4 Ways to Make the Brand and Video Marketing Agency Partnership a Success

Trust. It’s one word that can make any partnership thrive and succeed, may it be between the brand and the chosen full-serviced digital marketing agency or a specialized video marketing agency or not.

Building trust and cooperation are not without difficulties, however, with implications in the short and long-term.

How to build a partnership that creates a win-win situation?

1) Understand the business case better
The truth is that video marketing does not exist in a silo. The agency would not be able to create a campaign without knowing how the business works, the products provide value to the customers, and the competition affects your operation.

Also, it needs to understand the target market to make the campaign more relevant to them. The brand messaging will be better reflected in the video campaign if the agency would have a more in-depth comprehension of the market’s needs, preferences, and pain points that can be addressed through additional optimization efforts such as link building or guest blogging.

On the part of the provider, with all the essential campaign information on hand including why your brand needs video marketing in the first place, among other reasons, it can better integrate videos into the business.  This can be the only way to leverage video marketing in achieving overall digital marketing goals.

While for the brand, it would also help to understand what the agency is doing. The majority of the agency is eager to teach their clients the strategies and tactics they do and the reason behind why they do these.

2) Be 100% honest with one another
At times, it’s easy to say how the agency is not committing to the video campaign without realizing several factors affecting the relationship. No, you don’t hire the wrong agency, but certain things are holding it back.

First, it is either the brand does not fully commit to the campaign itself or want full control of the campaign processes, calling the shots instead of consulting with the agency first.

Second, you have not been completely honest with the internal and external challenges that your brand is experiencing. Thus, the campaign is not facing the direction that it should be pursuing. This is the main reason why a YouTube channel SEO audit service, for instance, is paramount.

Third, when the agency requested data and channels, you – the brand – delayed the process because you are not sure of the extent of access to give it. You hold back information and essentially slowed down the progress of the campaign.

And fourth, you don’t have realistic expectations about the campaign given the allocated budget on video marketing including production and SEO services and implementation. The agency is left to work on the available strategies given the said budget but, again, understand that these impact the outcomes.

All these won’t happen if both of you had prioritized transparency since day one, which brings us to the third important step. Moreover, the agency needs an ongoing relationship with the client – that’s you – to do their best work.

3) Commit to the campaign and process
As already mentioned above, guided expectations and informed decisions are made only when your brand and the chosen agency commit to the goals and processes of the video marketing campaign.

As an agency, you need to commit to quality as well and for the brand not to experience compromised quality. Part of such commitment is to know how the service provider will tackle the video production, for instance. Does it have an in-house team of photographers, animators, videographers, and other creatives such as content creators? Can they produce a video based on your preferred style?

It would be wise to delegate a brand representative throughout the entire video production and marketing processes. Nonetheless, the agency needs to know that you will be actively involved throughout the campaign. It goes to show that communication and active participation goes a long way.

Commit to the goals, but clients need to be patient for results as well. The best digital marketing agency is completely aware of the need to produce returns for the brand. In making this happen, the brand has to do its part.

4) Grow with one another
It is a partnership, after all. Marketing changes in a constant manner. There is nothing absolute, permanent, or universal in the world of marketing.

Experimentation is also crucial. So when the agency tells you that they need to try new things such as SEO Philippines strategies, don’t be afraid to jump in. They are the experts, and they know what they are doing.

Again, this will boil down to trust, guiding the brand as the agency does new things. It would be difficult for the agency to deliver the best value to the video campaign if you don’t permit it to do so.

On the other hand, don’t expect miracles. Digital marketing, and specifically SEO, is an investment with long-term outcomes if done right. There are small wins along the way, but the biggest returns are both incremental and one-off. Patience is a virtue both of you must hold.

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