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Do You Really Need a Content Management System for Your Website?

Creating a website with a good mind and pounding aesthetics is an endeavor much desired. And as the current trend would have it, everyone is leaning towards owning a website that is enviable and capable enough to dethrone the competition (the ‘competition’ may be your business rival or just a geek next door full of technology pretensions, always looking down on you!).

Irrespective of what’s motivating you to have your own website, there are layers of procedures and practices that go into creating one. While there are a ton of websites meandering across the web-verse, not all are built to make a mark. And this is where Content Management Systems come into the fray.

Determining if you really need a CMS?

Before giving in to the mechanics of blogging, let’s ask ourselves three questions:

    • Do I wish to create a website that’s versatile and gives me enough room to innovate?

    • Do I need a system that allows me to update my website on the fly, as and when I wish?

    • Does the long-drawn out process of writing HTML Codes irk me?

If the answers to the above questions are in affirmative, having a CMS for your website is the best way to move to a firm ground from a precariously shaky footing.

And if you are one of those folks looking to make a serious mark, resorting to a Content Management System should spare you the bumpy ride by pulling you over the jagged spots. Building your website on a reliable Content Management System is arguably the best means to prevail over the pulp and ruffle of the blogs-herd on the Internet. World Wide Web is inflating, and it is tossing up a new website every few seconds. Apparently, making your website stand out is not a breeze, but helping it create a constructive impact is. All you need is to have a stirring determination, and realization that a CMS will inject that panache to your endeavor.

Here is When You Need CMS the Most

When you are running a website that requires frequent revisions and updates in regards to its content or addition of pages, having a Content Management System lets you breathe easy.

Some of the examples that can be stated here include:

  • When you are running an eCommerce website

  • When you are running an article-oriented website that needs to be updated with new content multiple times in a month

  • When you are running a news portal

Why All the Fuss around CMS Anyway!

There has been a growing clamor and debate ever since CMS burst onto the scene. Surprising, given the fact that resorting to the old-school way of maintaining a website that dictated updating and uploading every file manually, using those long-winded FTP programs, and knowing what inputs does a server need was an exercise bathing in intricacies – not to mention the huge margin for errors. Every time you needed to rewire or reboot your website, you again had to go through the same inflexible processes. And this is where CMS came to rescue.

Apart from these three examples, there are various other scenarios which necessitate building your website on CMS.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular CMSs we have at our disposal on this date:


The biggest advocates of WordPress would make you believe that it is the bethel of Content Management Systems. Whilst there may be a tone of exaggeration to the claim, there is no arguing the value of WordPress as a blogging platform.

Doctoring a feature-packed website with WordPress is hardly a sweat-soaked exercise. There is much to cherish, and little to disregard when it comes to the cluster of WordPress themes, extensions, plugins and widgets. At the same time, there isn’t denying the fact that making a WordPress site that doesn’t have a WordPress character in terms of how it looks to a visitor is challenging. But, damn the imperfections, it still is an incredible CMS.


Joomla isn’t far behind either. For creating websites boiled with features of the highest order, Joomla is your ally. An open source platform like WordPress, you can built a website on Joomla and leave the rest to its built-in capabilities. Innovation runs thick in this platform that lets you collaborate several unfathomed attributes with your site and reduce the overall costs associated with running and maintaining a website.


Drupal comes with features abound. Bequeathing you a measurable CMS benefits, it is a CMS that leads the charge when it comes to attributes like networking, layouts, media gallery placement, etc. Even those with not so practiced skills in developing or designing a website find crafting a site using Drupal a job much amicable and rewarding.


Making your eCommerce website exhibit grandeur or injecting more subtle functionalities in it makes for one elementary exercise with Magento. There is no dearth of extensions here as well. The site of add-ons let you inject bonus features which you may have not been introduced to when you took up the job of creating your own website on Magento. An honest and precise approach will pave way for a nod from the aficionados of the Internet verse.

Whatever CMS you choose to go with, extract all the information regarding its license fees and the cost of certain paid themes. Or you can simply work with a theme that is available free of cost.

Weigh Your Ambitions Well

With certain website managers, there is a vulgar stress on features. They are willing to add some extra sophistication to their websites at the expense of its responsiveness and the overall user experience. And there are others who for subtlety. Only to ensure that their website has a reliably excellent compatibility with all devices and browsers they can think of, they bring it down to some anti-state-of-the-art features. Though, there is a better word for it – minimalism.

A CMS would help you create a website with whatever ambitions you have for it. When then intention is to create something that is grand and immersive, with an air of high brow snobbery, you have a truckload of themes and plugins to adorn your site with fanciness. And when all you intend is to create something that stands for ingenuity and exclusivity, a different set of themes and plugins would let you practice that restraint with ease. Any which way it goes, you won’t have to settle for mediocrity.

