Here is how to start an Amazon FBA Business

Ecommerce businesses are taking over the world, and they are a good option for anyone to venture out in business.

While some people have prior experience in running this kind of business, others know nothing of the online selling world.

For all, aiming to land their online shop, Amazon is a name to look up to. The ecommerce giant has set so many good examples to follow. Not just that, Amazon now helps you set your shop through its portal.

Let the master of this trade help you through the ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ (FBA) offering. It is a great option to explore and worry a little less when setting up shop in the online world. FBA has helped people leave behind their daily jobs and become businessmen earning yearly profits.


Little about the FBA

Amazon knows how difficult it can be to run an ecommerce store. The new business owner has only so many things to do. That’s why the company takes care of all operations for you so that you can focus on crucial business. With 2.5 billion visitors to its pages, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grow.

If you have just discovered FBA, do not worry. It is effortless to sign up and follow the steps afterward. You can also start by watching a helpful tutorial or read about the community’s conversation. Some beginner steps include:

  • You send your products to Amazon, store, and safekeeping
  • Amazon sorts and keeps your inventory in good shape. If anything gets damaged, Amazon refunds you for it
  • When you receive an order, Amazon takes care of the transaction and begins the process
  • Your product is picked up, packed and shipped through the warehouse

During and after delivery, Amazon follows up with customer service and handles the package as if their own

It is a wonderful new step for anyone with good products and little resources to ship and package. Because Amazon takes care of these critical steps for you, you need to take care of the following things

The products

Pick any products you like to be stored in a warehouse. That is your forte as a business person, and only you can put in research about this.

The inventory

Make sure the warehouse is stocked with the product at all times. Amazon will not be responsible for finding or growing your product range

The promotion

You can use any means you like to promote your business on Amazon. You have full freedom over marketing and advertising, so go as you please. Don’t worry; it is pretty easy to market freely through social media and other digital marketing channels.

The cost of Amazon FBA

There is a myth that FBA is very expensive to get into. You can start selling quickly through any of the two ways, individual account or seller account.

The FBA account has two types:

  • Individual account owners can sell for free but have to pay a higher sales fee.
  • Professional accounts pay a monthly fee but have a lower sales fee.

Note: You can have an individual account, but we suggest a professional account. However, if you only have few items to sell each month, go for individual account.

Fee and other charges

Just like any other delivery service, Amazon also charges you money for taking care of all operations. You pay a 15% referral fee on almost all sales.

They also charge on every order for packing and shipping. Be assured that this fee is still lesser than the money you will spend.

Individual sellers will also pay a $1 flat fee, so we recommend going pro if you have more things to sell. Things like books and DVDs have an additional fee. Also, if you store products at Amazon for too long without sales, you will pay additional fee.

We will still tell you that this cost is lesser than the time and money you spend on securing and operating your ecommerce business.

If you want to test first, start with individual accounts and selling a few things to get used to the platform. You can always switch to pro.

Get paid!

After every two weeks, Amazon will calculate your sales and deposit the money in your bank account. The deposit will be made after all charges are deducted.

Amazon FBA is a new opportunity

So many people don’t like their 9-5 grind or have something to sell but no means to operate. Amazon FBA brings new opportunities to your door by empowering you. What you do matters more than how you do it.

Use this high window of opportunity to introduce the ecommerce world with something awesome. Your biggest role as an FDA seller is to keep the ball rolling and the marketing churning. There is no limit to products and variety, so be as creative as you like.

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