An Effective Checklist for Entrepreneurs before Developing e-Learning over WordPress

The world today is progressing at a pace that the road to innovation is upgraded to a whole new direction. With the increase in the number of technical applications that are utilized for communicating and passing the data, there has been an extensive expansion in the online ground too.

Actually, we want to direct your attention to the fact that traditional classroom practices have been taking the place of the new electronic ways that enable access to education.

In other words, E-learning is one of the names which is helping the students to view the course material online, track or test there potential, and for completion of their education too.

E-learning is the area which supremely involves virtual classrooms, web-based learning, computer-based knowledge, digital collaboration, video and audio recordings, interactive TV and many more.

WordPress has been forayed into Learning Management system from about a decade now (not long after building itself as a powerful web publishing tool)

The whole idea of utilizing a CMS like WordPress as a platform is to develop e-Learning websites that can be conceptualized as an LCMS – Learning Content Management System.

Despite being comparatively distinct to the e-Learning picture, the WordPress Learning Management System niche is reaching up with the prominent players and giving tough competition to the marketers. It is catching up really fast too.

But the main question is, what is the big catch for the entrepreneurs out there that are attracting them to adopt to WordPress LMS services? Why is there an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs opting for WordPress as their choice of platform to build their e-Learning sites?

Well, let’s find out!

Things Needed to Create an Online Course
Being an entrepreneur you might have the least idea on the technical backgrounds and the requirements that an online course website would need. Thus, to eradicate this confusion here are the few most important things that should be considered.

1. Domain Name: A domain name is the website address that you would have ( For Example-
2. Hosting Account: A WordPress hosting account is a place where all the files and the data is stored.
3. WordPress LMS plugin: A learning management add-ons to construct and manage all the courses of your website.
4. All the Attention: This is one of the most important factors that is needed while you make your website. Without this nothing would be possible.

WordPress and E-learning Sites: What does it have to Offer?

Now, that you are aware of the fact that what all you need in your WordPress website you need to choose an adequate CMS to build upon it. WordPress is one of those platforms that tends to provide the user with various features and easy WordPress Customization options. Features like:

1. Ease of Using the Platform
As being an entrepreneur who is starting his/her e-learning website, it is quite evident that they would need a platform that is easy for them to handle. WordPress is considered to be as one of the contemporary ecosystems that tend to offer massive ease of access and modern user interface, which is compared to the complexity of standalone systems like moodle. WordPress consists of Learning Management System plugins (like LearnDash) which enable the user to publish a course in two taps straight (accessible right on the dashboard) or maybe even WP Courseware. With the help of a neat drag and drop interface to structure/re-structure all the e-Learning content from a particular screen.

2. Front End Design and UX (User Experience)
“The first impression is the last impression” we all have heard about this phrase now and then. Same is the scenario with the audience that is coming down to your website. If you think that your user is not incite to gauge your website in terms of design and user experience, then you are wrong. The plan that is offered by Moodle or Blackboard is pretty much standard and non-variable. There is a whole room for WordPress Theme Customization, but it’s restricted at the extremely best and close to what we have on the different side of the discussion. WordPress Learning Management System has the distinct choice of being a part of this ecosystem, which is planned initially to produce great looking websites, and it shines at it.

3. Marketing
Now, that you have created an e-learning website, there is a need for you to promote it so that the audience could know that your website exists. One of the best thing about WordPress is that it can be modeled as a robust business and marketing tool with very high returns on investment.

When the entrepreneurs are looking to sell courses online, WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and easy digital download tends to present with the business tool like transportation gateways, inventory control, CRM, invoicing. The list is infinite. One of the most important advantages would be the level of security that can be performed with this system. Examine the online store for WooThemes. While the quantity of products is restricted to under 500, the site itself has over 500,000 enrolled users and follows up to 11,000 applications a month. No matter if it is psd to wordpress conversion or things related to this, marketing tends to bring more audience.

4. SEO Friendly
Every business entrepreneur wants their website to get organic and decent traffic. It is always better to optimize the site with SEO guideline and tactics that would help them with the audience and it being SEO friendly. But it is not the game of one single day; you need months of dedication and work on your website. That is the reason why WordPress comes with pre-installed SEO features. Not only this, but WordPress has the advantage of utilizing a third-party plugin like Yoast that enables them to add meta titles, names as well as descriptions to your e-learning website.

5. The Community and the Plugins
The WordPress Community is undoubtedly huge with the hundreds of thousands of developers continually innovating and contributing to the code base, being an open-source platform that it is. Support is just as tremendous as the features that the WordPress platform provides. WordPress Codex is a Bible-of-sorts when it grows to documentation. It’s a huge online wiki that includes almost about everything that the user would ever require to know about using WordPress. They can put up questions and queries, and it is resolved and answered within no time. Hire the best WordPress developer by considering this checklist.

Some of the Best WordPress LMS Plugin in 2020

There are some WordPress plugins that would help all the entrepreneurs out there with their online course construction of the website. Some of which are:

1. LearnDash
LearnDash is the plugin that is used by many well-reformed organizations. It provides the user with content dripping, selling up of the courses, rewarding up the learners, and activation of triggered based on actions.

2. Lifter LMS
Starting at $299 per year for a whole bunch, Lifter LMS is the plugin that provides the user with unique integrations with WooCommerce, MailChimp, and AffiliateWP. It presents the audience with sample courses, sample quizzes, certificates and website that are completely configured.

3. LearnPass
LearnPass tends to serve one of the most uncomplicated and most refined choices in the world of WordPress LMS plugins. This plugin is completely available to manage, but for a compatible PSD to WordPress theme, you might have to pay some. Each LearnPress course can be created with quizzes and lessons as the students move through the curriculum.

4. WP Courseware
Considered as one of the most promising WordPress LMS plugins, WP Courseware provides the user with an impressive set of features that starts with drag and drop editor. The user easily can construct courses with ease, and even they can safeguard them from being stolen.

5. Good LMS
Good LMS starts from the starting prices of $31 that tend to construct courses, selling them, implementation of the quizzes and course certifications. The design method is operated much like a popular WordPress blog post, where the user manages to construct exams, courses, and certificates right from the WordPress dashboard.

In the Nutshell

Yes! E-learning is the initiative that would surely change the face of education. There is no doubt that it is also gaining popularity day by day. Not only this, but online learning is considered as the right channel to connect the learner and the instructor worldwide.

Thus, building up an online platform on WordPress development is the right choice as it is jotted down to have additional features and advantages. We believe that this article has enlightened you with all the possible measures and the things you need. If you think that you need any more guidance with the same topic, then you can write your thoughts on the comment section below. The experts and professionals would provide you with the right direction.

Hire the best WordPress developer by consider this checklist.

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