Play Store Optimization Tips for Android App Developers

You have developed an amazing mobile app for Android users. Now you need to see it among the top search results for getting the maximum number of downloads. Moreover, you need to make it popular in the decided category.

To meet these essential objectives, Android app developers need to follow some essential techniques of Play Store optimization. Through in-depth research, they need to conclude factors that can help to rank the app or make it featured among trending applications.

With the concern of App Store Optimization (ASO), there are several factors that count the most. Let’s start discussing them from the beginning:

1. Use an Illustrative Title
Naming and nomenclature of the mobile app also reside great importance when it comes to catching the attention of mobile users.

Keeping the title or name of the app attractive as well as descriptive assures improvements in its rank on Play Store. Moreover, there is an opportunity that you can keep a primary keyword in the title for better and quick results.

Experts have examined that using the keyword in the name of your app increases the chances by 10% for getting your app in the top ranks.

Keeping your title informative and hintful creates the curiosity in the users to know about your app and install it. As a result, more and more users will approach your app to know what it actually provides or does for them.

2. Planning on Keywords
Keywords are not just helpful to enhance the ranking of sites, but also useful to optimize the position of mobile apps in the list of trending applications. The key motive in planning a keyword strategy is to pick the most relevant keywords that can match the services or features your app is offering.

For instance, if you are providing food delivery options then you can implement – food delivery app, food delivery the mobile app, etc. The next tip is to focus on the traffic scores. Keywords that have high traffic will help your app to become visible in top ranks while getting immense opportunities for downloads.

Moreover, keywords strategy can also be implemented in descriptions and ‘About Section’ of the application. Maintaining a relevant keyword density in these sections will be a game-changing factor in your ASO strategy.

3. Upload High-Quality Screenshots
When users visit your app on the Play Store, it will take 6-8 seconds to make the decision. Despite having a shorter span, they can easily monitor everything including the screenshots. To reflect your app’s identity, Pay Store gives the option to upload screenshots beneath the short description.

Most of the experts stated that the quality of screenshots is the second major factor in the ASO strategy. If the users get convinced with these images, they will surely make the decision to download your app.

Moreover, you should assure that the screenshots will be able to give hints and usefulness of your app. Not all pages, but some screenshots of the relevant ones that can provide the working or features of the app will be enough to disclose the app’s benefits.

4. Use a Preview Video
Video is always an engaging factor when it comes to driving users as traffic on your mobile app. Major enterprises and worldwide brands are harnessing the power of preview video and experience boost in the downloads of their applications.

Android Play Store offers leverage to upload a preview video of 30 seconds to streamline the features of your mobile app. This limit is enough to include all the necessary factors that can beneficially impact the audience’s POV.

Before you start recording the preview video, make sure the UX and UI of the app look amazing and attractive. From the color palette to page navigation, everything should look smooth and flexible in the video.

The aim here is to showcase the valuable content in the video to bring a lot of engagement and increase the number of downloads.

5. Endorse Positive Reviews
Ratings and reviews create the best impact on the target audience. This is one of the biggest judgmental factors that can turn visitors into the daily users of your app.

Encouraging the users to give reviews and rate the app on the Play Store is a necessary task in ASO. A professional mobile app development company will definitely the value of these ratings as they improve users’ overall POV about an app. By creating a push notification or reminding users to give reviews, you will get more chances to increase downloads.

Creating reminders for the app users is completely fine, but don’t make them appear too often. It may affect their experience and result in degradation in its reputation. Simply schedule notification at the time when users open the app once a day.

After developing an Android application, it is mandatory to follow a mobile App Store Optimization guide and implement the most useful tricks. Getting more downloads on your app will definitely help your brand to come forward and impact the audiences with something great on the Play Store. This post is inclusive of all major aspects that can help to rank your mobile app on top position in the specified category.

4 Ways to Make the Brand and Video Marketing Agency Partnership a Success

Trust. It’s one word that can make any partnership thrive and succeed, may it be between the brand and the chosen full-serviced digital marketing agency or a specialized video marketing agency or not.

Building trust and cooperation are not without difficulties, however, with implications in the short and long-term.

How to build a partnership that creates a win-win situation?

1) Understand the business case better
The truth is that video marketing does not exist in a silo. The agency would not be able to create a campaign without knowing how the business works, the products provide value to the customers, and the competition affects your operation.

Also, it needs to understand the target market to make the campaign more relevant to them. The brand messaging will be better reflected in the video campaign if the agency would have a more in-depth comprehension of the market’s needs, preferences, and pain points that can be addressed through additional optimization efforts such as link building or guest blogging.

On the part of the provider, with all the essential campaign information on hand including why your brand needs video marketing in the first place, among other reasons, it can better integrate videos into the business.  This can be the only way to leverage video marketing in achieving overall digital marketing goals.

While for the brand, it would also help to understand what the agency is doing. The majority of the agency is eager to teach their clients the strategies and tactics they do and the reason behind why they do these.

2) Be 100% honest with one another
At times, it’s easy to say how the agency is not committing to the video campaign without realizing several factors affecting the relationship. No, you don’t hire the wrong agency, but certain things are holding it back.

First, it is either the brand does not fully commit to the campaign itself or want full control of the campaign processes, calling the shots instead of consulting with the agency first.

Second, you have not been completely honest with the internal and external challenges that your brand is experiencing. Thus, the campaign is not facing the direction that it should be pursuing. This is the main reason why a YouTube channel SEO audit service, for instance, is paramount.

Third, when the agency requested data and channels, you – the brand – delayed the process because you are not sure of the extent of access to give it. You hold back information and essentially slowed down the progress of the campaign.

