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Redirect 404 pages and turn visitors into customers

Do you have a website whose content may expire at some point and become irrelevant? Are typos in your URLs a problem for you? Well, if these problems are bothering you, you will certainly want to redirect visitors from those pages to avoid them encountering the dreaded “404 error”. Not only does this make people leave the website almost instantly, but it can also have a huge impact on your SEO rating, thus diminishing your website’s visibility and shrinking your chances to make a profit. Fortunately, the problem in question can be solved relatively easily – all you need to do is get yourself a very handy plugin. Which one? Just keep  reading and you’ll learn all about it.

WP 301 Redirects is the solution

Yes, when it comes to fixing redirects and 404 pages, WP 301 Redirects could very well be the best solution out there. It is a premium product which will directly and intelligently redirect traffic from any page that  has expired or has had its URL changed for some reason. Intelligently is the key word here because the plugin constantly monitors the pages in question and can distinguish between beneficial and bad traffic, so bots that can hurt the website WILL see the 404 page and then simply move on.

That way, you are left with the good kind of traffic only, so you can actually see a significant boost in that respect, especially when it comes to SEO rankings. More than 60,000 users have already downloaded this plugin, a fact that speaks volumes about its quality. However, there are more features we have to cover.


Other WP 310 Redirects features

You may be thinking that this kind of thing has to be suited just for programmers or people like that, but the truth is that pretty much anyone with basic knowledge of how WordPress works can set everything up in less than a minute. After that, WP 310 Redirects will automatically generate redirects whenever it notices a change in a URL, which means you can just install it and get back to your usual routine. At the same time, you can always assume full control of the redirects if you so desire. Furthermore, the interface is not complicated either, and you can also easily check the numbers and monitor the effect this plugin has on your website through fairly simple-to-understand charts. To top everything off, the team behind the plugin is very quick to respond to any and all questions you send them via the contact form on their website, so you can count on excellent support, too.


Are there any downsides to using WP 310 Redirects?

Well, to put it simply – no. The plugin works perfectly with all WordPress themes and other plugins, doesn’t have any security issues and can be effortlessly removed whenever you want if you’re not happy with its performance. In addition, it does not slow your website because in an overwhelming majority of cases it actually doesn’t react at all since most page requests don’t lead to expired pages.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s reasonable to assume that you can only benefit from using this plugin if we’re considering your website’s numbers alone. In other words, you have nothing to lose when it comes to traffic, quite the contrary!


WP 310 Redirects prices

As mentioned earlier, WP 310 Redirects is a premium product. This implies that you will have to pay for it before you can make the download. The financial model is based on an annual subscription plan, but you have three tiers to choose from, all of them offering a full set of features: Personal, Team and Agency.

There are, however, some notable differences. Personal is the most basic tier and it will cost you 79$ per year to acquire it, with the plugin being connected to just one website. Team package can cover up to 5 sites and will set you back 158$ every year, whereas the Agency package can cover 100 sites for 249$.

Apart from this, there are some interesting policies you will want to know about. For example, you can contact WebFactory Ltd (the plugin’s creators) to help you come up with a unique plan which will be fully attuned with your every need. Another great thing and an good indication of the company’s confidence in their product is the fact that you can get a full refund if you decide within a week that you’re not satisfied. Fair, right?

In the end…

Honestly, if you want to deal with 404 pages and implement a sound system of redirects, WP 301 Redirects is pretty much the perfect solution for all your troubles. It’s easy to set up and simple to manage, while at the same time it delivers all the necessary data to you in an easy-to-understand format. The plugin does not slow down your website and is able to identify the type of traffic that is beneficial to your website while at the same time blocking malicious bots. Everything you could want from a piece of software like this is right here.

On top of that, it is really impressive to see how much the company which has created this product is willing to help their customers. You can easily negotiate a custom-made package tailored specifically to your needs with them and they are very quick to respond to any query (first-hand info!).

The only thing left for you to consider is the price. But if redirects are important to your website, investing in one of the packages is sure to pay off. Without any doubt, this is a product you can trust. If you liked the plugin, we also suggest other plugins by the same developer: WP Reset

11 Questions to ask from your web design company

Your business – especially if it is a new one – is virtually unknown to its target audience. The website will be the window through which they will get a peek at it. Thus, for providing an insight into your business, your company’s website cannot be anything less than stellar!
When you hire a development company, you’ll need to ensure their work is good enough to achieve the desired marketing goals. This applies to both revamping of existing websites and designing new ones.
Just as you would do due diligence before appointing a new employee, so should you be doing before hiring your next web design team. You’ll have help because below, we have distilled some of the most important questions you’d need to ask before you sign:


