaining quite the traction. Most SEO and SEM specialists think that the search engine will grow even further in the upcoming years. What does this mean? This means that Amazon Search Optimization and ad placement will become common.

Kenshoo conducted a study about the consumers of the UK, US, France, and Germany. It found out that more than 56 percent of consumers first search on Amazon for a product before opting for other sites.

And these searches are not just restricted to actual products. Instead, things that people usually search on Google are now being searched on Amazon. This include product reviews and product suggestions.

Now, consumers don’t require multiple search engines during their consumer journey. Merely Amazon is sufficing. And this is completely changing the ballgame for Search engine marketing, most of which is currently based on Google.

What does this trend mean for a business?

It means that it is essential for every brand to have separate content, branding, and marketing strategy for Amazon. Only then will you enter the consideration set of most of the modern online shoppers.

Verdict: You need to know it all to succeed

There is no one big thing happening in the search engine marketing world. Many significant developments are being made simultaneously. Keep up with it all to succeed! Do you think we missed any? Let us know.

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