And fourth, you don’t have realistic expectations about the campaign given the allocated budget on video marketing including production and SEO services and implementation. The agency is left to work on the available strategies given the said budget but, again, understand that these impact the outcomes.

All these won’t happen if both of you had prioritized transparency since day one, which brings us to the third important step. Moreover, the agency needs an ongoing relationship with the client – that’s you – to do their best work.

3) Commit to the campaign and process
As already mentioned above, guided expectations and informed decisions are made only when your brand and the chosen agency commit to the goals and processes of the video marketing campaign.

As an agency, you need to commit to quality as well and for the brand not to experience compromised quality. Part of such commitment is to know how the service provider will tackle the video production, for instance. Does it have an in-house team of photographers, animators, videographers, and other creatives such as content creators? Can they produce a video based on your preferred style?

It would be wise to delegate a brand representative throughout the entire video production and marketing processes. Nonetheless, the agency needs to know that you will be actively involved throughout the campaign. It goes to show that communication and active participation goes a long way.

Commit to the goals, but clients need to be patient for results as well. The best digital marketing agency is completely aware of the need to produce returns for the brand. In making this happen, the brand has to do its part.

4) Grow with one another
It is a partnership, after all. Marketing changes in a constant manner. There is nothing absolute, permanent, or universal in the world of marketing.

Experimentation is also crucial. So when the agency tells you that they need to try new things such as SEO Philippines strategies, don’t be afraid to jump in. They are the experts, and they know what they are doing.

Again, this will boil down to trust, guiding the brand as the agency does new things. It would be difficult for the agency to deliver the best value to the video campaign if you don’t permit it to do so.

On the other hand, don’t expect miracles. Digital marketing, and specifically SEO, is an investment with long-term outcomes if done right. There are small wins along the way, but the biggest returns are both incremental and one-off. Patience is a virtue both of you must hold.

HTML vs WordPress: Which is a Better Choice For Your Business?

Gone are those days when businesses skip to develop a website to save on their budget. You won’t even believe this fact that 53% of small businesses have a website and 19% of small to medium-size companies are in the pipeline to develop a website.

With the increasing competition and advancing technologies, developing a business website has become an urgent need of an hour. No matter whether you are considering it to develop it for your business or for your personal project, the very first question that comes to your mind is what is the best platform to develop a website.

Well, whether you are planning to develop it from scratch or want to migrate your website from one platform to another, there are a bundle of choices to look for including Drupal, Joomla, and so on. However, if you are still confused whether you should use HTML or content management systems like WordPress, then let me tell you that it’s a long debate.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s get started with a short overview of both website development platforms…


What is the significant difference between HTML and WordPress?

If your developer asked you to develop an HTML site and because you have heard anywhere else as well and directly making the decision based upon this, then you are making a horrible mistake. Instead, making predictions whether WordPress or HTML is a good choice, let’s understand the fundamental difference first.

HTML is a markup language that involves hundreds of coding lines to create website pages. Most websites on the internet use HTML with the various markup and scripting languages to develop the web pages.

With HTML websites, all your content is static and require procoder to develop HTML websites.

On the other side, WordPress is a robust content management system that adds dynamic functionalities to your website. WordPress is an excellent choice of CMS for the beginners as well as pro developers, as there is a vast choice of the library, plugins, pre-built themes that enable you to develop the site with no coding knowledge.

Secondly, with HTML sites, the content will remain static on all platforms, whereas WordPress sites are dynamic and assemble according to the server.

Furthermore, WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform. Instead, WordPress is one of the best options for developing eCommerce sites, professional portfolios and so on. Today, WordPress is empowering more than 26% of websites on the internet.

Apart, here are the few reasons why you should choose WordPress over HTML to build a website. Let’s begin with the reasons:

1. WordPress Is Free To Use

The average cost to hire a developer to build an HTML site is somewhere from $2000 to $2500, and most small companies keep adjusting their budgets to develop their site. This is true that using text files; you can still develop an HTML website. But it won’t be possible until you have pro coding skills and knowledge of coding languages like Javascript, PHP, MySQL.

With WordPress, you can save the price as it is free to install to your hosting account and download. Moreover, everything is just ready to use; therefore there is no need to hire professionals for WordPress customization.

2. Easy to Improve Website Functionalities

While WordPress offers you free to use 50,000+ plugins, therefore you can easily extend the functionality of your site.

For example, if you want to add a Contact Form. Simply download the plugin from the repository and install it on your site. And you are all set to access it.

However, with HTML, you’ll need to code every aspect of the form. The static is quite complicated to develop whereas with WordPress it is just a matter of adding a plugin to the site.

3. Simple Website Customization

One of the biggest reasons to migrate from HTML to WordPress theme is it is far easy to use and allow to make some deep customization without using any single line of coding. Every single element of your website can be controlled via dashboard.

Apart from that, WordPress offers you hundreds of professional quality templates which are free to use and install. You can choose from the wide choice of templates and plugins that help you customize the structure and appearance of the site by adding and editing the content.

4. WordPress Websites Are Mobile Responsive

Over the years, since mobile devices have become far more important and changed the way people browse websites, it has become important to have a mobile-friendly website. In fact, with the increasing mobile users, having a responsive site has moved from optional to mandatory.

Whereas using HTML to develop a responsive site is obviously a hard way. You will need to get into the deep coding to ensure that your site responds to different screen sizes including mobile, tab or desktop screens.

5. Quick To Set Up

WordPress theme customization is just a matter of a couple of minutes. You can develop your WordPress site in as quickly as five minutes. With the single click hosting plans, you can install your WordPress website in a couple of minutes.

Well, WordPress hosting plans are those, where hosting companies install WordPress for you and allow you to tap directly into the WordPress dashboard to enable you to work on the site right away.