1.    Which services are they offering?
Even though many people will lump together services, such as digital marketing, web development, copywriting, hosting, and e-commerce solutions, they aren’t the same. In fact, the experts for each type of services use a different skillset.
We’d recommend that you don’t just assume that a company is good at all of those, just because those services are on offer. It is common practice in the Web Design field to do so. But don’t buy into it until you have proof of expertise.
2.    Will you use templates or do you custom design your websites?
Before you plunge into what else they’re offering, confirm if they are good at web design or not. Ask potential companies which kind of templates they use.
If your business doesn’t just rely on its online presence, you’ll be okay with a customizable template-based website. However, if you are after a strong brand establishment, you should go for a unique look and functionality that only comes with custom designs.
3.    How much experience do you have, and can you show me the back-end of your previous work?
Ideally, the firm you choose should have been around the web design block for a considerable amount of time. Even if they are relatively new, a peek at the back-end – or content management system – should show you their worth.
In the long run, only websites designed for quick, intuitive editing, can be maintained with success. Their back-end potential will help you decide if you can do such maintenance yourself. Having to call the design team for every little change will soon get old, so choose wisely!
4.    Are you going to outsource any aspects of my project?
This brings us back to our discussion about the first question. Check whether the company you select has the in-house capability to deal with certain aspects or not. For the latter, they will be outsourcing that part of the task.
Your concerns in this area should involve:
·    How good is that third-party vendor at their job?
·    Is the web design company charging you more because of the outsourcing?
·    Who answers any questions regarding issues on the outsourced aspects?
·    What scheduling challenges can you expect?
Look for agencies that proclaim they are self-performing or offer design-build services for best results.

5.    Will you walk me through your research process?
Necessarily, a web developing team should take time to familiarize themselves with your goals, missions, and image. An insight into their research process will demonstrate how important they consider this step. For instance, will the company be researching your target audience? This is crucial for businesses with a niche audience.
6.    How often will you implement any changes I suggest to my website design?
Keeping things fresh help in retaining traffic and getting new visitors. This is something that a professional web design company should already understand. Therefore, they must have room to accommodate the changes you suggest and implement them quickly to minimize any downtime.
7.    Will support for ecommerce be part of the design?
Retail businesses that do their selling online will need this! You might need a simple button for online payment added on your home page. Alternatively, you may require a multi-functional ecommerce shopping cart. But is the web design company capable of doing that?
8.    Can you show me how well your previously designed websites are doing?
It is true that a website design plays a limited role in contributing to its success. Factors, like content and SEO, are what help it make money. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t essential – for instance, it greatly affects the user experience.
Asking them for information on how well they did in the past is surely a good idea. Professional firms will already have a portfolio ready. The data in it will have an easy-to-understand format, yet there will be complete transparency.
9.    What role will your website play in helping me achieve my goals?
Okay, the secret to the answer to this question is that, there isn’t one right answer. But you already know, that isn’t what you are asking. What you should be looking for is a clearly phrased response that aligns with the goals you have explained to them.

10.    When can they start working?
In most cases, web design companies that say right away in answer won’t be worth your time! Sure, you need the job done quickly. But if the designers are conducting research before, they will need time before getting started.
11.    Do you have any experience in marketing?
As an example, consider a web developing team that allows your site to host its own videos. Imagine the reach of the same videos were they hosted on YouTube instead! Embedding a link that leads back to your website is no biggie. Meanwhile, on YouTube, a description, and some keywords, there should be enough. You get the benefit of the video giant doing your marketing for you. But more importantly, your site wouldn’t be overburdened with the bandwidth needed to launch a video. A marketing-savvy developer would know this!
Hire a team that answers most of your questions with truthful and good answers. Your website may only be as good as its designers, but you will be the one who decides how good they are!

Why core 3.0 works best for an IoT project?



In this blog post, we will talk about core 3.0 offerings that make the framework best for developing IoT projects. If you are planning for developing a next-gen application for smartphone, IoT technology can deliver the expected outcomes. IoT apps can bring convenience to the organizations and enterprises in several ways, including enhanced protection of data and better secure ways of sharing information with the users about theft, accidents, or breaches.

This is why majority of developers and app development companies are debating to decide which platform works best to build extremely efficient and most advanced applications. After the release of core 3.0, development companies in India got the answers to their doubts. core core is the finest framework designed for making cross-platform web applications. It is an open source framework that allows developers to create flawless apps for different platforms such as Linux, Windows, and MacOS. core is a Microsoft product that offers support for programming languages like VB, C#, and F#, and allows cloud integration for your IoT application.

When you compare core with .Net framework, you will discover that core offers more APIs and delivers better performance, and this push developers towards core framework. Some benefits provided by .net core framework are as follows-

  • Multiple platform support
  • Integration to Modern UI frameworks
  • No Dependency on System.web.dll
  • Supports Cloud app development
  • Support CLI for major platforms
  • Side-by –side versioning
  • New APIs

Considering IoT as the next big thing in technology is totally agreeable. Why?