Redefine Your Virtual Presence with Joomla

If you are in process of creating a new website for your business organization, especially through a cost-efficient model then you should consider using Joomla. It is an excellent open source web content management system, which is suitable for setting up all kinds of online identities. It keeps your web management process mobile and search engine friendly. You do not need to drown yourself in the ocean of HTML & PHP codes for managing your website. You can simply make necessary changes in your site just by taking entry into your admin panel. There will not be any requirement of tweaking codes for the general management of contents in your website. You can find the stunning features of Joomla in further mentioned paragraphs.

Online Marketing Friendly

Well, this is the main factor that enhances the demand and popularity of this CMS tool. It amazingly makes a website search engine friendly to grab the maximum attention of targeted customers. It also keeps the web pages optimized as per the concurrent trends of search engines. It is required to understand that this CMS tool gives all the needful tools to increase the ranking of your website. You will have to show your dedication in using these tools to enhance the sharpness of your virtuak promotion campaigns. Some of the most exclusive features are social media integration and blog management. Apart from these two iconic features, you will be able to use multiple other features such URL rewriting, Title, Meta, and Keyword optimization tools.

Ready to Use

In case, you are not going to deal with the customers of your website since the first day of launch then you can gradually improvise your website. On the other hand, if you are going to deal with customers right from the moment of going live then you should take extra measures to ensure error free operation of your website. You can hire Joomla programmers for fixing little issues of your website before going live.

Easy to Use

Well, it is a truly user-friendly content management system. You just need to learn the way of using social media websites for making necessary changes in your website. It will be a simple and easy way of managing your website. You just need to use a login ID and password for entering into a backend panel. Here you will get almost all tools for modifying your web content. You can add new pages, categories, manage pictures, and add the search engine friendly elements in your site. Therefore, it will be a nice way of managing your website.

Cost-Effective Tools Availability

As you know that this is an open source web content management system, so you do not need to pay anything in return of using this tool. It will be a nice way of making a grand website. Moreover, you can also avail additional tools and templates for making your website ready to interact with your customers. So, this is one of the most striking features of this content management system. Notably, this feature grabs the attention of most of all website owners because they save themselves from paying a hefty amount as license fee.

So, you can now take Offshore Joomla Development services in order further cutting the cost of development of your website.

Upgrade Your Academy with Joomla LMS

Well, if you are not aware with learning management systems then you should make yourself aware now. The learning management system is an ultra modern tool of managing day-today affairs of educational organizations through information technology. Schools in developed countries are using this trend and benefitting their students.

In this way, Joomla is famous for creating LMS tools. You just need to take Joomla Development Services to create a LMS for your educational organization. It will eventually help you in adding value in your institution.

Joomla as Learning Management System

For your information, Joomla is an open source web content management system, which uses PHP as programming language and MySql as database. So, the technical equation of Joomla provides a great opportunity to academicians for adorning their institutions with ultra modern tools like Joomla LMS. They can develop an exclusive & custom learning management system using Joomla.

How Learning Management System Works?

It is an obvious question. And, usually academicians come across this question. Technically, Joomla based learning management works like a web portal, which connects two points of an academy: the parents and school staff. With the LMS, the institutions can easily integrate an intranet application with their Joomla website. With this tool, schools can give the option to the respected parents of their students to create accounts for being updated with the educational development of their kids. In this way, the school administration can upload the results on their secured server and release the result card online. In another way, it will efficient the school staff and enable them to focus over providing cutting-edge lessons to their students instead of wasting time on result development process.

So, if you are a school administrator, a teacher, or even a trustee of an educational institution then you can take a decision of using learning management system in your school management tools. The LMS will eventually improvise the results of your academy and your students will have benefits with this arrangement. So, just hire Joomla Developer for the development of a learning management system for your school.

Why Choose Joomla for Your Small Business Website?

Establishing your own business is an uphill battle. You need to check numerous aspects before you venture into the marketplace, and if the marketplace as abuzz with ardent competition as the web arena, then being extra cautious always pays. Online business is a tough grind, especially with thousands of businesses having set their foot already. Rendering a competitive edge to your business requires you to be equipped with the choicest of arsenals, which in this case is an adept website or portal. A highly functional and engaging web presence is the lifeline of any online business. But how would you ensure that your web portal is at par than the rest?

As you get a business site developed, firstly there are few things that you must be mindful about, such as time, cost, quality, control and flexibility. Secondly, you need to winnow a CMS that effectively takes care of all the above mentioned factors and renders an impressive online presence. Joomla is often considered as the most favored platform that encompasses all the mentioned requisitions of business owners. Let’s take a look at the various factors that have escalated Joomla to the position that it presently enjoys amongst its users.