On the other hand, HTML website development is full of coding and you need to have deep coding knowledge for designing and developing the site.

6. It’s Beginner’s Friendly

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge and experience while working with the WordPress as it comes with the user-friendly interface that any developer can access it without having pro knowledge. Using the live editor of WordPress, you can easily customize the theme of your site. Right from adding images, new background, headers to menus, everything can be managed using the Live editor of the site.

7. Constant Support and Updates

WordPress is an open-source platform that has been backed by the massive community of millions of WordPress users all around the world. In case you encounter any problem with WordPress, these experts will always be there to support you with an easy and simple solution.

Apart, WordPress releases at least three updates every year which automatically gets updated in your existing site with the approval. And there is no need to hire a WordPress developer for upgrading the site or subscribe any paid services to upgrade the site. It’s completely free to check the latest WordPress versions.

Ending Note

Of course, HTML and WordPress are the best website development platforms, but when it comes to evaluating the features and user-friendliness, then WordPress definitely takes the momentum. The above mentioned points clearly make WordPress a winning choice of the developers and provide a better option to develop a feature-rich website with no use of coding.

Before you hire a web designer and throw away thousands of dollars on the static website, it is worth giving a try to WordPress and developing a dynamic website for your business.

Student Intranet software – Turning Institutions into a Digital Workplace

Digitalization has been a cutting-edge invention for educational institutions. We can all agree that they are a hub of knowledge where millions of like-minded people learn collaboratively. Yet when it comes to using this modern software, the education sector has been a bit slow on the uptake. In order to transform the whole process, the majority of institutions have started opting for robust yet simple intranet software.

Even the elite universities like Bristol, Boston, and Harvard have invested in a student intranet for keeping staff and enrolled students informed about the latest updates, core values, and preserving a positive culture. In simple words, intranet offers endless possibilities that are supported by vibrant features. A digital workplace like an intranet allows them to stay ahead of the digital curve while embracing multi-functional technologies.

If you are wondering how a simple intranet software can be a game-changer for every educational institute, then here are a few convincing advantages to know.

Improves communication

There’s no doubt that effective communication is the key to unlocking success in any organization. An intranet allows you to keep the alumni informed and engaged about the mission, core values, and creates a sense of community. Even the most basic intranet can bring plenty of changes as it has endless possibilities for developing engagement. Plus, the vibrant features like interactive widgets, rich-text editors, and video competencies give you the freedom to share dynamic, engaging, and fresh information with the students and staff members. So, it keeps everything in the loop, and the stakeholders quickly get to know where they need to improve.

Upscales digital practices

The easiest way any student intranet can improve its prospects is by offering robust opportunities for improving their digital presence, as organizations also expect grads to be more familiar with the digital tools of an intranet. So the alumni get a chance to explore and learn more and more about the features while pursuing their educational course. Yes, they gain a competitive advantage through it by exhibiting digital quickness and experience with corporate tools.

Enhances network probabilities

Another practical advantage an institute receives with a simple intranet software is the innumerable networking opportunities,. It allows them to capitalize on their point of difference by digitally magnifying their potential for forging new alliances. Besides the traditional socializing methods, features like directories also allow them to make new connections. The information can be easily filtered according to their preference with options like location, language, and relevant criteria. The students get a chance to find people who match their expertise quickly. Communicative integrations, like Skype, allows both the staff members and alumni to interact instantly while forming connections.

Resources become centralized

With a reliable student intranet solution, both the institute and alumni get a chance to share relevant news and resources on a centralized platform. Lecturers and professors can update the study material, research papers, or related information pages on it with absolute ease. The bottom line is that both the mentors and students have access to the crucial resources, and also have the ability to discuss queries, and can collaborate with their division on a devoted platform.

Routine admin tasks are easier to manage

Every year colleges/universities have the arduous job of onboarding the newly enrolled graduates and setting up the existing students. Tasks like filing application forms, tracking and evaluating the applications get eliminated as vital content like reports and announcements are immediately delivered to their email address or contact numbers. In addition, the admin staff also track the application in a more manageable way. So, simple intranet software can make administration much simpler. The users can unsubscribe to the content that is not relevant as per their degree course or field. the relevant information is shared in some clicks with the alumni.

In a nutshell, the remarkable reliance on productive and engaging student intranets have bridged the gap of communication while offering countless advantages. So investing in a simple intranet software with powerful socializing ability can be a smart bottom-up approach.

An Effective Checklist for Entrepreneurs before Developing e-Learning over WordPress

The world today is progressing at a pace that the road to innovation is upgraded to a whole new direction. With the increase in the number of technical applications that are utilized for communicating and passing the data, there has been an extensive expansion in the online ground too.

Actually, we want to direct your attention to the fact that traditional classroom practices have been taking the place of the new electronic ways that enable access to education.

In other words, E-learning is one of the names which is helping the students to view the course material online, track or test there potential, and for completion of their education too.

E-learning is the area which supremely involves virtual classrooms, web-based learning, computer-based knowledge, digital collaboration, video and audio recordings, interactive TV and many more.

WordPress has been forayed into Learning Management system from about a decade now (not long after building itself as a powerful web publishing tool)

The whole idea of utilizing a CMS like WordPress as a platform is to develop e-Learning websites that can be conceptualized as an LCMS – Learning Content Management System.

Despite being comparatively distinct to the e-Learning picture, the WordPress Learning Management System niche is reaching up with the prominent players and giving tough competition to the marketers. It is catching up really fast too.

But the main question is, what is the big catch for the entrepreneurs out there that are attracting them to adopt to WordPress LMS services? Why is there an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs opting for WordPress as their choice of platform to build their e-Learning sites?

Well, let’s find out!