Being considered as the next-gen technology that brings revolution in the IT world, the IoT is made to bring a major shift in the way developers and all other IT employees work, live, and entertain them. By 2020, more than 60 billion IoT connected devices will make the technology most popular one. There are things that made people to talk about this technology, let’s discuss them in detail-

  • Workflow automation support
    When IoT technology is used for mobile and web application development, it can bring numerous opportunities for businesses. Enterprises can avail major possibilities to minimize manual efforts. Yes, you read it right, using IoT, businesses can cut down human intervention concerning both technical and manual operation.
  • Healthcare industry gets the push
    It is the IoT technology that has made healthcare monitoring services simple. IoT applications help healthcare organization in monitoring and treating patients while maintaining their records. IoT can bring its assistance in the form of wearables, applications, and health sensors. All these innovation technologies help achieve the benefits of health and hygiene, every time.

Now you don’t need to visit your local clinic to check the blood pressure levels or glucose levels. Such tests can be done via IoT-enabled devices with a comfort.

Even doctors can use IoT-enabled devices to treat all rare complications with sophisticated equipment.

  • Smart business decisions
    Entrepreneurs using real-time data belong to the different section of the society that get benefit from IoT. They can really save business resources like time and money while using IoT.
  • Paradigm shift in traditional and modern business model
    Don’t make fun of yourself by talking about the conventional model of the business. In earlier times, businesses were aimed to enhance their bottom line by launching new products. The paradigm shift has been made, which has changed the management strategies of the modern time businesses.

IoT helps businesses in achieving their goals by providing them value-added services and apps for brand loyalty and customer engagement. Smart devices with IoT-enabled technology are gaining ground.

  • Independent of scale
    Regardless the size of the enterprise, IoT is a perfect solution. The technology can be used by anyone and everyone.


What is the role of core 3.0 in developing IoT applications?
There are many reasons that support the decision to choose core 3.0 for IoT app development. Let’s discuss them in detail –

  • Windows 10 IoT core .Net core 3.0 is compatible with the Windows 10 IoT core edition. It is rich in tools and enables integrations to the Universal Windows Platform, Azure-cloud based platform, and Visual Studio.
  • Cross platform support The earlier versions were lacking the cross platform support. .Net core 3.0 offers support to desktop apps for the windows platform. You can choose this multi-platform as a solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Large community for assistance has large community that can help you in your project by clearing the doubts and queries. You can always visit communities like GitHub, Dzone, or StackOverFlow when you have an issue in developing an IoT app. core enables cross-platform support for developing IoT web based apps. With the help of .Net core 3.0, developers will be able to create a desktop app for Windows platform. It is the best way to build efficient, scalable, and secure applications.

6 Preconfigures Themes and Plugins Best for WordPress Web Applications

Plugins of WordPress web application development permit users to develop a web application for their current WordPress site.

The plugins of WordPress application development will support them to interact with about 2 billion smartphone users, who spent about 85% using applications for various needs throughout the world.

WordPress is the biggest resource websites in the world and professionals evaluate more than a thousand paid and free WordPress plugins per year so that users find them easy to use. Possessing an ideal series of WordPress plugins and integrations aids business to expand and reach new heights.
Many businesses also hire E-commerce developer who is expert in using WordPress plugin WooCommerce as they want to build E-commerce websites.

Reasons to use WordPress for web applications

The web application framework is built to ease out the procedure of developing the web application, websites and mobile applications as well. WordPress comes with various properties which make it an ideal alternative to create WordPress application. Some of them are:

● URL and database mapping
WordPress permits users to interact with its WordPress database application builder and tackle their quarries with ease. Users can alter the development process of URL with permalinks and add or alter their codes.
● Security, login and user registration
WordPress has various roles for users, by default setting it comes it has 1 of 5 access stages and can be designated to vary potentials such as edit posts.
● Theming
WordPress themes deliver users a versatile mode of designing and developing applications.


Let’s check out the top 6 Preconfigures WordPress Themes and Plugin Development which extensively facilitates developers:

● Advanced Custom Fields plugin

Advance customer field plugin present in the WordPress repository free of cost. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is extensively popular among app architects as it aids in adding personalized data operations WordPress. It is a platform by which develop visual personalized data field of different types such as pictures, relationships, checkboxes and such. This can load data with swift API with ease.

It is quite simple to use and is rapid in functions as it utilizes in-built personalized post types and metadata. For additional content types and the capability to acquire more alternative pages, the user will require to buy a license to use ACF Pro. It costs about $25.

● Piklist framework

Piklist Framework is widely known as a fast WordPress mobile app builder free framework. It permits the users to develop personalized posts types and taxonomies, add meta-fields and meta-boxes to all WordPress data types like posts, media, pages and such and develop settings widgets and pages with ease.

The Piklist framework can be installed and are used for free from the WordPress repository.