1. Time: As compared to the other CMS available over the web, Joomla renders the shortest development span. It comes incorporated with a lump-sum variety of ready-to-use plugins and design templates that cut down on the development time. This means you need not run from one designer to the other in order to finalize design or get new features developed.

2. Cost: Joomla is an open source system, which means it is free to download and use, and most of the customization cost is either negligible or nil. All you need to do in order to set up your very own Joomla portal is to download the CMS, install it, choose the theme that suffices your taste and requisition, install necessary plugins and you are good to go. If required, you can hire any firm that renders Joomla development services, as part of its service portfolio.

3. Security: Joomla is well-renowned for it’s features like stability and security. Across globe, thousands of individuals are working on the debugging process of the Joomla core. Meanwhile, all you need to do is to set security alerts to ensure that your site is safeguarded. You also need to be careful about security permissions granted to third party applications especially when they have direct access to your database.

4. Control: This CMS lends the controls in your hands. Being managed at both the front-end and the back-end, Joomla can be easily operated even if you don’t have much of a technical background. You can customize the design, content, structure and functionality of your site, without being a pro yourself. And in case you get stuck somewhere, numerous tutorials are available over the web to make the sail smoother for you.


5. Flexibility: Joomla framework is highly flexible. You can integrate any feature and functionality to your portal with ease. Creating, editing, updating and managing content is also no big deal, thanks to the user-friendly admin panel of the CMS. You get all the instructions listed in panel and you can easily navigate from one page to another without much hassle.

There are numerous benefits of deploying Joomla CMS in your small business website. You don’t only get a highly functional portal but you also save on the development and operational cost. Isn’t this dual benefit worth it? Try Joomla development services today and give your online presence a competitive edge.

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Amaze Your Online Customers with Responsive Joomla Website

The era of responsive website has just started. Nowadays, online customers have multiple mobile devices to access internet and find the stuff of their usage. In current scenario, online surfer loves to be updated with the whereabouts of their friends and wants to purchase their needful products virtually. Thus, it is needful for all business organizations to adopt new age Web technologies to build highly responsive websites that can work seamlessly across all mobile devices right from the SmartPhone to Tablet and notebook. And, Joomla is one such web technology to adopt for making a responsive website design. You can take Joomla development services for contriving a new age virtual persona of your business organization.

Key features of Joomla:

  • It is one of the most innovative open source web content management systems to create highly responsive websites.

  • You can update your Joomla website or blog frequently without wasting enough time in coding and all.

  • You can keep your web content optimized in accordance with recent search engine algorithms and get good Google rankings in a short passage of time.

  • There are multiple search engine friendly options in this content management system to enhance the search engine friendliness of your website.

  • You can use the social media integration feature of this CMS tool and integrate your website with social media pages to bring high volume social networking users on your website.

  • You can customize your website in compliance with the ongoing content management needs of your website.

  • Websites based on this CMS can be updated at any point of time with new age technologies, so you don’t need to switch your CMS tool in future.

All of these key benefits speak about the resourcefulness of Joomla in building highly competent responsive content management system enabled websites.

Monthly Archive Joomla Component V3.0.0 Released: Download Now

Joomla is one and only community driven open source project, which is known for brining innovative improvements in its products at different time intervals. Recently, Joomla has released its latest monthly archive component, which can be downloaded as a freebie from official website.

# Bug fixed: with the Database Type “MySQLi”.
# Bug fixed: with pagination
# CSS bug fixes
(+) Tree format for categories and subcategories in select box of search form
(+) Now you can search articles for a spesific year
(+) Added a parameter in module, for enable or hide the count of articles beside the months
(+) Added the parameter “Pagination”. If “Yes” there is a pagination in monthly archive, if “No”,
all article link displaying in one page without pagination.
(+) Now you can see the unpublished articles if you’ve inserted a “publish_down” date in content
item’s field.
(^) Language files changed
(^) End of life Joomla! 1.5

Process of Installation: It is a very simple process. You can easily install value added components in your website. For doing so, you just need to login in your backend admin panel. After logging in, you can navigate to component tab and install downloaded Monthly archive component in your website. On successful installation, you will be able to use monthly archive feature in your Joomla content management system enabled website. Moreover, you can take custom Joomla Development services for improving the functional strength of your website.

After installing this component in your high-end website, you will be able to create the archives for crucial data of your website on monthly basis. Moreover, it will help you in finding specific information just by adding the name of month and year. So, just download the component and install in your website.