Things Needed to Create an Online Course
Being an entrepreneur you might have the least idea on the technical backgrounds and the requirements that an online course website would need. Thus, to eradicate this confusion here are the few most important things that should be considered.

1. Domain Name: A domain name is the website address that you would have ( For Example-
2. Hosting Account: A WordPress hosting account is a place where all the files and the data is stored.
3. WordPress LMS plugin: A learning management add-ons to construct and manage all the courses of your website.
4. All the Attention: This is one of the most important factors that is needed while you make your website. Without this nothing would be possible.

WordPress and E-learning Sites: What does it have to Offer?

Now, that you are aware of the fact that what all you need in your WordPress website you need to choose an adequate CMS to build upon it. WordPress is one of those platforms that tends to provide the user with various features and easy WordPress Customization options. Features like:

1. Ease of Using the Platform
As being an entrepreneur who is starting his/her e-learning website, it is quite evident that they would need a platform that is easy for them to handle. WordPress is considered to be as one of the contemporary ecosystems that tend to offer massive ease of access and modern user interface, which is compared to the complexity of standalone systems like moodle. WordPress consists of Learning Management System plugins (like LearnDash) which enable the user to publish a course in two taps straight (accessible right on the dashboard) or maybe even WP Courseware. With the help of a neat drag and drop interface to structure/re-structure all the e-Learning content from a particular screen.

2. Front End Design and UX (User Experience)
“The first impression is the last impression” we all have heard about this phrase now and then. Same is the scenario with the audience that is coming down to your website. If you think that your user is not incite to gauge your website in terms of design and user experience, then you are wrong. The plan that is offered by Moodle or Blackboard is pretty much standard and non-variable. There is a whole room for WordPress Theme Customization, but it’s restricted at the extremely best and close to what we have on the different side of the discussion. WordPress Learning Management System has the distinct choice of being a part of this ecosystem, which is planned initially to produce great looking websites, and it shines at it.

3. Marketing
Now, that you have created an e-learning website, there is a need for you to promote it so that the audience could know that your website exists. One of the best thing about WordPress is that it can be modeled as a robust business and marketing tool with very high returns on investment.

When the entrepreneurs are looking to sell courses online, WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and easy digital download tends to present with the business tool like transportation gateways, inventory control, CRM, invoicing. The list is infinite. One of the most important advantages would be the level of security that can be performed with this system. Examine the online store for WooThemes. While the quantity of products is restricted to under 500, the site itself has over 500,000 enrolled users and follows up to 11,000 applications a month. No matter if it is psd to wordpress conversion or things related to this, marketing tends to bring more audience.

4. SEO Friendly
Every business entrepreneur wants their website to get organic and decent traffic. It is always better to optimize the site with SEO guideline and tactics that would help them with the audience and it being SEO friendly. But it is not the game of one single day; you need months of dedication and work on your website. That is the reason why WordPress comes with pre-installed SEO features. Not only this, but WordPress has the advantage of utilizing a third-party plugin like Yoast that enables them to add meta titles, names as well as descriptions to your e-learning website.

5. The Community and the Plugins
The WordPress Community is undoubtedly huge with the hundreds of thousands of developers continually innovating and contributing to the code base, being an open-source platform that it is. Support is just as tremendous as the features that the WordPress platform provides. WordPress Codex is a Bible-of-sorts when it grows to documentation. It’s a huge online wiki that includes almost about everything that the user would ever require to know about using WordPress. They can put up questions and queries, and it is resolved and answered within no time. Hire the best WordPress developer by considering this checklist.

Some of the Best WordPress LMS Plugin in 2020

There are some WordPress plugins that would help all the entrepreneurs out there with their online course construction of the website. Some of which are:

1. LearnDash
LearnDash is the plugin that is used by many well-reformed organizations. It provides the user with content dripping, selling up of the courses, rewarding up the learners, and activation of triggered based on actions.

2. Lifter LMS
Starting at $299 per year for a whole bunch, Lifter LMS is the plugin that provides the user with unique integrations with WooCommerce, MailChimp, and AffiliateWP. It presents the audience with sample courses, sample quizzes, certificates and website that are completely configured.

3. LearnPass
LearnPass tends to serve one of the most uncomplicated and most refined choices in the world of WordPress LMS plugins. This plugin is completely available to manage, but for a compatible PSD to WordPress theme, you might have to pay some. Each LearnPress course can be created with quizzes and lessons as the students move through the curriculum.

4. WP Courseware
Considered as one of the most promising WordPress LMS plugins, WP Courseware provides the user with an impressive set of features that starts with drag and drop editor. The user easily can construct courses with ease, and even they can safeguard them from being stolen.

5. Good LMS
Good LMS starts from the starting prices of $31 that tend to construct courses, selling them, implementation of the quizzes and course certifications. The design method is operated much like a popular WordPress blog post, where the user manages to construct exams, courses, and certificates right from the WordPress dashboard.

In the Nutshell

Yes! E-learning is the initiative that would surely change the face of education. There is no doubt that it is also gaining popularity day by day. Not only this, but online learning is considered as the right channel to connect the learner and the instructor worldwide.

Thus, building up an online platform on WordPress development is the right choice as it is jotted down to have additional features and advantages. We believe that this article has enlightened you with all the possible measures and the things you need. If you think that you need any more guidance with the same topic, then you can write your thoughts on the comment section below. The experts and professionals would provide you with the right direction.

Hire the best WordPress developer by consider this checklist.

How to Partner with an Influencer for Viral Referral Marketing

It’s one thing to have a great product and another to get it before individuals. Without the right exposure, items don’t get an opportunity to develop and flourish.

Brands with a referral program increase their odds of experiencing exponential growth since they’re getting eyes on their items. Furthermore, when you infuse influencer marketing  into your referral program, you kick starts your growth even more.