● MobiLoud

MobiLoud enjoys a premium position in the WordPress web app plugin. It holds the potential to transform a website into a mobile app with ease. It also aids in launching an application without any requirement of writing code. The user is required to opt for the type of mobile application they prefer to develop.

There are different types of slots available for MobiLoud WordPress web app plugins and the WordPress mobile app plugin:

● The rates of Professional slot is for $99 per month
● The rates for publishers slot is for $199 per month
● The slot for publisher and source code slot is for $3,499. Though, expensive but the user needs to pay for this only once

Mobiloud offers the facility of developing news and blog application, e-commerce application, community application or various personalized ones as well.

The contents are automatically been updated on every application. It functions very swiftly on platforms such as Android and iOS. It also helps in social networking and marketing of content.

● Blappsta WordPress Web App Plugin

Blappsta WordPress Blog App plugin aids the users to organize their blogs. All their quirky ideas, concepts and fan-base on the blog can be advanced to an upgraded level.

Some fascinating blogs can be developed for WordPress sites easily through Blappsta Blog application.

The pricing strategy for Blappsta WordPress blog application plugin initiates from $34.99 per month.

It facilitates in sharing content through social networking across the world, spread awareness the products, permits quick caching, utilizes deep linking in applications to allow high SEO ranking.

● Constant Contact

The most trustworthy and successful advertising tool that exists with an entrepreneur is E-mails. It permits them to stay connected with users even after they no longer use websites. This is the reason why it is suggested for every entrepreneur to develop an e-mail list.

Constant contact is the most famous e-mail advertising service provided across the globe. It permits the users to develop an e-mail list and deliver e-mail newsletters to the people subscribing it.

It functions rapidly and is simple to set-up for individuals belonging to non-technical fields. It also functions swiftly with a famous lead producing plugins for WordPress such as WPForms and OptinMostser.

ConvertKit and SendinBlue can also be used in its place for advance featured, but these prove to be expensive.

● Sucuri

Protection is a topic of prime concern for all entrepreneurs. Sucuri delivers a WordPress security plugin and WordPress web application firewall which is an ideal platform for securing websites for unauthorized access.

It observes and secures websites from DDoS, risk of malware, brute force attacks, XSS attacks, and much more. In the absence of a firewall for websites, it is under constant threats. It also aids in restricting a massive amount of attacks per month on WPBeignner.

Closing thoughts

Although WordPress doesn’t perfectly cater to all web app requirements, it is a very handy platform for specific kinds of WordPress Web Application. Apart from its use as a blogging platform, it can also help in quickly develop a web application at a fast pace and in a pocket-friendly manner. It can be effectively used to develop a progressive web app with ease.

Based on the kind of business you hold, you may or may not use all the WordPress Themes and Plugins. But most of them will be highly beneficial for you. So just give them a try.

Author Bio

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. His company is also recognized by the Top Mobile App Development Companies. Follow him on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Here is the next big thing in the Search Engine Marketing World you should know!


Marketing has long extended beyond traditional advertising. Now, with the rise of digital media, it is essential to incorporate the online world in your marketing strategy. After all, according to Statista, there are almost 4 billion internet users in the world!

When it comes to the online world, search engine marketing is a great way to market your business. Consumers now don’t just get tempted by ads and product placement. Instead, they do their research by searching for the product or company online. Even if they don’t, the fact is that people now spend more time online than offline.

Keeping in mind all these trends, it is safe to say that search engine marketing has the potential to improve a business’s odds for success. Trends change in the online world all the time. Here are the latest trends in the search engine marketing world you should know about.


Voice search will dominate

Slowly, typing out your searches is poised to become old-school and archaic. With the introduction and popularity of voice searches, it is easy to see a world where it is the primary way of doing searches.

Rather than using a desktop, most people make searches using their mobiles. Here, voice searches are preferred compared to orthodox typing. Now, you can even search on YouTube through voice searches.

The world of search engine marketing is changing with voice search domination. After all, one aspect of search engine marketing today is about optimizing your website or your ad to appear for the right typed keyword. Now, search engine marketing must also account for voice searches.

And this is undoubtedly an excellent thing for SEO and SEM. This is because while the mode of search is changing, the crux remains the same. You must still optimize your marketing efforts for the keywords. Since the idea is the same, if you invest in the right search engine marketing agency, you won’t have a problem in adapting to this trend.

Optimizing videos

Apart from voice searches, another big thing which is revolutionizing the search engine marketing world is videos. Big has also started investing their time and money in creating viral and informative content for their audience. The type of video ad you show through your search engine marketing is just as important as where you place the advertisement.

Optimizing your video to have rich and viral-worthy content will help drive traffic to your business. Apart from being creative and impressive, getting a high rank on YouTube and other search engines isn’t easy.

And paid ads don’t always work. This is why video optimization is the next big thing in search engine marketing. By incorporating the right keywords in your video, both in its description and content, you can truly leverage the online world.