Joomla 3.1: An “Important” Notice for Happy Joomla 3.0 Users

With the release of its 3.1 security version, Joomla will have the three currently supported version named as Joomla 1.5(LTS), 2.5(LTS), and 3.0. This is one of the most awaited versions of Joomla, because it is the upgraded version of Joomla 3.0. Thus, it is liable to fix various bugs of its previous version. Due to such expectations from the recent version, the launching announcement of this version is creating a buzz across the web arena. As per the official website of Joomla, it is been stating that Joomla 3.1 is security release that will fixes several high-priority problems of its previous version 3.0.0.

Apart from this, the team Joomla has also released an important Notice to all Joomla 3.0 users. This notice is about the upgrade from the version 3.0 to Joomla 3.1. All Joomla 3.0 users can follow the below given steps to upgrade their Joomla based website successfully

Install Hot Patch at First: It is the serious notice for all Joomla 3.0 users, who are willing to update their Joomla website. But, you must need to take a backup of your website before update. After getting the backup of your Joomla based website, you will be able to install Joomla 3.0.0 Hot Patch.

Set the update server: You need to set the update server as “Short Term Support”. After setting the update as save and close. You can go further to update Joomla 3.0 version to Joomla 3.1.

Update the Joomla Using URL: You can install new Joomla by using extension tab. At extension tab, you will get the extension manager, which will lead you to the tab Install. The Install tab will have the tab as Install from URL. By using this tab, you can put the : URL After filling the URL, you can click on Install button to initiate installation process.

Installation of Joomla 3.1 using Upload Package File: If you feel any issues in installation using the URL. You can download the file at your computer and install the Hot Patch using Upload Package File. For so, you need to click on the tab component. It will bring you to the Joomla Update option. From there, you will be able to successfully update

Joomla 3.0.1- A Beginning of New Age Internet

If you were waiting for Joomla 3.0.1 version since long, than this post will certainly give refreshing experience to you. Now, you can make use of this recent version of Joomla based software by installing it on your website. Joomla has gained the recognition of an open source content management system that makes the websites attentive and responsive towards a large pool of online visitors.

By using Joomla, you can make a wide range of website such as social networking website, and news portal. In addition, you can also develop highly attentive and giant online shopping portal and online reservation counters with Joomla. In this way, the release of it’s recent version should be industry buzzing and a morning alarm for all of its Joomla 3.0.0 versions. As per the specific notice released by the Team Joomla, the new version can also make previous Joomla 3.0.0 free from highly concerned security issues.

Thus, it is a quite resource update for all Joomla users, as it can make their online brands more appealing and highly secured. Joomla is one of the most trusted open source content management systems, which provide an impactful solution for creating responsive websites. In this way, you can upgrade your Joomla 3.0.0 version or Joomla 2.5 version website to recent Joomla 3.0.1, but Team Joomla has conveyed a caution note for all Joomla 3.0.1 website administrators.

Remind it if you are Using Joomla 3.0.0

It is an important caution note, which has been circulated for all Joomla 3.0.0 users by Team Joomla. According to this note, all such users must need to install Joomla 3.0.0 Hot Patch before updating their website to Joomla 3.0.1. In order to achieve the best results from their conversion process, all such users should understand the Hot Patch Instructions. It will develop a better understanding that is crucial for conversion from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1. Considerably, this is not mandatory to update from version 2.5.x to 3.0.1. Apart from this, it is needful to set the Update server to “Short Term Support” in the Joomla! Update component for acquiring the best results from conversion.

Customized Joomla Development Services for Immediate Business Needs

Gone are the days when having a website was just a fad, today it has become more of a necessity. Eyeing the ever-increasing demand of websites, the webmasters are exploring new ways of developing websites in a quick and hassle-free manner. In wake of this situation, several open source development services are being widely accepted and Joomla development services are one of them.

Joomla development services have gained immense popularity since their advent for the numerous benefits they have to offer. Websites built on Joomla are easy to update and maintain. Moreover, operating Joomla doesn’t require much of technical expertise. Here are some more essential benefits that one can draw from Joomla development services:

1. Cost-effective: Joomla development services are very cost-effective. Joomla, being open source software, is free to download and use. Thus, the cost of development is considerably minimal.

2. User-Friendly: Joomla provides a user-friendly set up. Even an individual who doesn’t have any prior technical expertise can operate Joomla content management system. One can easily create, edit and update content from the admin panel.

3. SEO-Friendly: Websites built using Joomla are highly SEO-friendly. Joomla generates SEO-friendly URL’s that improve your website’s ranking on all major search engines.

4. Easy to Maintain: Joomla comes with a self-update feature. This makes developing, adding and updating new modules in Joomla easy.

5. Support Modules: Several support modules are available with Joomla. The best part is that these modules come in multiple languages, which makes it easier for users of different nationalities to operate and upgrade Joomla.

There are several firms that work dedicatedly on Joomla development services. You can research and get in touch with a firm that offers reliable services at affordable prices.