Referral programs + influencer marketing make an incredible two-pronged approach:

• Step one: use influencers to get before whatever number individuals as would be prudent and get them excited for what you offer

• Step two: take this energy and get new clients to impart your item to their network

Referral influencer program can possibly give new items most extreme exposure and growth.

But all together for this procedure to work, you need to realize how to locate the correct influencers, how to deal with the relationship, and how to incorporate your referral program. Here’s a look at how to begin and how to utilize influencer referral marketing.

What’s the difference between affiliates, influencers, and referrals?

Among these buzzwords are inbound approaches that expansion natural traffic and product sharing for your brand. Whether you plan to actualize an associate, influencer, or referral marketing program, you’ll need an automated system that can deal with the curves that clients throw your way.

Among these buzzwords are inbound approaches that expansion natural traffic and product sharing for your brand. Whether you plan to actualize an associate, influencer, or referral marketing program, you’ll need an automated system that can deal with the curves that clients throw your way.

Why is Influencer Marketing So Effective?

Influencer marketing began as a thought of a blogger working with another. It began in visitor blogging or guest posting. This is when one blogger contacts another to make content for the other. Before long, a few bloggers gained followers and they developed to become influencers. What’s more, this is the place influencer marketing comes in.

Influencer marketing is well known on account of its numerous advantages. Here are some of the primary advantages that attract the vast majority.

It Leverages Their Existing Traffic

Influencer traffic is wonderful. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with the quantity of followers. An influencer may just have a couple thousand followers. In any case, they convert truly well. Best of all, you’ll get moment access to this traffic once you elevate it to influencers. Each influencer has his own set of followers.

The Market is Extremely Targeted

As referenced, influencer traffic can change over truly well. Furthermore, this is because they are incredibly focused on. These individuals have their very own reasons why they follow the influencer. It might be because he loves their style. It might be because they like certain things. It might be because they have their own community and culture. Along these lines, influencer suggestions are incredibly focused with influencer tool .

It Does Wonders for SEO

The new universe of SEO requires high quality backlinks. Gone are the days when you and rank from submitting keyword-filled spammy links. Nowadays, the nature of your backlinks is a higher priority than the amount. The better method to increase quality backlinks than to advance an influencer site for they have just built their brands.

Referral Program via Influencer Marketing

Since you know how compelling influencer marketing is, the time has come to advance your referral program through them. Here are some interesting ways to do that.

Give Them a Special Coupon

The primary technique includes giving the influencer a special coupon for their brand. Influencers like this since it causes them to showcase their working relationships with different brands and this encourages different brands to likewise work with them. Doing this technique is simple.

Give Them Products to Review

Another approach to get influencers to advance your referral program is to ask that they review your items. This is a decent method to move toward the more elusive influencers who would prefer not to advance whatever they have not attempted.

Include Them for Your Giveaway

Another approach to get influencers  to advance your referral program is to include them for a giveaway. This is a progressively backhanded method for program advancement since you’ll get the influencers to concentrate more on the giveaway than on the referral program. However, it is a decent system for it gives the influencers a good reason to advance you.

Include Them for Your Contest or Lottery

Beside giveaways, you can likewise have contests. The extraordinary thing about challenges or lotteries is the component of shock. You don’t have the foggiest idea whether you can truly win. But this includes energy just as more odds of winning for influencers.

Sign Them Up As Your Biggest Affiliates

Likewise, you can sign them as affiliates. Influencers are powerful affiliates. They can immediately develop your deals and may even top your affiliate leaderboard with a single promotion. Best of all, they get the opportunity to win with every sale they make. This will additionally propel them to elevate your item to their followers.

Make An Influencer Referral Program That Works For You

The great thing about referral influencer program is that you can explore various sorts of offers until you locate the one that resonates with clients. From that point, layer on an influencer part to help get maximum exposure for your offer and item.

The concentration here is to utilize the exposure to sell your item, so take as much time as necessary picking an influencer to work with. It’s significant that there’s a fit between their audience and your item with the goal that you have a superior possibility of developing your customer base.

How to Improve your Sites SEO Using Google Search Console Data?

Digital Marketing has taken a massive turn in the last few years and according to studies most of the businesses find SEO as the most powerful and cost-effective marketing channel which could get high ROI for your business.

SEO experts, freelancers, and agencies know how important it is to use Google search console and it’s data to improve your site SEO more effectively. More or less every SEO or digital marketer works with powerful tools that could analyze your site and come up with useful data so that you know what to improve to rank higher in search results.

But what is this powerful tool that I am talking about?

There are many tools in the market, but the best free tool is Google search console which was previously known as Google Webmaster.

Now you Might Ask, What is Google Search Console and What are its Use in your Site?

Google Search Console is a fully free tool offered by Google to shape up your site optimization and help your business proliferate all over the globe. It will help you understand the perception of the search engines about your website, but unfortunately not many have learned to extract the full functionality and data-driven strategy of Google Search Console.

Few capabilities of Google Search Console are :

  • Get specific keywords your site ranking for
  • Setting your targeted audience or country
  • Finds out search indexing issues and fix it
  • Monitor how users are interacting with your results.
  • You can add a sitemap
  • Helps improve mobile-friendliness
  • Get more backlinks from third-party websites.
  • Helps to audit your site and suggest how to improve.

The best thing with Google Search Console is, it will not eat much of your time. Just spending 15 mins- 30 mins can help you improve your website’s SEO and develop solid strategies for your business to grow.

Coming down to discuss in details how could Google Search Console transform your business

How do you Improve your Site SEO with the help of Google Search Console data?

To make advance use of Google search console to boost your site’s SEO, you need to learn and understand the basics. Here I have come with the very basics of GSC to help you have a quick insight into your site performance and how it can be improved further.