It is essential to act on this search engine marketing today. This is because, by 2020, it is being predicted that over 75 percent of traffic will be attracted to videos compared to text.

Blockchain is becoming relevant

When you think of blockchain technology, the chances are that you automatically consider cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to be related to it. These days are long gone. Now, blockchain is set to have an impact on search engine marketing and search engine optimization alike!

Blockchain technology is all about creating a trustworthy and safe transactions record. And just like it is doing so for the crypto world, the technology can provide the same service to advertisers and website owners.

Blockchain can help verify the identity of a user. This way, you can know whether your ad traffic truly comprises of humans and not bots. This will transform the way website owners keep track of their click-through-rate.

Since search engine marketing uses different metrics, whether it be click-through or impressions, to decide the cost, blockchain can make ad fraud highly unlikely. This will help in boosting the transparency of the service.

If you are a business who is distrustful of search engine marketing and SEO because of the lack of transparency, know that it won’t be a problem anymore. Blockchain is an element which is changing the game for the SEM world.

Amazon search optimization: The Biggest Trend of All

Another significant change the search engine world is witnessing is the rise of Amazon. Now, it has become almost synonymous to reliable online shopping. If your product is featured on the platform, it automatically is considered to be of acceptable quality.

You might not realize it, but Amazon Search has become a massive competitor for Google! So, if your current search engine marketing strategy is only focused on Google, you need to make changes quickly.

Amazon search is gaining quite the traction. Most SEO and SEM specialists think that the search engine will grow even further in the upcoming years. What does this mean? This means that Amazon Search Optimization and ad placement will become common.

Kenshoo conducted a study about the consumers of the UK, US, France, and Germany. It found out that more than 56 percent of consumers first search on Amazon for a product before opting for other sites.

And these searches are not just restricted to actual products. Instead, things that people usually search on Google are now being searched on Amazon. This include product reviews and product suggestions.

Now, consumers don’t require multiple search engines during their consumer journey. Merely Amazon is sufficing. And this is completely changing the ballgame for Search engine marketing, most of which is currently based on Google.

What does this trend mean for a business?

It means that it is essential for every brand to have separate content, branding, and marketing strategy for Amazon. Only then will you enter the consideration set of most of the modern online shoppers.

Verdict: You need to know it all to succeed

There is no one big thing happening in the search engine marketing world. Many significant developments are being made simultaneously. Keep up with it all to succeed! Do you think we missed any? Let us know.

Top Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a Mobile App to Flourish


In the recent times, we have noticed that there is a massive rise in the eCommerce industry; however, it is not the real frontier for shopping because m-Commerce is constantly gaining more popularity. But do you know what is m-Commerce and how to compare both eCommerce and m-Commerce?

When it comes to talking m-Commerce, it involves purchasing a mobile device, whereas eCommerce includes shopping through the web. Recently, the mobile commerce market has been estimated at $40 billion. Various retail stores are also getting enormous visitors, who are doing their research using mobile before they visit or while shopping.

Today, retail applications have enabled consumers to do their shopping from the comfort of their home and it is also easy for them to convert repeatedly, so turning even rare consumers into brand loyalists.

Now, it becomes clear that apps are the loyalty card of the 21st century – apps are extremely cost-effective and revenue driving militaries for popular retail brands across the worldwide. In the recent times, you may have noticed that millions of retail business applications have been introduced to make it suitable and easy for customers to buy what they need.

If you are already running an eCommerce business, it is must for you to have a mobile application for your business to get success, even mobile app development provides various opportunities to reach out to customers, promote and market their products and sell.

In this post, we have gathered top reasons why your eCommece store needs a mobile app to Flourish in the market. Let’s check out these genuine reasons:

Customers Prefer to Use Mobile Apps Instead of Mobile Browser

As per the study, approximately 78% of users choose mobile apps over mobile browsers on their smartphones. Today, the tablet usage is almost same between the mobile browsers and smartphones. However, the complete traffic from tablets is much higher than from smartphones. What ever is the case the demand to hire mobile App developer is increasing day by day.

One of the excellent ways to verify this to yourself is you can ask a group of people how they are ordering things. As per the study, the younger demographic is no longer chained or enthralled with their computer at home. They are out and about and organizing right from their mobile application as the notion hits them.

Apps Are Considered as Handy & Simpler to Reach

As we all know that applications are giving much faster and reliable experience for users as compared to websites.

  • Today, mobile applications are the completely new age communication tool that delivers customers a new and convenient experience.
  • As apps are more responsive, having fewer connectivity bugs and issues as compared to latest mobile websites.
  • One logo on the right side or front of a device to boost chances of success and growth. Today, users use smart phones with internet connectivity and various applications installed on their devices. Seeing that a sizeable group of customers is possible to interact with their retailers through their phones.
  • Along with this, native mobile apps allow retailers to send promotional content and push notifications. For marketing your brand across different applications and the internet, push notification or messages are considered really effective.
  • The best thing about push notifications is that they are timely and direct and they reach to customers no matter where they are.