# Finding Specific Keywords your Site is Ranking for

Google search console data contains many of the basic data that you need. And one of those elements is the keywords that your website or page is ranking for, and they are known as “Queries” in GSC. You can check the performance of your entire website and also individual pages.

You will also get detailed information on how many time web visitors has clicked on your site, the average position of your site for each keyword and also come up with the real click-through rate.

# Targeting your Audience or Country

Let’s suppose that your website is targeting audiences in a particular country and in this case you can make Google understand to target users in that specific country.

Here is how to set a specific country

  • Head to the GSC and click on International Targeting under the Search Traffic dropdown.
  • Now click on the country tab and select the country you want to target and you are done.

You must know that targeting a specific country won’t keep your site hidden from other countries. If your site is completely relevant to visitors in other countries, then Google will show your site in the search result pages. However, targetting a particular area will help boost your local business more than international ones and will also help Google understand your target audience.

# Find Out your Site Indexing Issues and Fix It

Google Search Console comes with a very interesting and useful feature of fixing indexing issues. This kind of error can put you in trouble by preventing the search engine from crawling and indexing the pages on your site. Index coverage reports will come up with the pages of your website that Google has indexed and which pages have an indexing error.

To check these errors you have to go to the Index Report section which falls under the Coverage category and it will come up with the details of errors that your site have. To learn more about the error and how to fix it you have to click on the Learn More link.

Types of errors that could show up are

  • 404 Error
  • Server Error
  • Soft 404 Error
  • Not followed Error

Let’s roll on to the next step.

# Monitor  how Users are Interacting with your Results

As I said earlier, Google Seach Consoles comes with many potentials and impressive features. You can use a few features to know your performance report and how are people interacting with your results.

Here is the 3 metrics that will help you understand your audience behavior
Total Clicks - It shows total no of times someone clicked on your search results.

Total Impressions - Reflects a total number of times an individual saw your results in search during the specified time span.

Average click-through-rate – This metric will help you see the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.

You can have a performance report for both your entire website and individual pages.

# Add a Sitemap

Establishing a sitemap for your site is quite important as it can make easier for Google to crawl your site as well as individual pages. It will also help Google to find out new web pages that you publish on your website. It will help both users and search engines to navigate your site properly.

Here is how to submit a site map

  • Go to GSC and search for Sitemap
  • When it appears, enter the URL for your sitemap.
  • And then click on Submit. 

Now, let’s know the importance of Mobile usability

# Improves Mobile-Friendly

Google has rolled out it Mobile first-indexing a few months ago which in July that states, Google will first use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking purposes to improve mobile usability and extend reach.

Half of the web traffic in the world is generated from mobile devices and the number has reached more than 50 % and it is increasing. And more than 5 billion people are using mobile.

Now imagine the numbers and understand how Mobile-friendliness can generate more business in the future.

# Earn Backlinks for Third-Party Website

Search console exhibit which third-party websites have linked to your site and you will get it from the “Top Linking Sites”. Expand the report to check all the pages they have linked to and you will also get the exact URL leading to their particular page.

You can visit those websites and reach out to them via email and contact form on their website and ask if they want to add a link to other articles of yours. The direct approach may not always work, in those cases, you can approach them and write guest posts for their blog and in return, they will link to your site keeping relevancy. This is how you can you can earn more backlinks for your website.

# Audit Site and Improve Performance

Only improving your site SEO will not accomplish your job. You have to continuously audit your site from time to time so that you can have all the reports. It will evaluate the worthiness of your site in search engines and suggest you improve based on the mistakes you have made.

It will appear with list of issues (If there) and you have to improve it to boost your site’s performance and rank higher in search engine.

Now It’s your Turn

You can use this information to improve your SEO, your website and business. GSC has always been a powerful tool for marketers and SEOs and learning to use it efficiently will make you a better SEO than others.

How To Fix On Whether You Need To Custom Develop Your Web Portal Or Leverage A Site Builder?

Websites have become the digital identities for every business and the web development landscape has evolved significantly in the past few years. Entrepreneurs either redesign their existing web presence or create a new web portal at regular intervals of time in order to cope up with the latest market trends and fulfill changing customer requirements.

The emergence of advanced tech tools has given birth to website builders that made it possible for non-techie founders to create and design intuitive web pages without writing even one line of code. These digital platforms provide businesses with an easy way to enhance and maintain a robust online existence.

But have you ever thought whether these DIY site builders have curbed the need to hire an experienced digital marketing agency? Or it’s the other way around? Also, the availability of multiple options has made it even more challenging for entrepreneurs to choose the best between custom web development and website builders.

Let’s explore these two approaches in detail and identify the differences so that you can make a well-informed decision for your next web development project. Moreover, it will also give you an idea of factors to consider before making your final call.

What Is A Website Builder & How’s It Different From Custom Web Development?

How To Define Each Of These Two Platforms?

Site builders are online tools that allow users to create web portals without doing any web designing or coding. They comprise pre-built templates and visual page editors which you can use and edit all the elements of your website.

Squarespace, GoDaddy, Wix, and Weebly are a few of the most popular site building platforms with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with which we development becomes seamless for users who have no prior experience of working with HTML, CSS, and any other programming languages.

On the other side, custom web development is the more professional approach where you need to work with experienced web developers and convey your specific business requirements so that they can build a tailored website accordingly.

You can also have an in-house development team but in most cases, it’s quite expensive. So, partnering with one of the many custom web developers is a better choice. But don’t forget to do your homework before making the final decision.

How These Two Approaches Are Different From Each Other?

As each and every coin has two sides, these two methods also have their own pros and cons. So, let’s compare them on the basis of different factors and find out which can work best for your business:

1. Functionality & Learning Curve

Website builders allow you to build simple online portals with easy functionality. It’s tough to create sophisticated websites with these tools as they are blessed with pre-built templates in which you can make basic changes but can’t integrate complex functionality.

The majority of site builders promise to provide users with an easy-to-use interface but you might find it hard to work with a particular tool and need to spend extra time learning and mastering its functionality.

In case you want to develop an elite website it’s better to custom develop it with the help of an industry expert. They can create responsive sites quickly and can also integrate complex design components to make it look visually appealing.

Moreover, in custom development, the learning curve is usually small because website owners, programmers, stakeholders, and users all are thoroughly involved in the process and their feedback is important.

2. Uniqueness & Performance

With website builders, there is a risk that your site might end up looking similar to one of the existing portals. Also, these sites might have a few performance issues such as dead slow web pages. Generic and sluggish websites won’t appeal to the audience.

But in custom-fit web development, you can give a unique look and feel to your website as well as make it super fast which will definitely attract more visitors and helps in building a sales pipeline for your business with which it will become easier to nurture quality leads and in turn maximizing conversions.

3. Budget & Time To Market

Site builders are affordable and the best choice if you have a limited budget for your web development project. You can easily pick one of the many pre-designed themes and build the site at a reasonable cost. Also, with digital tools and templates, it becomes easier to launch your portal quickly.

But make sure that you have gained expertise in using that particular platform so that there will be no hurdles in executing the development and accomplishing the project on time. Otherwise, you will have to delay the product launch.

Hiring professional programmers can be a bit expensive and hence you should choose this alternative only when you have sufficient bank balance. But this investment proves to be valuable because efficient web development partners will make sure to roadmap your idea in order to give you more control and make you aware of the project progress and regular intervals of time.

To design a customized website you need to hold your horse as it might be a time-consuming process. But because you know there is a professional team working on your project there is no need to be anxious.

4. Level Of Flexibility & Customization Offered

The flexibility when working with website builders is limited as you have to work with pre-built themes, plug-ins, and templates. You can’t freely determine the look, feel, or functionality of your site. On the other hand, custom developers provide you with optimum flexibility to take all the major decisions related to the look, layout, and functions of your web portal.

In addition to flexibility, custom development also gives you an opportunity to tailor the product in accordance with your end-users’ requirements and market scenario. This isn’t possible when you choose an online tool.

5. Concerns With SEO, Security, & Post-Launch Support

Digital site builders work with pre-designed themes and templates that are publically accessible. This increases the risk of websites getting hacked by people with malicious purposes. Also, many of these tools aren’t developed by keeping SEO sites built might not perform well on search engine rankings. Moreover, these platforms don’t provide prompt support so there is a chance of you getting stuck with a glitch or bug.

On the contrary, custom websites are not vulnerable and it’s extremely tricky for hackers to crack the code. You can easily integrate them with essential elements which can make it rank higher on major search engines. These companies have a dedicated team that is always ready to support you can resolve your issues.

What To Look Before Working With Website Builders?

I. Intuitive and hassle-free drag-and-drop functionality.

II. The credibility of the seller and seamless support.

III. Variety of plug-ins and pre-built themes and templates.

IV. Past reviews and types of the project accomplished on that platform.

What To Look Before Working With A Custom Web Developer?

a. Experience and technical know-how.

b. Work culture and market image.

c. Communication policy and kind of apps built in the past.

d. Clients’ testimonials and development practices.

In a nutshell, it’s better to go for site builders when you want to build a simple website with limited resources. But custom site development can be the best choice for creating sophisticated sites with complex functionality.

How Accounting Software Like Quickbooks Support Businesses End-To-End

Accounting software is making the lives of accountants pretty easier. This software has integrated the end-to-end processes pertaining to a business at one place. It offers a fast, accurate, safe and resource-efficient way of performing, monitoring and analyzing the business interactions of financial nature.

Many software like QuickBooks offer the added advantage of responsiveness and remote access and makes it easier for the accountants and the decision-making entities to have required information with them even while on the move.

Some of the most important activities performed by the accounting software that covers the business activities end-to-end are mentioned below.

  • Generation of reports automatically A business environment generates lot of data which needs to be reported and sent to the concerned authorities regularly. If there is a system in place that allows generation and sending of reports in a scheduled manner, no process goes off the radar. Simply by including the details such as recipient email IDs, generation frequency and the duration of report, one can regularize the report sending work. Be pre-defining the user roles, one can grant access to the reports according to the relevance to the work done or roles played by them.
  • Smart searching of information A business may require the support of banks, financial institutions and other lenders for meeting the operational objectives. Association with these generates lots of account numbers, customer IDs, etc. The smart search allows the users to search the information by entering any of the easily memorable fields. It saves lot of time and adds accuracy to the process. Also, the correct details help in doing the transactions in error-free manner.
  • Tracking of bills Lot of purchasing and vendor management goes into a normal day of work at business. The ability to track the status of the bills and the notification system about the pending payments make it easy for the accountant to find the correct financial health at any point of time. The management of payables becomes easier when the bills’ status is available and alerted about on time.
  • Download transactions All the transactions done through bank or credit card account become easier to track when it becomes possible to download them at one place. The accounting software allows downloading of the transactions and statements in the period-specific manner directly into it. Thus, you need not maintain multiple records. The software can provide the information of transaction done under different heads at one place. Thus, the overall picture of the expenses and earnings is generated swiftly.
  • Customer information All the details of customer are required for finding the nature of relationship. Software should offer ease of operation to any new user. The customer information feature tabulates all the details about the existing customers at one place. How they are related to the business and payment pending or closed deals make useful piece of information for any new hand in the system. This allows the users to find the receivable or payables in one go and also helps easy takeover of the accounting process by a new user.
  • Inventory information Accounting software also has the head for inventory status. The account of finished orders, raw materials available, etc. forms an important part of production plan. The accounting software can reveal the inventory details to the relevant entities in the organization and help them make purchase plan with added awareness. This software makes it easy to tackle the situations like increase in demand, promotional campaigns, etc. The process of warehouse management can also be brought into the mainstream with this feature of accounting software.
  • Reports and forms template support Accounting software is designed to automate the repetitive processes happening in any business environment. Since there are pre-defined formats and templates applicable in any business, availability of the same in the accounting software saves the effort. It also helps in compliance with the regulations and eliminates errors of any sort. The software, therefore, makes it easy for the business to maintain professionalism in the matters.
  • Memorizing of transactions There are various transactions of repetitive nature such as EMI, rent, recurring estimates and invoices and so on. The pre-fed information in the accounting software allows the business owners to find the fixed cost structure of the establishment. They can also arrange for the payments beforehand when the timely alert reaches them from the accounting software.
  • Sending invoices Businesses need sending invoices on a regular basis to the clients, vendors, suppliers and others. The accounting software can be pre-loaded with invoice template for ensuring uniformity. Also, the invoices that are of recurrent nature can be scheduled to be sent in advance in the accounting software. This makes the process of sending invoice systematic as well as regular. The invoice can be sent from any third party mailing application such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Manage contacts All the contacts stored in excel or the contact book in Gmail can be imported to accounting software. Thus, all important email IDs and phone numbers stored at one place make the communication faster and easier.