Ultimately, the application is a great tool to incorporate features like camera, Bluetooth, address book, GPS, etc.

Allow You to Achieve Your Targeted Sales

As per the Juniper research, mobile commerce market that was £93 billion in 2013 is expected to reach £2 trillion in 2018. Now, most of the retailers are going to experience constant success depending on how much they can predict and deliver to the ever-changing consumer behavior.

Today, mobile apps are the powerful tool in this fastest growing eCommerce segment. ASOS app gathered 44% revenue in 2018 that was a massive growth, according to Internet Retailer Mobile reports. Undoubtedly, mobile is the future of the industry and applications are an outstanding investment for eCommerce businesses.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Mobile applications are mainly developed to allow retailers an unparalleled opening with their users and deliver a wonderful way of communication between the consumer and the brand. Moreover, customers can be engaged easily by push notifications, in-app messaging techniques, and widgets with the top developments in mobile technology.

It would be good to send an interactive notification to give personalized and relevant communication to customers. Now, a blend of all these in-app rich messaging techniques and tactics becomes more advanced and powerful solution to boost conversion, generate profitable revenue and engage more and more customers.

Boost Effectiveness

Make sure that you have a highly relevant and crucial information and rewards to shoppers at one place that is digital. Today, mobile orders and pay have boosted the effectiveness significantly; therefore, decreasing wait time and long queues.

Using mobile apps, it becomes easy to grant your shoppers the ability to order through the mobile application, which will decrease the burden of resources required to run the stores. Mobile apps also deliver customers with digital receipts that decrease retail paper and waste.

So, these are the top reasons why your eCommerce store needs a mobile application to flourish and get success in the market. The mobile application will allow customers to perform different tasks like purchasing, paying, getting information about offers and discounts anytime and anywhere.

About Author:

This article is written by Petr Kudlacek, He is managing director of Apro Software, a software development company. He writes for various tech blogs He’s also interested in meditation and biohacking.

Know These Amazing Benefits of Magento Ecommerce Development

E-commerce is booming and Magento Ecommerce Development is becoming highly popular nowadays. Magento is an open source platform which is used specially for E-commerce store development. It is highly flexible platform. Right now 2,50,000 companies including many big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Burger King etc use Magento to propel their online business. There is no doubt that Magento is the most powerful platform for e-commerce website development today. If you want to setup your e-commerce business then you have to strategize and manage so many things. Hence setting up an e-commerce store for your online business required proper planning, innovative thinking and hard work. Magento offers that flexibility, scalability, robustness, reliability and SEO friendliness which are required to build a successful E-commerce store. Hence today when business owners look for best platform for their e-commerce website development then they find Magento as the best choice as it fulfills all of their custom needs and requirements.

Now we will discuss why Magento is the first choice for any business or development company which want to go for E-commerce website development.

Amazing Benefits of-Magento

Magento is an Open Source Platform

More e-retailers want to hire Magento developer as Magento is an open source and free. Magento currently comes in 3 versions namely Magento Commuity/Magento Open Source, Magento Enterprise/Magento Commerce and Magento Cloud Editions. The Magento Open Source Edition is available free of cost while others are premium versions. Hence if you use the open source version of Magento then you just need to pay for the development of your Magento e-commerce website and for the hosting charges and that’s it. You can also install so many Magento extensions if you want to add more features and functionalities into your e-commerce site. These extensions are easily available on Magento Connect marketplace.

Magento is Specially Build for E-Commerce

One of the Good thing about Magento is that it is specially built to manage operations on an E-commerce website. It has so many e-commerce related features like Inventory management, supply chain management, dashboards, shipping management, product bundling, secure payment, easy checkout process etc. As larger number of commercial transactions take place on E-commerce platform hence so many advanced features are also incorporated in the Magento platform. Magento has all of those handy features which are required in a successful E-commerce platform.

Magento is SEO Friendly

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered an important marketing functionality in order to attain greater visibility on the major search engines on internet. Magento has many inbuilt SEO friendly functionalities and features which include optimized URLs, meta tags, meta descriptions, layered navigation, sitemaps, URL rewrites and many other SEO tools which can help you in optimizing your website for the search engines. There are many Magento extensions which you can also install to enhance this SEO Friendliness feature of your Magento site.

Magento is Highly Scalable

Magento is equally beneficial for a small e-commerce company serving only a city or a state or a large MNC serving many countries. Magento has a feature that it can grow along with the business, despite the type of e-commerce features or enhancements you would like. That means Magento can accommodate all of that and still remaining highly scalable. That is the reason why so many fortune 500 companies use Magento for powering their e-commerce website.