How to download accounting software QuickBooks

All the features mentioned above must have charged you enough to download the accounting software on your desktops. Here is how it is done.

  • Go to the QuickBooks download link or visit its website to get the downloadable version
  • Select the region as applicable
  • Select the applicable version. Please note QuickBooks is available in various versions such as Pro, Enterprise, Premier, Accountant and so on. You can read about their features first and then select the one.
  • Press Search.
  • Your product image appears with a button that says ‘download’. Click download.
  • After running the set up and setting certain permissions, the software is ready to use.

The accounting software QuickBooks for desktop is certainly a useful tool that makes the management of the businesses easier and accurate. This software brings an element of automation in the business processes. It can also help in payroll management by integrating it with the employee information.


Here is how to start an Amazon FBA Business

Ecommerce businesses are taking over the world, and they are a good option for anyone to venture out in business.

While some people have prior experience in running this kind of business, others know nothing of the online selling world.

For all, aiming to land their online shop, Amazon is a name to look up to. The ecommerce giant has set so many good examples to follow. Not just that, Amazon now helps you set your shop through its portal.

Let the master of this trade help you through the ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ (FBA) offering. It is a great option to explore and worry a little less when setting up shop in the online world. FBA has helped people leave behind their daily jobs and become businessmen earning yearly profits.


Little about the FBA

Amazon knows how difficult it can be to run an ecommerce store. The new business owner has only so many things to do. That’s why the company takes care of all operations for you so that you can focus on crucial business. With 2.5 billion visitors to its pages, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grow.

If you have just discovered FBA, do not worry. It is effortless to sign up and follow the steps afterward. You can also start by watching a helpful tutorial or read about the community’s conversation. Some beginner steps include:

  • You send your products to Amazon, store, and safekeeping
  • Amazon sorts and keeps your inventory in good shape. If anything gets damaged, Amazon refunds you for it
  • When you receive an order, Amazon takes care of the transaction and begins the process
  • Your product is picked up, packed and shipped through the warehouse

During and after delivery, Amazon follows up with customer service and handles the package as if their own

It is a wonderful new step for anyone with good products and little resources to ship and package. Because Amazon takes care of these critical steps for you, you need to take care of the following things

The products

Pick any products you like to be stored in a warehouse. That is your forte as a business person, and only you can put in research about this.

The inventory

Make sure the warehouse is stocked with the product at all times. Amazon will not be responsible for finding or growing your product range

The promotion

You can use any means you like to promote your business on Amazon. You have full freedom over marketing and advertising, so go as you please. Don’t worry; it is pretty easy to market freely through social media and other digital marketing channels.

The cost of Amazon FBA

There is a myth that FBA is very expensive to get into. You can start selling quickly through any of the two ways, individual account or seller account.

The FBA account has two types:

  • Individual account owners can sell for free but have to pay a higher sales fee.
  • Professional accounts pay a monthly fee but have a lower sales fee.

Note: You can have an individual account, but we suggest a professional account. However, if you only have few items to sell each month, go for individual account.

Fee and other charges

Just like any other delivery service, Amazon also charges you money for taking care of all operations. You pay a 15% referral fee on almost all sales.

They also charge on every order for packing and shipping. Be assured that this fee is still lesser than the money you will spend.

Individual sellers will also pay a $1 flat fee, so we recommend going pro if you have more things to sell. Things like books and DVDs have an additional fee. Also, if you store products at Amazon for too long without sales, you will pay additional fee.

We will still tell you that this cost is lesser than the time and money you spend on securing and operating your ecommerce business.

If you want to test first, start with individual accounts and selling a few things to get used to the platform. You can always switch to pro.

Get paid!

After every two weeks, Amazon will calculate your sales and deposit the money in your bank account. The deposit will be made after all charges are deducted.

Amazon FBA is a new opportunity

So many people don’t like their 9-5 grind or have something to sell but no means to operate. Amazon FBA brings new opportunities to your door by empowering you. What you do matters more than how you do it.

Use this high window of opportunity to introduce the ecommerce world with something awesome. Your biggest role as an FDA seller is to keep the ball rolling and the marketing churning. There is no limit to products and variety, so be as creative as you like.