Magento Supports Secure Unified Payment Options

As Magento has been built especially for E-commerce hence it provides multiple options to integrate multiple payment strategies so as to facilitate customers with easy payment and checkout process. Magento has integration choices with payment gateways like PayPal, E-bay, QuickBooks etc and gives freedom to developers to integrate any payment gateway as per the choice of the e-commerce website owner or requirement of the project. Magento also makes sure that these all transactions remain highly secure and protected.

As we have just discussed, Magento is a feature rich, advanced and easy to use E-commerce platform which is the first choice of not only developers but also the merchants and online retailers. Developers prefer Magento due to its features like flexibility, customizability, scalability, easy of use, SEO friendliness, Security and high performance. Businesses prefer Magento as it is open source, easily to customize, easy to manage from dashboard, easy to develop e-commerce site as developers are easily available and secure. Features of Magento can also be easily extended using the widely available extensions.

Why consider these 7 things to hire WordPress developer?

Every entrepreneur, IT professional and a tech-savvy person knows well the importance of digital footprints if one wants to catch the attention of the audience worldwide.

Why is a professional-looking website necessary for every business?

Such is the enthusiasm and appeal of getting online presence that every other WordPress development company is cashing on huge profits. This is a win-win situation for both the companies and clients as well.

● We can associate the website reach with the establishment of the branding and identity of a company which is closely linked with Social Media marketing also.

● SEO and SMM plays a key role in making your website searchable and reachable by the people sitting across the globe.

● Not to mention, a WordPress website is complete with SEO-rich features and Google Mobile First Index algorithm.

Let’s discuss in detail the pointers you need to consider before you hire a WordPress developer for your project.

1. Technical know-how of programming languages:

Though, it is not important on the part of the WordPress developer to possess vast knowledge about the programming languages when it comes to hire a WordPress development company for your project.

But, to customize the WordPress website for the clients according to their requirements, knowledge of HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP will be required.

2. Cost of the services rendered should be genuine:

Because of the increasing demand of the WordPress developers, companies are mushrooming all around the world, making it more tricky than ever to choose the best one who can develop scalable and ultimate solutions for your business.

There is not 100% certainty about the services offered by any company, still you should take a look at the price tags of the services being offered in comparison to other shortlisted companies.

3. Capability to solve WordPress errors:

Another important factor that a client should take note before hiring a WordPress developer is the capability of problem-solving skills. He should be capable of solving WordPress errors which you can face from time-to-time for server and database errors like syntax error handling.

White screen of death and other errors like missing images etc. You must check, whether a WordPress developer has this ability of problem-solving or not!

4. Adherence to the deadlines:

Some things should be kept absolutely clear with the developers or a WordPress development company. One thing is the adherence to the stipulated deadlines.

It may be a case sometimes that the company can delay the delivery of the project which may not be a good thing for the client. Make sure that you don’t have to regret the decision later on!

5. Client Recommendations:

Sometimes, it’s not fair enough to rely on the facts and figures shown to you. The facts could have been concocted and simply untrue! You definitely don’t want to dig a pit for yourself by investing into a project that may not come out as per your expectations. Do you?

As we know it very well that a mouth of word is everything. Ask the clients directly about the experience they have been through.

6. Experience other than WordPress:

It is true that a developer is thought to have knowledge about the CMS only. But, the truth is that in the workflow, a developer will need to have knowledge about other things also- such as Fireworks and Photoshop, SEO, website hosting expertise, WordPress themes, plugins, etc.

7. Backup and Maintenance:

Amazing and expert WordPress developers will always know about the website maintenance and backup security concerns and how to handle them on time and within budget.

Final Words:

Fortunately, WordPress is for every other person on earth who wants to launch a business website. If you hire a WordPress developer with adequate experience, a business can earn huge profits from their website.

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Development Company

Hiring a website development company or web developer is a complicated process as there are so many factors involve which need to be taken into consideration beforehand. Other industries have some global certifications but for web developers there are no global certifications and no license required to practice web development. Also the choice between onshore, offshore and freelancers make it even more confusing.

In this article we will discuss about the factors which you should consider while hiring a web development Company to build a website for your business. This will minimize your risks and you can better plan for your project and thus you will be able to hire those web developers which offer high quality services. Let’s discuss these factors now.

OSSMedia - Web Development Company

The company should have enough experience

Although the type of technology the web developers are employing matters a lot but the developer or the company must have enough experience and should have shown their capabilities in developing similar websites in past which are alive now also. Sometimes it happens that the web development company can’t deliver something which they say or promise hence if they have prior experience in developing similar site then atleast you can be safe from this risk. There are so many issues the developers have to deal with hence if they don’t have proper experience then they cannot guess which kind of issues they are going to face during the development process an how they will handle them. If they have experience then they can resolve any issue quickly and effectively. Hence check their live projects which they have developed and are currently running. Also check the feedbacks they have got and the references to be sure.

They should be Expert in Latest Technologies

If you have requirement of a latest CMS features then you can hire WordPress Developer as WordPress is right now the best CMS in the market. In the web development field there are so many new technologies which have arrived in the scene just now and are constantly evolving and these are required for an optimum web development solution. Hence you should check thoroughly that the company you are hiring has expert professionals having latest cutting edge knowledge of these new technologies for e.g. WordPress, Magento, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Jason, HTML5 etc. For this you can even take the developer’s interview and check where they stand.

Company Responsiveness and Communication Channels

Responsiveness is an important factor throughout the process of web development and even after that. You should check how quick is the response from the company when you inquire initially. Also check what kinds of communication channels the company have like email, chat, skype, phone call etc. If the company is not responsive before winning the project then they will also be not responsive even after they would have hired for the web development process and can become a real headache for you and your business.

Listening, Interpretation and Giving good Suggestions

The web partner should be eager to listen to you, should be able to interpret and should also give appropriate suggestions to improve the website. They should be able to dig deep in order to understand fully your requirements. A good web development company spends lots of time in researching what you want to provide final output which is in sync with your business goals so that you get the full functionality and the website works according to your needs.

Check whether the company follows a proper Process and model while development

You should also check with the company which kind of process and development models the company is following in the development process. The company should also have a proper team having project manager, designers. Developers, testors which can implement the entire process. Many companies employ Agile methodologies for development process. You can check which process the company has implemented at their premises.

Maintenance and After Sale Service

This is one of the most important factor while choosing a right web development company. If the company provides proper maintenance and after sales service to its clients then only the clients will be happy and satisfied. Hence you can check by talking to their previous clients whether they are satisfied or not. You should also ask frankly and directly to the company about what kind of maintenance and technical support services they provide as you may need to update your website many times in future or you may need to resolve some technical issues in future. Therefore these services are very important for you to get.


We have just discussed some of the factors which you should consider while selecting the web development company. The company should have adequate experience, expertise in web development, they should have a proper team and process implemented to deliver quality solutions plus they should have proper communication channels to be easy accessible to the client. Also they should be providing proper maintenance service after the development process is over. If you will keep these factors in mind, you will get delivery of high quality website and your business will thrive.

Hire Offshore Company for High Quality WordPress Development Services

In today’s digital age internet has become the important resource through which all of the companies want to reach their potential audience and customers. Hence to reach this target having an amazing website is what these companies require. A website creates an online presence of businesses through which they can expand their business. A company website is a 24 hour online shop where clients from across the world can reach and buy its product and services.
There are many companies which offer offshore WordPress development services for their worldwide clients. You can go for these if you want an amazing website. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CM) which is widely used to build all types of websites be it blogging, news, e-commerce, travel site etc. Thus WordPress development enables each company to fulfill their needs. WordPress web development is also SEO friendly hence helps the company to reach higher ranking in search engines and attract more customers through its website. Now the question how to get the best WordPress development company to work for you. The answer is you should go for offshore WordPress development company which offers so many advantages which we are discussing now.
Advantages of Offshore WordPress Development
-One Stop Solution Provider
Offshore WordPress development companies offer the complete array of service related to WordPress like web 2.0 designs, WordPress themes, installing and customizing plugins, customization of code and themes etc. With these services you will get all the expert WordPress related services at one place only. They also provide expert SEO services.
-Complete understanding of Business Model and Requirements
These companies have experts which have vast experience in WordPress development and they start any project only after understanding the business model and all the requirements of the client. This helps them to understand the client requirement fully and deliver a high quality WordPress site to them.
-Full Technical Support to Non-technical clients
It has been seen that non-technical clients running smaller businesses don’t have a technical team and they seek WordPress development service. As they are not sound technically hence a complete technical support is given to them and also full training of the WordPress CMS if given to them so that they can handle their website themselves.
-Proper Maintenance Service
These companies provide proper maintenance service to the clients after the development process is over as they have expert developers which have developed the WordPress site and they know every nitty gritty of the WordPress project.
-Flawless and fast Communication Channels
When developing a website project, the client may need to contact the development company several times. Hence there should be flawless communication channels between the client and the company. These companies have all the resources and infrastructure in place to provide amazingly fast communications. Hence it is better to hire these offshore development companies.
-Follow the Proper Software development model and process
These offshore WordPress development companies follow the proper website or software development models and international level best processes and practices. Many of them are also certified thus they can be trusted and businesses can hire these companies for their WordPress website development work.
-Cost Effective
These offshore companies are very cost effective hence you can get the best quality work at a fraction of the cost which will incur in case you hire local company for your work. Inspite of charging less these companies provide high level of quality in their work.
As we have just discussed there are so many benefits which you will get if you hire offshore development company. These companies have experts which have many years of experience of working in WordPress development, they can understand your business requirement easily, follow the proper process, provide you adequate technical support and maintenance and also provide related services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and designing of the website and all of these at most affordable rates. Hence if you have any requirement of WordPress site, go for offshore WordPress development company and get ahead of the competition.